Sometimes I ignore this laptop for long periods of time & I only become aware of that on sunny days.

Best viewed on a larger screen.

I concentrate on work and $WORK for two days... and now there's beans everywhere and I'm too afraid to ask.

I get the feeling that I am the first person to upgrade from Mailman 2 to Mailman 3.

Does anyone have Mailman 3 running on ?

If so, which zope version are you using? Did you install the mail/mailman3 port?

Today I was debugging a website issue after adding to webserver at home. The website was working via but not via the public hostname. After figuring out why, I discovered two blog posts are needed.

The first is about split-dns.

Split-dns, according to some, should never be done.

I'm doing it. On a per-host basis, not for the whole zone.

Yes, is a single DNS zone file at home.

I am trying to locate an Eaton 5PX pedestal / stand.

None for sale on eBay. Do you have one in your junk pile which is no longer required? Would you let me buy it from you?

What I'm after is the stand like shown in this photo.

They are supplied with the UPS, and not sold separately.

I think most people toss them if they are using them in a rack.


As asked elsewhere, will I be soldering circuit boards?

No, just the wires, no boards or components.

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I plan to replace some fans and some soldering will be required. I haven't done any soldering in decades.

Which iron would you recommend for this, given it won't be used much?

The fan connector is not standard, so I'll buy a compatible fan, cut, and solder in.

I've been given an R720 and plenty of RAM (different donations, same source). The plan: get drive cages and drives, configure it as a FreshPorts node, put it back into the data center. You may recall I brought home a broken server back in late August. FreshPorts has been running on the old server since then.

I hope to crowd-source the funds for that new hardware.

I'm also working on getting FreshPorts onto AWS as well.

Hardware starts arriving today.

Next: flash the H710 mini into IT mode.

'zfs hold' avoids unintended 'zfs destroy' of a snapshot

From man zfs:

zfs hold [-r] tag snapshot - Adds a single reference, named with the tag argument, to the specified snapshot or snapshots. Each snapshot has its own tag namespace, and tags must be unique within that space. If a hold exists on a snapshot, attempts to destroy that snapshot by using the "zfs destroy" command returns EBUSY.

I ran tests over the weekend to make sure the rack shuts down smoothly when a power failure occurs. Just as important, I wanted to make sure it starts up properly and unattended. Usually I am not near the rack when power is restored.

It takes about 3.5-4 minutes to shut down.

From power restoration, it is about 7 minutes before all hosts are up, about 15 minutes for all jails to be running, and 25 minutes before Nagios is all green.

I testing the shutdown process of my UPS when using nut. I did this without turning off the UPS or letting the batteries run down.

10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.476 #7 0x800a7a736 in ??
10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.476 exiting (due to assertion failure)

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Hmm, named on one host just crashed.

10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.475 resolver.c:5125: INSIST(dns_name_issubdomain(&fctx->name, &fctx->domain)) failed, back trace
10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.476 #0 0x2cfdf0 in ??
10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.476 #1 0x4b3e9a in ??
10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.476 #2 0x4005fb in ??
10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.476 #3 0x4065b9 in ??
10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.476 #4 0x40e000 in ??
10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.476 #5 0x40baf4 in ??
10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.476 #6 0x4d9a0c in ??

I've been using @Tarsnap since at least 2015-10-09

I recently decided to purge some old backups. Along the way, I found out just how much compression and deduplication are saving on storage space.

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