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Finished my first ever music project! With 14 guitar and drum tracks, I recorded my own cover of Whirling in Rags, OST from an amazing game Disco Elysium. I hope my fedi friends will like it :BlobhajTinyHeart: !

There are so many things i'm not satisfied with but years of software engineering experience told me I should scope small and finish a project then try again. So here we go I'm very nervous publishing it but also super excited!

1km in, I think I'm 1 km in, definitely not tired yet

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`INTEGRATIONTESTSEXIST` is it integration tests exist or integration test sexist?

Why so many people on LinkedIn are posting crying faces

Mood getting better. Planned to do rock climbing tomorrow or next week!

I thought I could keep my work life balance pretty well but turns out I can't. It's constantly affecting my mental health lately. I still wanna stay at current role for at least until I get a promotion tho and there are a few area I wanna learn before I leave. But the seeds haven't been planted. Maybe corpo life doesn't suit me

I'm so happy today. I found the next song I wanna record (or the one after next!)

Monday burnt out from a whole week's on call work. I need a nap first

I wanna go kayaking but I'm on call :cwy: 😪😭😥

A bonus for an already pretty fucked up Saturday morning, my partner and I might break up :pika:

But to mentally recover from this I might need to buy a new audio interface (8i6?) then a bass :kirby:

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It sucks losimg a A$900 monitor just after 4 months. But I'm grateful I'm in a position that breaking a monitor won't too big of a financial problem.

And for no reason I've decided to play a bit of the most toxic game

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