but yeah there's something about the personality of the italians in this game that Resonates with me. i like them a lot and i support them in their bullshit (and oh how full of shit they are)

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now that i think of it, i have never met a real italian, only non-canon spinoff ones (most of which are eligible to get italian citizenship after some light paperwork, jelly tbh)

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"im not a furry! im not a furry!!", i continue to insist as i slowly shrink and transform into a raccoon

this one is taken from a beer garden near the top of the hills in olympiapark in the middle of a thunderstorm, which happens to be a really good place to kiss a cute girl

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and this one is just a bad duck photo. with ducks of so questionable quality they might be geese, who knows.

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"i'm so good with the history of south america. there was this guy, Mercado Libre, and he liberated [...]"

okay so this might be shocking news for some of you but i'm gay. i love girls. girls are so good holy shit.

obviously you're supposed to read "fried" as an english word, as in "pommes frites"

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*is still pretty confused about v and b sounds* westfriedhof but read like a fast food chain like best döner

if god was truly omnibenevolent he wouldn't have assigned me cleaning-type wife class and given me a dust allergy

raccoon swimming with ducks!

(not my pic (i wish), stolen from bruceschwartzman on instagram: instagram.com/p/CL9uEYXFl3g/)

cdc says they help "to levels similar to or better than those provided by surgical masks, procedure masks, or cloth face coverings" cdc.gov/niosh/docs/2021-107/de

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but unfiltered exhalation valves are still more filtering than nothing, and apparently it helps that this points downwards

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