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My home timeline is a little sparce right now so I'll be looking to follow a few more users

So if you post art or nerdy techy stuff (or anything interesting or cute in general) lemmie know and I'll consider giving you a follow

(I don't really know what kind of tags to use for this)

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Hello i am dusty, an amateur artist from canada
currently still in the learning stage but i am slowly getting better and learning how to do more stuff better :blobcatcoffee:

i like to draw cute stuff and make lots of little doodles
you can expect me to just post about the stuff that interests me and a bit of art

Hope we can all get along 👋

i decided to try doing something a little different stylistically
i think it come out interestingly

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experimenting with a more detailed anime style and also various ways of line arting

(from left to right)
1 the initial sketch
2 hard ink brush
3 dark pencil brush
and 4 a more sketchy lineart style done with the same brush as the inital sketch (but cleaned up a bit)

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Link, you must use the Sweet-Ass-Radical Axe of the Goddess to awaken the Seven Sages and prevent Ganon from bumming everyone out with his totally downer vibe

I made another thingy, this time a neko girl on a swing

was supposed to be for day 9 (swing) but it blew out of scope again

same color on both, very different appearence

tablet is a lot more muted, while the screen is more saturated and definitely more redshifted

Gonna have to figure out color calibration sometime
Since my monitor and the tablet are tuned visibly differently

(most notably my monitor is a lot more saturated compared to the tablet)

So i just got my hands on a screen tablet ( a friend got an upgrade and gave their old one to me )

So we'll see how things go with this :blobcatcoffee:

random self ramble 

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If you feel down because your software has bugs that you haven’t gotten around to fix in forever or that you launched with a design that hasn’t been polished enough always remember that Acer shipped this

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‪when foxes curl up and bury their face into their tail‬

‪boost if agree‬

tired rambly ramble 

tired rambly ramble 

tired rambly ramble 

case in point, my current wip for "day 9" (technically day 11 now)

tbh, part of why i am failing inktober probably has to do with me getting too ambitious and not keeping it simple and easy

idk, art and motivation or something 

I removed the mono repositories and reran `apt-get update` and then `apt-get --fix-broken install` and things seem to be back in order now
Apt update is continuing to update stuff without issue (seems the issue was with mono)

I'll have to reinstall mono again at a later date, but that's not a big deal (i hardly use mono/c# anyways)

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