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Main job as an uncle (or as a similar relative): Show the children the joy you feel in their presence. Something the parents cannot always do. You feed by attention, your feed by respect, interest, time, and you feed with joy. (Don't get exuberant, though.)

5) weight loss - ten months of lockdown/self-imposed self-isolation, I lost about half a stone in weight. Not through more exercise, but perhaps from eating less and/or healthier (almost all meals cooked from mostly fresh ingredients?). Since covid last month I lost another half a stone or more, but in the last week have stabilised and even gained a couple of pounds. Still a couple of stones overweight for height ;)

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3) various mild gastro-intestinal complaints, occasional acid reflux at night, eating well now, but/and often feeling ravenously hungry especially during the night (all of above leading to disturbed sleep, increased fatigue, of course).

4) appetite returning, but can't face a curry or anything too spicy. Most I have managed and enjoyed is avocado with chilli, and omelette with chilli. Cheese is perfect with everything!

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Coronavirus Day 33:

1) mild fatigue - can stay up for 12 hours straight and do washing up, cook simple meal, ensure kid and baby don't injure themselves, feed kid and baby, empty bins (with mask), put groceries away, etc. But feel devoid of energy and feeling like I need to lie down (not necessarily to sleep).

2) feel like I have a constant cold - runny/blocked nose, occasional crackly cough, 'fuzzy' head (not my hair), run down - but this is likely just the post-viral fatigue?

Spent 45 minutes outside in the sunshine with my six year old playing French cricket. I sat on a chair and threw balls at him. First time outside (other than emptying bins) since last month due to covid. Felt like a shadow. Shattered.

'The biggest risk to the success of the vaccination programme is easing restrictions too early.'


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Pinafore is turning out to be a pretty darn good “mobile” app for Mastoson/Plemora with a very clean and lightweight interface. It saves as a PWA app to your device’s home screen. Can also host it on your own server. 👍️ https://pinafore.social @nolan

I've lost my sense of smell.

It must have happened the previous night, but I only realised last night when trying to get some olbas oil for my blocked nose in the dark and ended up with it all over my hands.

Explains yesterday why I let my rice boil dry, and left my son's food too long in the oven!

Apologies for the lack of updates.

Covid status: Day 4

Fever, muscle aches and cough have receded.

Fatigue and fuzzy head remain.

Kids seem to be OK. Wife is ill, too, now, but she says it's fairly mild and no fever (yet).

A million housewives every day,

Pick up a can of beans and say,

"What an amazing example of Tory corruption!"

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COVID why terminology really, really matters

As I write this there have been, according to the WHO, 25 million cases and 850,000 deaths. That is a case fatality rate of more than 3%. 10x as high

Why are these figures so all over the place? It is because we are using horribly inaccurate terminology. We are comparing apples with pomegranates to tell us how many bananas we have. Our experts are essentially, talking gibberish, and the mainstream media is lapping it up.


'...much of the "highly sensitive" detail will not be published due to fears Russia could use the evidence to threaten the UK.'

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