🏗️ Help needed!

We need someone to consult on "text recognition". #AI, #dataanalysis, #BERT, etc. Especially the pro's and cons for our specific use-case:

We need a "job or not" recognition-thing that takes a toot, and produces a flag (or score) whether it is a job-posting, a vacancy.

To improve the fediverse job search tool search.flockingbird.social/, which now includes false positives. We want to reduce those.

PM us, mail to hi-at-flockingbird.social or reply 👇 if you'd like to help!

Solidarity is essential if we want to fight the energy blackmail from Russia.

We have already been through testing times, and we know they require 🇪🇺 unity and solidarity.

Together we are so much stronger than the sum of 27 EU countries.


„Wie CCC-Urgesteine gegen Teams und Zoom kämpfen – Ein Verein aus dem Umfeld des CCC zeigt in Berlin, wie sich Schulen mit Open Source digitalisieren lassen. Schüler, Eltern und Lehrer sind begeistert.“
Sehr schön, @cyber4EDU_de@twitter.com

Die Infiltration der Republikanischen Partei im US-Bundesstaat Arizona durch #QAnon wurde diese Woche noch deutlicher, als bekannt wurde, dass einer der #GOP-Kandidaten (#Republikaner) für den 4th Congressional District Arizona, Jerone Davison, einen QAnon-Influencer für seine Kampagne engagiert hat.



As well as @FediFollows, @feditips and @FediVideos, I am now running a small website called Grow Your Own Services:


You can follow its account at @homegrown

GYOS is aimed at people interested in having their own indie online services, but who don't care about the techy stuff. All of the content assumes you are using a managed hosting company, where the hosting company handles the tech.

Hopefully this approach opens up self-hosting to a wider range of people.


Urlaub. Mal E-Mails checken. Dann die Überraschung: Der Kuketz-Blog bzw. ich bin für den Bundespreis Verbraucherschutz in der Kategorie „Engagement des Verbraucherschutzes“ nominiert worden. Den Preis verleiht die Deutsche Stiftung Verbraucherschutz an eine Person oder Personengruppe, die sich herausragend für Verbraucherschutz einsetzt. Am 23. Juni 2022 tagt die Jury. Drückt mir die Daumen! 🤘


@EU_Commission You joined the Fediverse a month ago, which is great! You keep us informed about your activities – nice! Fedizens reply to your posts, want to interact with you – isn't that wonderful? But…

I searched your whole feed: not a single time did you answer questions directed at you (or did I miss something?). It seems like the Fediverse is a blackboard to you. But we are colorful! The Fedi lives from interactions. So will you start participating, not just cross-posting? We wait for you :awesome:


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