So thanks to @doenietzomoeilijk I've actually found out why this happens! PHP has a default precision:

PHP floats are a mystery:

>>> 69 - 1.5
=> 67.5
>>> 69 - 1.4
=> 67.6
>>> 69 - 1.9
=> 67.1
>>> 69 - 58.9
=> 10.1
>>> 69 - 68.9
=> 0.099999999999994

but 69.1 - 69 is 0.099999999999994? colour me confusion

So in PHP you actually have fmod! which is the modulo operator for floats :) or you could use this cursed PHP implementation:

Welcome to Perl6, where (4.2 % 1) is 0.2 or actually stored as (1/5)!

Welcome to JavaScript, where (4.2 % 1) is 0.20000000000000018!

"We work on the develop branch"

So no HEAD? *throws git on the ground*

People starting online petitions to convince banks to bring Google Pay and Apple Pay to this country is probably the saddest act of by corporate fanboys I've seen yet.

my breakfast is going to be ben & jerry's fuck everything.

No matter how hard I look elsewhere, this is probably the most perfect PC to walk into starbucks and sit next to a macbook air user with

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