Bacula 9.4.2 now in the FreeBSD ports tree.

I have a weekly work session at Starbucks. I take my laptop and work for 60-90 minutes while Kathy runs. I have coffee & dry clothes waiting for her.

I get a 3 mile walk & some quality project time.

It is always win-win.

Until today.

Today I forgot my laptop. :/

This year's #BSDCan tutorials are #OpenBSD heavy. Because that's who submitted. A nice change.

Oh, that's copper-clad aluminum (CCA).


Anyone familiar with DripStone bulk cable?

Dripstone 500ft Cat6 Outdoor Direct Burial Solid Cable 23AWG Waterproof Wire HDPE insulated Polyethylene (PE) for Indoor/Outdoor Easy pull box, Black

$50 delivered. Seems decent.

Yes, the Netgate will some configuration. Granted.

For a non-technical home-user, what device would you recommend as their gateway/ firewall/router? The ISP provides an RJ45 ethernet cable. The home already has WIFI.

They don’t need to configure rules, enable ports, etc. There are no servers here.

Not something they need to assemble, configure, or build.

I keep thinking NetGate type appliances..

The BSDCan 2019 CFP is officially closed. Thank you for the submissions. The program committee has all the details & reviewing has started. Best wishes.

Last night I upgraded a host to FreeBSD 12.0

This is the same host upon which I recently converted all the jails from ezjail to thick iocage jails (that is, no basejail, each a full installl, no shared base). No issues on any jail.

Examples & link to script in link:

You still have all of today, and probably most of Monday to get your submission in for the BSDCan and PGCOn CFPs.

Blog post about the named/bind permissions, with a working solution and some questions for the bind mailing list:

The 10 year challenge:

2009: Registration fee: $195
2019: Registration fee: $195

This is only possible because of fantastic sponsorship. Thank you

The CFP for BSDCan 2019 closes on 19 January. You have about a week left to submit your ideas.

Details here:

"GitHub Free now includes unlimited private repositories. For the first time, developers can use GitHub for their private projects with up to three collaborators per repository for free"

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