Manchester United will later deny claims that their traditional red shirts in any way represent Marcus Rashford's leadership of the Labour Party.

Another homeschooling success story:

Me to nearly six year old: Can you say the Alphabet?

Nearly six year old: Alphabet.

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@dvdmrsdn Yes - sometimes I obsess about it, other times I desperately try to forget about it. However, the figure of 100 daily deaths is like a Hillsborough tragedy happening. In this country. Every, single day. For two months.

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How #SARSCoV2 #coronavirus works to be so destructive:

• Jonathan Corum & Carl Zimmer, "Bad News Wrapped in Protein: Inside the Coronavirus Genome"

• Sharon Begley, "‘It’s something I have never seen’: How the Covid-19 virus hijacks cells"


[both h/t @lnxw48a1 ]
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Fascinating piece on how - so far at least - Taiwan has successfully protected its citizens from the coronavirus.

As much to do with culture as with readiness and competence?

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Hi everyone

Please stop praising, favouriting, boosting, re-tweeting and replying to my output.

Yeah, yeah, I'm fully aware it's magnificent, thought provoking content etc etc but my constant Notifications and Bells are doing my head in.


Former Liverpool and Newcastle manager explains his role in spreading the virus around the globe....

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Discovered via… , a scathing review about a report by the lead UK epidemiologist who just had to step down because he broke his own containment rules.
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A puerile and risque FB post, which received a solitary like, from my mother-in-law.

Finally persuaded our nearly six year old to eat vegetables (baked beans).

He is now trying to eat enough of them so that his farts will be powerful enough to propel him from the ground and into the air.

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'Stick to the rules and stay indoors....'

Truly, a protest song for the times.

Johnson has been "sitting up in bed" and engaging with hospital staff as he continues to be treated for coronavirus.

Johnson 'accessible' and 'mentally able to make decisions' from hospital.

Raab has not spoken to Johnson since he was taken to hospital on Sunday.

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