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The stuff I've been playing with for notification being pushed to devices. Very flexible, very versatile.


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Looking for a contact from @elastic ... looking to create a partnership between them and the FreeBSD project to get official support for FreeBSD. I'm sure that falls within the @freebsdfndation purview.

If you know names, please feel free to DM me if you wish.

What type of ssh keys are you using? Any preferences?

Most of mine are ed25519 but I have a few rsa keys for very old systems.

I don't think I have any dsa or ecdsa.

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No matter how many more books I write, I fear that I shall never top "weapons of moose destruction."


(credit also goes to @dvl)

What tools do you like for sanity checking your DNS?

I'm making changes to my DNS zones. I went looking for sanity testers. I found isc.org/blogs/dns-checker/ which doesn't so much check zones as compliance.

I also found:


I also like this for checking propagation:


Sign in at dns.he.net with the same creds from tunnelbroker.net/ Click on Add a new reverse. Copy/paste your /48 into there.

That should get your started.

The steps in the first tweet took me about over 45 minutes to figure out...

To add reverse DNS to your @henet IPv6 block: At tunnelbroker.net/ click on the name of your Configured Tunnel. Under rDNS Delegations, click on Edit. Click on Delegate to dns.he.net . Wait until it goes back to Edit.

Now your block is delegated.


FreeBSD's 'pkg autoremove' uninstalls packages which were originally installed as a dependency, but are no longer required. I run it after each 'pkg upgrade'.

'pkg set -A 0' will change a package from automatic to non-automatic, which will prevent autoremove from removing it.

“There's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation." - Pierre Trudeau

Anyone use duo.com for 2FA? I'm getting a presentation. Comments on their products welcome. Thanks.

All the windows are open for the first time. Indoor humidity has jumped from 30% to 50% mastodon.social/media/JfO9uMYv

How did you get started with BSD?

I had no Linux experience. I did some unix in the late 80’s at Carleton University.

In 1998 I got broadband at home & wanted a firewall. A coworker gave me a 386 & some FreeBSD CDs.

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In 2007/2008 I was working as IT support for a school district. It was around this time of the year and there was a school shooting. Not my school, but one a couple miles up the road. The entire school went in lockdown and there were rumors that our school had a shooter as well / it was a coordinated attack.

It was terrifying. The kids were nearly pissing themselves at the thought and there wasn't even a single shot fired. I was freaking out, locked away in an IT closet, hiding behind racks of servers.

But yeah we should just use hopes and prayers instead of common sense and statistics because of ONE misinterpretation of the 2nd *AMENDMENT*.

Let's fucking AMEND it already and fix this mess.