you can't even open to download chrome in ie6 in a freshly installed winxp sp3 because ie6 is configured to allow ssl 3.0 and disallow tls 1.0 (what were they even thinking) which results in google trying and failing to redirect to https

this looks vaguely like a london train station called martini

i noticed a certain person that i liked (but didn't follow back) unfollowed me, probably due to world tour thread stuff? who knows. which made me think why they even followed me in the first place.

so uhhh. what was this account for? someone remind me.

donate to my patreon so i can keep making bad financial choices

gosh. i naively did that international bank transfer because one side said the processing fee was 0% and the other didn't say anything at all about fees. the 7.5% fee options are looking much better in comparison now

also my credit card has been blocked for everything for the past two weeks, the visa travel notification thingy is placebo imo

last month i made a 100 usd international bank transfer to have some money in a prepaid card. i just noticed the cost of that transaction was 84 usd (so total 184 usd). impressively bad.

woke up 7am, way too hecking early for UTC-3, which on a second thought is probably fine considering doctors and bureaucrats enjoy forcing me to wake up early.

aaaanyway. that's all for dx world tour 2018, which was a fun mess of plans that didn't go quite right (also oof owie my money) but the result was close enough and i'm happy because internet friends becoming real is always a nice thing

because i failed to sleep, i spent the last hour on the plane messing with gphotos sliders of the rainy day london photos.
maxed whites and sometimes exposure, increased warmth a bit and saturation a bunch. i'm happy with the results

there are tourists speaking english next to me, can't escape.
also heck i can understand them better than a bunch of the people i met the last few weeks.

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