Toe shoe is a series of 2D vertically-scrolling danmaku shooting games made by Team Shanghai Alice

also super weird that i own raspberry pies (one and a half (zero counts as 0.5)) and they are doing more than just being inside a drawer forever because "i'll do something with it some day"

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huh, i had this idea that "there are single board computers that are better and cheaper than the raspberry pi out there, just gotta find them" but that doesn't seem to be true anymore with the 2gb rpi4 being the base $35 model

also this was good timing to binge the whole thing because "blurays" got released last month, and the way the tv anime ended was unsatisfying but i just had to wait half an hour for the sequel, not three years

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yo who was it who recommended made in abyss. it's cute but holy fucking shit. just finished watching the last movie. holy fucking shit.

on that note, upgraded my bio. changelog:
- upgraded pronouns
- kept isomer configuration as entgegen
- removed references to projects i'm still technically maintaining but burnt out on
- added 'soft developer' and 'anime girl'

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also it took me over 20 years to realize i'm a girl

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also until a few minutes ago i honestly believed "dequis" is one letter shorter than "dekisu" which probably says something about how spanish is in denial about not having a perfect 1:1 mapping of vowels to sounds. just, pretend the u in que/qui doesn't count as a letter.

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yeah it took me over 10 years to notice this similarity

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the "u" in both "dequis" and "dekisu" are silent

how do people watch that korbolive stuff anyway? i tried going to gawr gura's channel on youtube and after skipping 5 minutes of pre-stream loading screen i watched 10 minutes of her saying she's going to play minecraft soon and receiving money constantly somehow. i don't get it

$ git switch -c m@ster
Switched to a new branch 'm@ster'

what could possibly go wrong

i love amazon product specs. it's always crap like this. 1mhz cpu, AGP video card, 1 HDMI port, one operating system, one screen resolution (100), parallel ATA SSD, no optical drive, no batteries included. it's a wifi router

i'm trying to not post about US politics here but goddamn the "four seasons total landscaping" thing is so good, so beautiful

yeah we talked about how i still cry about the death of grape-kun (this is not a spoiler, this happened in real life three years ago)

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