My talk “#X11 and #wayland: A tale of two implementations” has also been accepted at the #BSD devroom at #FOSDEM. If you can't make it to #36c3 we might see each other there :) #hikari #FreeBSD

Anyone had lighttpd/webdav HTTP 500 errors on OpenBSD recently?

Is there a way (from within tmux) to kick off *all* other clients? I know you can do `tmux a -d` to kick others off when attaching, but from within tmux?

Installed a machine with alpine linux today. The installer seems to be heavily inspired by OpenBSD!

In case you missed it, the MoreVMs'20 call for abstracts and talks up:

"In addition to conventional workshop-style submissions, MoreVMs also accepts (and encourages) submissions that present early-stage work and emerging ideas"

On a train with two nearby apple users mashing their keyboards. Slappity, slappity, slap!

Anyone else get cold hands when typing in winter? Solutions?

I'm giving a talk about Rust at December's CodeHarbour meeting:

Come along if in your spare time you like to talk about memory safety, vulnerabilities and exploits!

grrr. firefox in latest OpenBSD snap has some performance issues...

Just flipped from invoking rspamd in fdm to using the proper opensmtpd filter. If all goes well, next comes DKIM.

I love working on OpenBSD, but I love it even more when I get tangible support from others. You can do that by becoming a patron: Every amount, even a just a buck per month is much appreciated!

It's November and for some reason that means it's writing time! Do you have a story in you? Do you like sci-fi? Do you like hanging out in the terminal, or would you like to learn to use it? is a semi-collaborative universe of stories from humanity's stellar diaspora. You can join. It's free, low pressure, and fun!

Come write with us.

#nanowrimo #writing #scifi

Calling all OpenBSD people 

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