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Hello i am dusty, an amateur artist from canada
currently still in the learning stage but i am slowly getting better and learning how to do more stuff better :blobcatcoffee:

i like to draw cute stuff and make lots of little doodles
you can expect me to just post about the stuff that interests me and a bit of art

Hope we can all get along 👋

(joke aside, man it's been awhile since i last posted)

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anyways sorry about that last post, i don't usually like to get into drama jargon, but I'm tired and seeing hateful drama every other time i open twitter is getting annoying

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birdsite drama 

tbh nothing will improve if your only move is calling out the other side and throwing insults without taking even a moment to figure out what the dispute even is

unfortunately more than likely nothing will improve, since itll take effort from both sides, and they don't seem to have any interest in resolving things peacefully, they only seem to want to destroy the other side
(from what Ive seen birdsite has a "not us = bad" mindset, not a "what's wrong and how can we help" mindset)

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birdsite drama 

I open twitter and it took no less than a few minutes to find drama

I wish people on there would stop pointing fingers and crap talking each other over stupid things ("they did that" "no *you* did that" "your stupid" "no you're the stupid")
I wish they'd stop attacking each other and take the time to understand the underlying concerns of the other side, and work towards bettering things for everyone

But no, they just jump into attack mode without a second thought

Sorry for my huge lack of activity, past few months have been like a brick to keep active through, with a good bit of depression

I have a few wips that i may or may not get finished soon though

I opened Twitter for the first time in awhile and i had 20+ notifications

All of them were like "recent tweet from _" or "_ and _ liked a photo from _"

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annoyed rant 

I wish i wasn't locked into the windows platform by the software i need

Otherwise i would have ditched Windows for Linux awhile ago already

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annoyed rant 

Hecking Windows auto update

I had my PC sitting in sleep mode with stuff open, and somehow it mysteriously woke itself out of sleep
and windows decided it was the perfect time to auto update (even though i had a million things open) so i lost stuff

Seriously somebody at Microsoft didn't think
inactivity does not mean its safe to just shut itself off and update, programs were open and things were unsaved

at least CSP has auto save/recovery, but i lost some other things

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I'm gonna try post more and spend more time here (instead of discord)

though I'll note that posts may still be thin (perticularly with art posts and stuff with any actual quality) due to my depression and lack of energy
and some posts may be rambly

but I'll try post more often and not have my posts be entirely boosts

i need to get back into creating and posting original content
and less having my timeline be entirely random boosts

(rest assured i am alive and human, I'm just dead of depression and lack motivation)

Is it just me or does the fedilab app put a limit on bio length that doesn't actually exist
Cause fedilab limits me to 160chr when editing my bio, but if i edit from the mastodon webapp it doesn't seem to have that limit

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idk what happened but somehow the image vanished when i posted this the first time

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I've not really been able to make much recently (i do have a current work in progress but it's been slow atm)

So here is an experiment sketch i made a little while back

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Echoing the tips others are posting, if you upload a profile picture and post a little bit before following others you'll have a much higher chance of being followed back or talked to!

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