The CFP for BSDCan 2019 closes on 19 January. You have about a week left to submit your ideas.

Details here:

"GitHub Free now includes unlimited private repositories. For the first time, developers can use GitHub for their private projects with up to three collaborators per repository for free"

That bootenv move from one zpool to another? It was accomplished over a few hours, a dinner, an HBA which didn't work, a missed bootfs, and smashed rails.

Photos and text here:

I've been thinking about which @freebsd periodic scripts I can safely disable. Here are my results:

Any comments?

What is a life without Pad Thai ? What is Pad Thai without sesame balls to cleanse your pallette ? What is the perfect meal ?

FreshPorts had a hard time booting yesterday.
Today, the cause was found, but why /etc/fstab suddenly became a problem is not known.

Snorty disapproves of me using my console terminal as a work surface.

What time on Monday will the new chassis be ready for pickup at a local FedEx location?

It's been a pretty steady 850 Mb/s from bacula-sd-10 to the R710 (bacula-sd-02) and onto the two LTO-4 tape drives.

That's about 100MB/s which is well below the capacity of an LTO-4 which is 120MB/s per drive. That's why I usually write to only one drive at a time, instead of 2.

I was able to repair the Dell TL4000 tape library. The robotic picker would not move vertically. It was a split gear. The photos of that process are here:

I started copying the monthly full backups to tape this afternoon.

This graph is network traffic.

resilvered 630G in 6h59m with 0 errors on Mon Nov 5 23:00:14 2018

I'm having drive issues, and now I suspect it's the drive bay. Here is the drive activity from the 'zpool replace', the drive failing, the power off, and the 'zpool replace' automagically resuming after power on:

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