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If only I'd listened to myself!

I usually make my pizza dough with a combination of strong white bread flour, Italian pizza flour (not sure if it's just the same as pasta flour, which I used to use instead, but it's similar), and semolina flour in a roughly 1:2:1 ratio (it used to be 2:1:1 with the pasta flour).

Recently I started adding white rye flour, taking half the bread flour ration.

Today, I absent-mindedly forgot the bread flour all together and used all rye instead.

So much better for a tastier thin crust.

Got back from the dentist fifteen minutes ago after taking my six year old for his annual check-up.

"What time is it?" he asked.

"Two thirty," I said.

"Why didn't you say something to the dentist?!"

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In 2017, at 72 people were burned alive when London's Grenfell Tower went up in flames. It had been skinned in highly flammable "decorative cladding" to make it less of an eyesore for rich people in nearby blocks of luxury flats.

That charnel house was the opening act on a yearslong odyssey of cruelty that just reached a new climax in Parliament, as Tory MPs ensured that working people - not landlords, developers or manufacturers - would fit the bill for removing cladding from their homes.


Day 46? Finishing a course of antibiotics for suspected sinusitis. Still tired, coughing, etc., but not as bad as last week, for sure.

Getting my first vaccine jab this afternoon.

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'give me a big mother'

Kind of bonkers lyrics as you might expect.

But another great Peel Session.

Just feeling so tired again, bunged up, coughing, sneezing, sore red eye - like I have a perma-cold, or like being stuck up a mountain (altitude sickness).

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Coronavirus Day 39.

Had a great day on Monday. Felt fantastic, back to normal. First day of the school run, so was a bit worried about how I would cope, but it was fine. Had brilliant sleep the night before, too.

The rest of the week not so good. Blood tests on Tuesday caused more anxiety than usual, but results were all about normal. A bit low on Vitamin D.

Such a brilliant album.

I almost always prefer Peel Session versions of songs.

Really captured the live band sound.

Great to have this in hi-res, after I gave away all my vinyl.

"I'm in love with extreme mental torture..."

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Main job as an uncle (or as a similar relative): Show the children the joy you feel in their presence. Something the parents cannot always do. You feed by attention, your feed by respect, interest, time, and you feed with joy. (Don't get exuberant, though.)

5) weight loss - ten months of lockdown/self-imposed self-isolation, I lost about half a stone in weight. Not through more exercise, but perhaps from eating less and/or healthier (almost all meals cooked from mostly fresh ingredients?). Since covid last month I lost another half a stone or more, but in the last week have stabilised and even gained a couple of pounds. Still a couple of stones overweight for height ;)

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3) various mild gastro-intestinal complaints, occasional acid reflux at night, eating well now, but/and often feeling ravenously hungry especially during the night (all of above leading to disturbed sleep, increased fatigue, of course).

4) appetite returning, but can't face a curry or anything too spicy. Most I have managed and enjoyed is avocado with chilli, and omelette with chilli. Cheese is perfect with everything!

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