Dragon Quest XI monsters are so charming. Do I have to kill you for loot?

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so I know intellectually that it's good for me to get out of my own apartment, work at the coworking space, get face-to-face time in with colleagues

but I just stopped for a beverage and heard someone near the coffee say "it's like LinkedIn for brands"

Playing Dragon Quest XI for 30min to an hour at a time and the story beats, side quests, and activities, are enough to still give me enough to walk away with each time.

Quote in my planner: A kid who only writes about himself in his practice diary has to change. I think that learning through baseball how to care for others and accept teamwork is part of character education. I'd like to see him writing about the team in his diary, and that would affect his conduct, too. - Hirokazu Aoyama, Oyamadai High School Baseball head manager


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