the good news is that i have new pants with working pockets, so this is less of a problem.

(sorry for the tech ranting, i'm just really hoping someone else has the same problem, and this is a low effort way to broadcast things)

the help link says "We have seen an increase in user reports claiming their devices do not meet software requirements after receiving an update." and blames users/OEMs.

maybe stop fiddling with the safety net for a minute?

update: it broke again, ~two days ago.

- still unrooted and fully stock oreo
- still pray protect certified
- but now not passing safetynet ctsprofile anymore (only basic, which was acceptable before)

not a fan of this black box.

this post brought to you by running into a version of 'the lost emotion' that i enjoyed, but halfway through started to suspect that it might be a ZUN original (was from 'dateless bar "old adam"')

touhou secondary fan in the sense of actively disliking anything directly made by ZUN. if it isn't processed, it's flavorless

i'm used to this happening automatically but most of my open source contributions these days are reviewing code, and idk if it counts if it's pull requests to my own projects that i merge myself

hey i want a free tshirt, what are some cool github projects to send PRs to

yyyeah this one didn't crosspost very well

[poll] ok so. suppose i have enough money for a nintendo switch in my budget. but now the lite variant is out. mobile only, less powerful, better battery life, cheaper. i have no tv or any desktop screens at home.

tempting. what do.

placing a $100 order on sockdreams and putting it under the "expenses: medicine" budget category

found that warming up my feet stops me from coughing furiously, which is a mechanic that is good and makes perfect sense

it was a huge success, google pay works again, and safetynet passes ctsprofile (not just basic) despite the bootloader unlock :3

my phone is a moto z play and its "retla" release channel only got that far (thx lenovo), so i downloaded a stock rom for another channel and manually updated from android 7.1.1 to 8.0. the future

so i noticed another plausible reason for it to lose the play protect certification: the security patch level was october 2017, two years ago. makes sense for it to be a timed thing.

23:30 night bus delayed 3 hours to 02:30, while it's 3 degrees out. pretty Cool

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