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earthtopus @earthtopus

@kukkurovaca what a shame that the age of text is dead

@kukkurovaca @t54r4n1 this may be true and is a very helpful thing to hear! And perhaps I do not need to fret about every aspect of my life as a cyclist instead of just putting my fucking bike back together

@kukkurovaca @t54r4n1 I think it's entertaining that you're recommending products while I'm wondering for the second straight year whether or not I'll even dare to even go into the local bike shop that was my local bike shop in an incredibly gung-ho period form 2005-07

@t54r4n1 would that this were more amenable to rational thought. The local infrastructure is also much more cramped and damaged than the glorious wide roads of Santa Cruz, too. Hmm.

@kukkurovaca "Crank Brothers"m you say

@kukkurovaca yes, I used to have something like that and may still yet; my inventory is stuffed into various closets

on the one hand it's a huge heap of Ignored Moving Trauma but on the other it feels bad having it jammed sadly into a closet

long story short, my bicycle has been partially disassembled since I stressed out about it for too long and paid too much money I couldn't really afford to ship it across the country to myself. I'm thinking about at least trying to untangle the chain and get the back wheel on. Or maybe I should just buy a chain tool, break it, get another one, and move on with my life. Repair hassle or $$$ bike shop hassle paralysis sucks

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@t54r4n1 would have preferred the court papers?

@lawremipsum I picture it as one of those Flintstones-style work whistles for the pallet factory

@t54r4n1 that sounds Minnesotan enough but yeah does seem v strange

hey how do I get this thing on my android phone

@t54r4n1 thanks for listening frond

@t54r4n1 cookies have been v useful yes. But ~cough syrup~ doesn't lend itself to eating much either. I had a whole pizza yesterday evening, so I'm not catastrophizing about it

@t54r4n1 going up to mom's next weekend and probably going to have some whisky and pet a dog, though

@t54r4n1 yeah I sort of segued into *not* buying two fifths a week a couple of weeks back? It takes more deliberate effort to get through a second bottle of wine than it does shots five through eight. It was apparently providing a non-negligible percentage of life-giving calories, though, so it hasn't stacked well with Having This Cold

I mean, not weird from the baseline of "DXM experiences" but I don't do this so much any more and also I feel weirder than usual about my body since no-liquor-Andrew plus sickness-depressed-appetite means I'm also currently re-enacting the plot of Thinner

*sips out of bottle* that was kind of weird but it was great to have several hours where my torso was bracing itself from the last cough and for the next one