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A native Mastodon client for SailfishOS, a mobile Linux OS.

Free (libre) & open-source. Grab it from Jolla Store or Openrepos.net.

---> grave-design.com/blog/v/tooter

Developer: @dysko

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Save media, username completing, user search and many more in new version for by 😁

Hi @Support. I am getting some strange replies when I try to post status via on your instance. Same code works like charm on other instances. Any ideas? (it is like there is no such toot by ID 2147483647)

{"media_ids":[],"status":"@dysko nono","visibility":"public","in_reply_to_id":2147483647}

FAILED POST API request to mastodon.social/api/v1/statuse
http.status: 404
http.response: {"error":"Record not found"}

@Gargron oh my god. I was thinking that my mother is online and she is talking to me...

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@KeaW sound is a bit strange... Sometimes it's like something is dying in the phone, and sometimes its fine. Camera is much,much better... I am losing cellular network sometimes and having a bit more call drops. Anyway, nice phone...