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@lawremipsum rolling on the floor tooting out of tontrol

@sporks lazy progress is progress! I put our bikes up on hooks in this weird mud room we rarely use. There's alllllmost enough space for a proper job but now we don't have to walk around them within the apartment proper too.

since deciding to put my bicycle back together, I've gone jogging twice! I forgot how much fun "I can't do anything on this because I'm waiting for parts to arrive" is to say to yourself.

having my bicycle out and visible has already gotten me out for a run around the block for the first time in like a year to procrastinate dealing with it; it's helping my mobility already

@brennen it might be there already; more's the shame for me for spending ~$200 by proxy to have it mailed cross-country to me two years ago without having gotten around to this yet. But that's not a particularly useful thing to focus on here during Sunlight Time

...but I have new-last-year tires and tubes and can probably rebuild those and play with spoke tension a bit. I'm willing to sacrifice a new chain to old gearteeth if it gets me rolling enough. in good faith I need a helmet and eventually a massive brake upgrade, but baby steps

progress report: I have laid hands on the pieces of what used to be my bicycle for the first time since I tossed it in a back closet in the fall. I need to find my chainbreaker and order a new chain...

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The reason the Juicero is garbage is because it uses a full four ton A press when the bags can be squeezed with only half an A press.

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WOW one of the big problems standing in between me and a stress-free departure has just up and evaporated in front of me


@t54r4n1 it's solstice-adjacent, though, since that's when the agriculture happens that you need to go home from school for

@t54r4n1 I really wish that's why the fiscal and academic years were divided when they are

in unrelated news, I love you all

am I minmaxing the end of the year?, he said, having the odd nip of vodka to keep his caloric intake up