It's been a pretty steady 850 Mb/s from bacula-sd-10 to the R710 (bacula-sd-02) and onto the two LTO-4 tape drives.

That's about 100MB/s which is well below the capacity of an LTO-4 which is 120MB/s per drive. That's why I usually write to only one drive at a time, instead of 2.

I was able to repair the Dell TL4000 tape library. The robotic picker would not move vertically. It was a split gear. The photos of that process are here:

I started copying the monthly full backups to tape this afternoon.

This graph is network traffic.

resilvered 630G in 6h59m with 0 errors on Mon Nov 5 23:00:14 2018

I'm having drive issues, and now I suspect it's the drive bay. Here is the drive activity from the 'zpool replace', the drive failing, the power off, and the 'zpool replace' automagically resuming after power on:

In OSX , CMD-UP-ARROW takes you to the previous command you typed in the windows. This isn't shell-level command history, it's scrolling back in the window.

I find it useful to go back to the start of the poudriere testport and grab the URL.

/me puts Admin Hat on.

Hi everybody!

The instance has a new Code Of Conduct, viewable at or via the "Terms and Conditions" link that is sprinkled around a few places.

The TL;DR is "be cool unto others". However, since society at large has demonstrated they can't be cool, we had to write out a bunch of things.

Your local Admins are @phessler and @aag. We're also blessed to have @pamela as a Moderator.

#mastoadmin #CodeOfConduct

That long-standing recurring but intermittent problem finally degraded my zpool last night.

I fixed it, then it broke again. I ignored it overnight and slept well.

This morning I replaced a cable. Let's see what happens next.

MeetBSD cake for FreeBSD 25th anniversary

This is my task list for the flights home after MeetBSD 2018

* vulnerable ports RSS feed:
* caching of commits:
* needs_refresh signal:

The issue is: avoiding working on that until I fly.

There are worse things to do while waiting for a connecting flight.

Photo is unrelated to the hurricane. That's my current view as I type this.

I’m on leave until Monday. This morning, I’m in Wilmington NC playing with some @ansible scripts to adjust log reporting on the new @FreshPorts @postgresql 10.5 database server.

Much Hurricane Florence damage is visible, but mostly downed trees.

Next step: networking without sudo

Do you know how?

The xhyve blog post.

Those of you who are already using xhyve, please let me know where this needs to be corrected. I am not convinced I have correctly described the script parameters.


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