i'm cheating a bit by using the screen as 1080p instead of 4k, because hidpi is a trainwreck, lowering the resolution actually improves battery life, and my eyes can't really see that much detail anyway. it's still higher screen density than i'm used to. it feels good to look at.

i've been using this thing for a month and i'm still amazed at how good it is in such a small size. where does it fit all that battery?? it seems physically impossible.

so thanks to this job i upgraded from
2008 dell latitude d630c (3kg, core2duo, 720p, useless nvidia quadro, 5 hours with extended battery)
2018 dell xps 13 9370 (weightless, i7-8550U, 4k, surprisingly good intel igfx, 12 hours battery)

and holy shit the future is good

found myself living at a place with a smärt tv and a praystation 4 but idk what to do with them so the tv is just playing touhou songs on youtube

these may be my favorite cards so far
- clean and gay design
- pretty much no text on the front
- CVC not mentioned in the card
- doesn't have my full government alias
- the arbitrary-text description field lets me write m@stercard

also they haven't activated my account yet, these 72 hours of reviewing my account are getting closer to 720 hours. i got the card mailed and all.

well if this push notification says so, i guess i can check off italy from list of countries to visit. that was easy.

i'd say "anime is real" but uhhhhh vocaloid. you get the idea though.

like, nominally, it's "just a hologram and prerecorded songs" (nevermind the other members of the live band). but now it's obvious there's much more to it, and i don't know how to explain that

miku expo was good. i didn't expect it to be that good.

we're now a crowd of 20 walking around köln with speakers playing vocaloid and glowsticks

first minute: ok that's a song alright, where's miku, this is kind of lame
5 mins later: fuCK I'M CRYING

is it still second class if i got a whole room for myself

i like this meme of german people saying lots of words and when i ask them for english they make it super concise.

got asked for train ticket with lots of german words, vs english "got a ticket for me?"

this train looks so comfy that i'm not sure this really is 2nd class

today: trains!!!
also, miku expo, but mostly trains to cologne

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