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Worrying that @andyc 's sightseeing in Russia is cover for some dastardly British spy game revenge on Putin. Seems a bit far for a Kingstonian pre-season friendly.

'I have had more meetings with the Chairman, the President and the General Manager this week, than I had in 3 years at Newcastle.'

While the adults were all talking blah blah blah about the lack of clean air, my very-nearly five year old was building a solution:

A Stinky Air Robot.

Will be live on BBC Radio London from 7:15 this morning.

Turn on, tune in, phone in!

A missed penalty, and a player sent off.

Just like watching England!

Flame war between the the US and Iran on Twitter.

How civilised.

New Tory Leader competition - who can be the biggest Johnson?

Blasphemy, F-words, all-caps shouty ranting, bicycles 

Chat with Mother, episode 5,376:

Mum: hi david


Mum: Google+ is closing down. What do I need to do?!

Me: Nothing. You don't use Google+.

Mum: But I use Google to search, and for my photos!

Wife is blaming Jeremy Corbyn for failing to win no confidence vote.

Brilliant finish from Rashford! What a pass from Pogba!

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