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Saturday morning: cup of coffee, 1974 NYT crossword, videos of hippos eating whole watermelons

tfw you realize you promised to serve as judge in the state trivia playoffs tomorrow at noon for some reason

I just napped for over three hours starting at 7 pm and have come completely unmoored from space and time, ask me anything

afternoon reading: love those mysteries

For those people upset at Daylight Saving, at least we're not in ancient Rome:

@lawremipsum I guess the last three words might be redundant.

@lawremipsum and, of course, the house is this way because Dad wasn't well enough to get the hole fixed when I noticed it and was cheap enough to get easily gnaw-throughable siding when he redid the place 15 years ago. Big feelings all around, especially as someone from a family of guilt trippers

@lawremipsum my brother put up a box and then tried to fix his roof. One moved into the box. She's still around; all these pics are from today. Then either a newcomer or a stubborn one of the litter (juvenile male, some of the early spring hair loss you'll see) chewed his way back around the corner. It's the corner above the electrical hookups with easy access up the siding and across the telephone wire, which makes total exclusion impossible

are there more unappealing phrases? Perhaps. But it's up there.

"emergency podcast" is sure some phrase

if I get down on my knees and crane my neck awkwardly to the right out one of the windows, I can get shots like these and observe such things as babby here eating snow off of tiny little branch intersections to stay hydrated

how's your morning going I left the office thermostat on "SET" instead of on "RUN" or something and anyway there's a foot of light fluffy snow outside but it's 82 in my office and 90 in parts of the building

Having done 8 of the Late Fall of '73's NYT Sunday puzzles, we're down to about a dozen things we have to look up each puzzle, and 90% of those cluster into "second-order references to turgid 19th-century English lit", "random foreign cities or 'units of measurement'", and "'variant' spellings of archaic synonyms"