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Vacation starts tomorrow and I am sure that I will not finish anything planned! :)

@milan In that time I was making request via desktop web browser to your API and I was getting nothing... Like request to API was blocked - site was working fine. It was probably technical glitch in that time...

@milan the man I need :) I have app for the and some of my users told me that they had issues with logging in onto your instance. Like the API was down... Can you confirm? mastodon.social/media/PLiRgBgU

@milan do you have something with administration of the tchnc.de?

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Voy a hacer llorar a La Maga, que mal me voy a sentir.

@burnson i cant follow you for some reason...

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#gingerbeer #diy #LivePouet
75cl d'eau minérale, une cuillère à soupe de gingembre frais coupé en petits dés, deux cuillères à café de sucre blanc, on recouvre d'une mousseline pour que ça respire sans récupérer de bestioles et c'est bon. Pendant une semaine, tous les jours, ajouter deux cuillères à café de sucre et deux de gingembre en petits dés.
Y a plus qu'Ă  attendre. #Espoir

@ferlanero i forgot to say tnx for the long answer :) I'll wait a little more for Sony Xperia. If not, OnePlus will be :)

@cedesguin once when settings are created :)

@ferlanero few questions... Are you satisfied with SailfishOS on the OnePlusX? Is it stable? Updates? OTA or manually? I would like to replace my device with something with better display and camera.

@ferlanero it will but I always forgot on that one :) Please use github.com/dysk0/harbour-toote and create issue :)

@Quenti we (you) will fix it :) don't worry about it :)

It's alive!!! is in the store :)