So all in all I can recommend booting LineageOS on your Android phone and using it basically as a phone again.

If you've been considering getting a not-smart-phone but would miss WhatsApp or Signal (or Spotify, that works fine), I'd recommend it. I got mine all set up from @e_mydata and paid €303 altogether.

une alternative contre Google qui veut mettre aux enchères les places des moteur de recherches s'est de désinstaller flasher la ROM de son portable pour installer
#/e/ .foundation .mydata @e_mydata

What Google collects every day from your phone

Great overview of what #google collects from your phone every day: #privacy #eelo @/e/ Foundation

*The Australian: What Google collects every day from your phone*

/e/ foundation
Self-hosting is now available in beta with /e/OS. Manage and host your mail, drive, for your family or corporate, using a single identity on your own custom domain, and connect it with your /e/OS smartphone!

More at

One step closer to shipping our /e/ smartphones: packaging and in-box materials are ready! We're currently fine tuning our back office as we speak to be able to launch order ASAP. Stay tuned! @gael

/e/ highlighted on French radio @europe1 this AM.
Thanks @ClementLesaffre
for the coverage 👏

Smartphone : /e/, une alternative à Androïd, française et respectueuse de la vie privée (link: via @europe1


🥳 First running build on Pie!
We're making great progress to welcome more smartphones to /e/ by @gael ! Getting ready to move quicker on porting to the upcoming Android Q 🚀

and other mobile “tech giants”: you should (really) break free from Google/Android"
Read @gael article on @medium
about how /e/ offers a new way based on

Yet another "/e/" (<- that is the name) device entering the market! Yay! Took me a few hours to go through all the installation process, a few missteps here and there and no way to edit the documentation but it's working beautifully and I'm happy to have a free os phone!
Device is a motorola "osprey" with dual sim, all working as expected!

#/e/ #e.mydata #ello #privacy #android @e_mydata

It's Thursday and it's time to release /e/ for 3 additional smartphones! Now supported: Motorola Moto G4 Play - harpia Motorola Moto X Play - lux Sony Xperia Z5 - sumire @sonyxperia @Moto Say hello to and /e/ by @gael Download here:

Tech 24 - Numérique : vers un un système d’exploitation anti-GAFA ?

Une interview de Gaël Duval sur france24 au sujet de /e/


Study of Google data collection on your phone: they know everything!

this is why we should all switch to /e/ , the new privacy-friendly mobile OS, based on Android! @/e/ Foundation@Gaël Duval#privacy#eelo#googleIf you use an Android device with the Chrome browser running, the tech giant knows whether you are traveling by foot or car, where you shop, how often you use your Starbucks app and when you’ve made a doctor’s appointment, according to research by Doug Schmidt.

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- @gael : patron de /e/ (FR/EN)
- @e_mydata : le compte officiel de la #efoundation (EN)
- @zoomacom : Centre de ressources en médiation numérique de la Loire (FR)
- @hackelier_mobile : Atelier numérique itinérant (ou pas) du CCO - libre, créatif, convivial et émancipateur. (FR)
- @omgubuntu : compte officiel tout frais ! (EN)


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- @Rusty
- @Mensious

Samsung Galaxy J5, LeEco LeMax2, Google Nexus 5P: those are the new smartphones we are supporting supporting from today at /e/!

Download, enjoy, report issue at:

What would be a "highly secure" profile for /e/, that users could select in first time wizard, and that would set a particular set of apps and settings?
TOR browser? Wire IM? or... no default apps?
Join the discussion at:

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