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The rollercoaster continues; it's 57 out at the moment and supposed to be below zero in 36 hours

@lawremipsum difficulty level: no socks, hats, or gloves

hey @lawremipsum an Xmas present was $30 to REI and I've never been into a store and have a bunch of winter gear already; how do I maximize Fun

"bough cough dough" for the entertainment value of them not rhyming

actually making sense as a whole is encouraged but not strictly necessary

"bream cream dream" flits across my mental landscape and I start wondering about the longest chain you could create in English by incrementing the initial letter

a high of -5 F on Saturday, you say

happy calendar rollover day don't forget to update the year field on all of your date stamps

@lawremipsum v Zoidbergesque face, I have come to believe

the two divisions of the day: laptop charger in living room and laptop charger in bedroom

Zero when I woke up, but it's all the way up to 2 now, which, if my math is right, is some sort of infinite increase

over two decades since Mission Impossible I: The First One came out and I still prefer to leave the room when Emilio gets elevator spikes to the face

current status: weird archived Australian rules kicking records

Me: ah, vacation. Also me: 7:20 am's not a bad time to start laundry, I guess

Protip: invest in a self-trussing turkey to save time over the holidays