spoilers: for some reason it processes arrow keys as cursor movements. you can write anything, anywhere on the tty login screen. new getty feature???

update on duolingo: after getting past the first few levels things get more reasonable. not perfect, but i'm not learning grammar any other way so this will do.

the song stopped right before "now i've lost it"

decided to eat an overripe banana, and as i grab it my brain starts playing "the night sky full of cries / hearts filled with lies / the contract, is it worth the price? [...]", so i think "wait why that song? oh. ohhh. the darker than black opening. wow"

all of this happens in apps that i don't need a lot and would normally close after a while (my terminal and firefox are fine) so it took me weeks to notice it's been happening *all the time*

anyone else have this issue where chromium-based apps just.. stop rendering their own windows after a while? happens with signal, chromium (unless i pass --use-gl=angle), steam (not always chromium?), hiri (qtwebengine, partially). doesn't happen with anki (qtwebengine)

we would try to go for the storage pane with lots of tab presses, but that requires successfully getting past the Not Accessible captchas in the website, and the audio captchas are either broken or speak spanish/italian/japanese.

so i thought, surely writing some javascript in the console would be easier? NOPE. looks like scamming discord users out of their session tokens is so common that discord *removed* localStorage out of the global namespace.

the usual way is to open the inspector, go to the storage pane, click a bunch of things and find 'token'. except the storage pane is not very accessible (chromium is worse)

a bitlbee/irssi user who is blind and prefers terminal-based apps for accessibility reasons. bitlbee-discord doesn't handle captchas, so the workaround is to extract a token from localStorage from a working session manually.

so discord has this warning message in the console saying "If someone told you to copy/paste something here you have an 11/10 chance you're being scammed". aaand we found ourselves in a situation that doesn't quiiiite fit that 11/10 chance

cool thing about spring is that the weather can be awful but the trees are still pretty

oh i didn't even notice the nato phonetic alphabet there, we have printouts of it all over the place in the office because communication is hard

i *still* confuse シ and ツ sometimes

so i thought "okay i need to start a finances spreadsheet from scratch. the old one was called 'holla holla get $' so the next one would be... hmm... john madden" and when i went to create it, i found that it already exists, with the same purpose, almost empty, created last month

anki: judging by the past 6 reviews of "die Frau", 26.3 months is a reasonable amount of time for the next review
duolingo: 10 reviews in the last minute? here's another one to be sure

one issue is that the structure of their gamification points me to try to 100% topics that i know that i know perfectly, but the 'skip level' test is just a lot of redundant work. meanwhile, with anki, tapping 'easy' will tell a concept to go away for a reasonable amount of time.

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