Koala is harder to confuse about where the walnuts are these days

Jet lag: you can fool me, but not this thing I walk around in

it's also strange to mow the lawns Dad delegated to us 25 years ago. I enjoy (as he probably didn't!) that neither the house across the street nor the big apartment building next to us have mowed their lawns at all this year, which I take as permission to let it go for much longer than average

the city replaced the sidewalk (good!) but replaced the grass they dug up (good!) with some hydromat mixture (...good?) that either got stomped down to uselessness or is insanely prolific and astonishingly unstable under the wheels of a lawnmower *gouging noises intensify*

the wages of procrastination is mowing the (well, front-facing and worst portions only) lawns in 95 degree heat

♩ это есть наш последныйййй–*stops to sample salmon burger*

I'm sure it's just a coincidence I just caught myself singing the Internationale at this Costco

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heh. Ten. -teen hours in bed each night, at least

teen hours of sleep each Friday and Saturday nights, I swapped out Slightly Too Much Bourbon Even For Me for water yesterday and I haven't really left the house or talked to anyone except partner and cat. Beginning to feel a bit more human.

current work status *running towards the light, still waiting for invoices and receipts*


movement on several items! Dum spiro spero.

big things to do on my to-do list before the last day of my contract on Friday:

-waiting on reply from travel planner
-waiting on documentation of expense
-waiting on invoice
-waiting on tax information so I can create a requisition
-waiting on a student worker actually filling out their I-9
-waiting on an invoice
-waiting on a set of invoices
-waiting on some receipts

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