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For those moments when something has to be done, my choice for an ssh client on my phone is Terminus.


I want DHCP IP based on the client-supplied hostname.

I have this in my dhcpd.conf:

host snorty-dongle {
option dhcp-client-identifier "dvl-MacBook-Pro";
fixed-address snorty.int.unixathome.org ;
ddns-updates off;
option domain-search "int.unixathome.org ", "vpn.unixathome.org ";

I observe this via tcpdump in a BOOTP/DHCP, Request from the client in question:

Hostname Option 12, length 15: "dvl-MacBook-Pro"

But dhcp hands out an IP from the pool.

"Thanks for your swift response. I will be paying via check & adding extra $50 so you can keep it in my favour. Once check clears, pick up will be made. send your full name, address,phone number where check can be mailed . Thank you"

Sorry cash only.

NOTE: was a scam attempt.

My ActionTec router (from Verizon) is in bridge mode. I do not know if it is configured for IPv6. I don't know how to configure it / access it while it is in bridge mode.

Next step: check the model, find the manual.

For web server stats, what do you use?

I have used freshports.org/www/webalizer/ for years.

What's everyone else using now?

I don't leave the tape libraries powered on all month.

I powered off the Dell TL4000 yesterday.

From /var/log/messages: gist.github.com/dlangille/e30d

The attached image is generated by @LibreNMS mastodon.social/media/yn4rsSQs

Today's mini-project, which avoids other bigger tasks: get @FreshPorts working on IPv6.

These have been installed. See more recent toot.

10G link between the two switches has been obtained.

fs.com delivered 2x Generic Compatible 10GBASE-SR SFP+ 850nm 300m DOM Transceiver (part ##11589) yesterday.

WHAT? Fiber? not DAC? BUT WHY?

Flexibility. If for some reason, this link needs to be 10m instead instead of 1ft (highly unlikely, but still possible), it doesn't cost much to change it. Just plug in another length of fiber. Done.

Besides, this is using lasers. If you can use lasers, why not use lasers?

Subj: Looking to advertise on your domain spamcop.net

Last night, one of my Nagios checks detected ssh was open via IPv6 on one of my servers. It should not have been.

In the check, 'negate' is the key to failure being interpreted as success.

This is the check it uses:

define command{
command_name port_is_filtered
command_line $USER1$/negate --ok=CRITICAL --warning=CRITICAL --critical=OK --unknown=OK -s '$USER1$/check_tcp -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -p $ARG1$'

Arriving via UPS today, 2x new SFP+ 850nm 300m DOM Transceivers from fs.com : They will connect the two 10G switches, which are currently crawling along on a 1G link.

Yes, I could have used DAC ... but fiber.

Watching traffic from storage to tape library during a backup. It's hitting 30 Mbps exiting the storage, but only 150Kbps on the tape library... which is interesting...

Then Bacula marks the tape in Error. And another tape in Error.

Then you see 600 Mbps out and 600 Mbps in.

knew.int is the storage. r710-01.int is the tape library. mastodon.social/media/nMbtIgns mastodon.social/media/haCenPeO

When your Bacula tape changer is now /dev/pass7, not /dev/pass8, & you update the configuration, & then Bacula loads the tape, then says the tape isn't in the drive, yet mtx says it is: try swapping the two SAS cables on the two drive LTO-4 tape library.

Then it works.

And Slack dies, nearly the same time as LastPass. Coincidence? Imagine all the Slack admins trying to login and can't access LastPass....

For the record: 3M VHB # 4905 Clear Double-Sided Tape 1/2"

Would buy again.

Hopefully this double-sided tape will help with this LED strip lighting issue.

The snorties deserve good lighting.

This is important right now:

$ grep PCID /var/run/dmesg.boot

"Recent Intel processors have Process-Context Identifiers (PCID) enabled, which lessens the performance impact of the kernel Page Table Isolation (PTI) workaround being implemented." - neowin.net/news/security-flaw-