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The /e/OS Easy Installer has now been out for a full year 🎂 🎉
A big thanks to our developers & contributors for their hard work.
The Easy Installer supports 9 devices and works on Linux and Windows.
What are you waiting for?
Check compatible devices and switch to /e/ today because

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The Ultimate de-googled Android ROM got better: it’s time to revisit ⁦‪@e_mydata‬⁩ after the last updates!

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Would you use a privacy-respecting assistant on your smartphone (similar to Siri, Alexa etc.)?

Background: The people behind the -based operating system @e_mydata plan an integration of their future AI service called "" as well as an offline speech recognition software as they explain on Medium: gael-duval.medium.com/e-2021-t

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ICYMI Many thanks to Android Central who tried out /e/OS and wrote a full review of their impressions 🙏

Check out the article below!


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In this week's newsletter:
- get ready for /e/OS 0.16,
- a new university research that goes in detail in @apple and @google data collection on phones,
- and new plans at eCloud.
Read below in 🇬🇧🇫🇷🇮🇹🇪🇸🇩🇪


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Time to escape from Mobile Surveillance!
/e/ Foundation’s mobile products allow users to enjoy privacy by design and evaluate the privacy of their apps. Their mission is to make technology that respects user privacy accessible to everyone. @e_mydata Learn more below:

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📱/e/OS 0.15 is now available for download and OTA updates (dev only, stable next week), with some user interface improvement, new features, bug fixes and security fixes. More details in the changelogs below.

--> Update now! (Settings->System Updates)

- v0.15-q gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/relea
- v0.15-pie gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/relea
- v0.15-oreo gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/relea
- v0.15-nougat

A big thanks to fossBytes, who reviewed the /e/-Fairphone 3!
Read their take on our by design OS, @Fairphone 's repairable hardware and some of /e/'s upcoming projects!


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I recently got my new Fairphone 3+ with /e/ OS preinstalled - today I put it into operation. The setup of the Fairphone was quick, easy and problem-free. It works flawlessly and I can recommend both the Fairphone and /e/ OS. Good work, good product! 👍

@e_mydata @gael

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This month, we’re helping your @Fairphone last longer!
For any purchase of an /e/-FP3/3+ from March 1st to 31st receive a free Longevity Pack: a Protective Case and Screen Protector.
Find out more on our Fairphone product page at esolutions.shop

Following the OVH cloud data-center fire yesterday, we have been able to recover our website and e-shop from our external backups and are now back online.


Thank you for your patience!

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