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earthtopus @earthtopus

@brennen this can't be twitter; I don't get the same sinking feeling as the page is loading

@sporks of course I follow 5 folks so my tl doesn't change super fast

@t54r4n1 wouldn't be much humidity to complain about there!

@t54r4n1 sporps means when I first parse that I was all "wait, did she move to Oklahoma?"

@sporks that would be a seriously personal conversation indeed xD

so this thing in my left leg/back is definitely Good Side Sciatica which sucks but also I'm not partly ignoring it until I get hospitalized with leg and back spasms so...partial success?

nothing quite like the aftermath of something not executed quite right at work where everyone is a little too eager to demonstrate that I'm not being blamed because I couldn't possibly be important enough to accrue any blame

@lawremipsum how does it makes you feel to SHOWING THEY CARE

*points at own head* it doesn't count as crying at work if you barely make it home first

@kukkurovaca @t54r4n1 well, that appears to be cause for celebration

@t54r4n1 did you get a chance to meet my dad when you were visiting slash abetting in the destruction of my right big toenail?

@brennen just analyzing possible last human redoubt locations

@brennen captchas designed to decode house addresses?

@lawremipsum "Happy families are all alike--they're all moving all the time" --Tolstoy probably