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More practice with the new camera.

More practice with the new camera.

I think they were supposed to deliver this bottle to Minnesota

A photo from last night, titled "I was always too old to be at this frat house but especially now"

Herbie Hancock getting an honorary degree makes this graduation like 500% better

so I got a new point and shoot and I'm liking it so far

tell me, muse, of the squirrel of many ways...

taking photos with the old point-and-shoot

tired: accidentally holding the mute button long enough for it to cycle back to being on(?!); wired: training yourself to hold it through that until it switches off again

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The only way to make a mass-marketable self-driving car is to make them simulate the widely accepted unsafe conduct of their human-driven counterparts.

me at the start of the work day: makes tea, gets out seltzer for hydration

me at end of work day: chugs 2/3 of room temperature seltzer while dumping out teacup in sink

Photograph me like one of your French squirrels