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The Easy Installer is getting an update!
It's now available in German & Russian.

Many thanks to the contributors & translators that made this possible, /e/ has an amazing community!

See what's new in this version: gitlab.e.foundation/e/tools/ea
Download & switch to /e/:

The LeEco Le Pro3 / Le Pro3 Elite is the latest phone model to get an upgrade in /e/OS and move to Q.

All the info on how to get /e/OS for this device can be found here:

/e/OS supports 5 new phone models: the LG V20, Sony Xperia Z5 Compact & XZ1 Compact, Nextbit Robin and ZUK Z1.

Find all the info on each device in our documentation and switch to /e/OS!

The LeEco Le Max2 and LG G2, G3 & G5 are the latest phone models to get an upgrade in /e/OS and move to Q.

All the info on /e/OS compatible devices here:

/e/OS supports 2 new phone models: the Asus Zenfone 6 & Razer Phone.
Find all the info on each device in our documentation and switch to /e/OS!
Zenfone 6 ⬇️
Razer Phone ⬇️

The /e/OS Easy Installer supports a new device, the !
As a reminder the application works on Linux and Windows.

For more information head to our documentation page !

is a good time to check the privacy settings and app permissions on your phone.
Better yet, choose an OS that doesn't record your actions, scan your email & files and is ad free!
Find out more here ➡️ e.foundation/

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Today marks the 18th edition of #SaferInternetDay and we couldn’t be prouder to celebrate our partnership with #eFoundation (@e_mydata@twitter.com) for an open-source operating system that prioritizes user privacy.

Read more about our partnership: bit.ly/2IuvNt7

#fairphone #eos

is a global landmark event to raise awareness around online issues & promote best practices for a safe online experience.
At @e_mydata, the goal of our OS is to give users control over how they use & protect their smartphone and data.

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@daver98 @e_mydata, the Dark Mode feature will be available in one of the next releases. Hopefully, at the end of spring🙂

To continue improving the experience on /e/OS, it's important to have a clear visual identity. Read all about our ongoing work on streamlining the OS and the improvements in our latest update!
Read on Medium cutt.ly/Hj7koh1
Read on the community cutt.ly/Mj7kQ0X

/e/OS v0.14 is here! Updates are available for phones on Pie & Q!
⚠️If you installed microG Exposure Notification, kindly update it before applying v0.14⚠️
More information at cutt.ly/Oj7xInp
Check the release note here cutt.ly/Wj7xE5v

Millions of people are leaving and it's a great first step to protecting their personal data.
Take it a step further and switch to a privacy by design ecosystem and smartphone like /e/!


Thanks to SIDN Funds we are working to develop an integrated privacy center for and /e/OS. We want an app tailored to your needs, so we'd like your input! Take our anonymous survey about privacy & related issues on mobile phones here :

No need to wait for Google to rate Android apps for privacy. This feature is built into /e/OS and has been available for more than a year! via @eff

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J'adopte /e/ sur mon ordiphone,
quel plaisir de savoir ne plus être espionné !

Une transition en douceur, sans différence d'utilisation 👍🏼

Bye Google.

@e_mydata e.foundation
#ViePrivée #Degooglisation

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