Thanks @kashhill @gizmodo for articles about leaving the big 5 and mentioning our work! Few away from making our OS available to more users and easy to install for anyone to switch to first on their smartphone @gael

Join the smartphone privacy revolution! Contribute to accelerate our Mobile OS release, /RC mid February, March/April. Software Engineer? Help us port /e/ on recent smartphones ( )! Contact us

Check if your favorite Android app is available in the /e/OS app repository. If not, let us know and we'll do our best to add it to our catalog! @gael

Numerous apps send data to Facebook, even without an account or being logged in. Time for an and that don't track you by default! Time for /e/! Support us here @gael

Thanks to @linux_magazine for mentioning /e/ in their article about the open hardware projects of 2018 ! @gael

According to Bloomberg technology some Samsung phone can't remove Facebook. On /e/OS from the , no bloatware, open source apps, and a growing wide community voting for better privacy. Want to join?

Kicking off 2019 in style on French TV BFM Business! For our 🇫🇷 followers, watch @gael on @bfmbusiness speaking about opportunities to take back control over GAFAM & BATX.


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