#Audacious, fixed and with no more white noise during playback, once again on #OpenBSD/#macppc.

It's was a long standing issue, and a good introduction for me to similar sound issues elsewhere on this platform :)

I'm chilling near my stolen corner of @mwlucas' #BSDCan table, ready to hand you your missing free :flan_molotov:​ sticker! Say hi to Flances! (Warning: he's a hugger).

stock photos for all your stock photo needs, such as when you need this one to convey the idea of what this is:

I have a feeling this week's open-source security podcast will be a good'un.

Since we have PDF viewers in browsers now, it'd be neat if I could generate a link to a PDF which when opened jumps to a text selection within the document.

Lenovo BIOS Update:
- [Important] Enhancement to address security vulnerability CVE-2018-12126,
anticipated to be published 05/14/2019.
- [Important] Enhancement to address security vulnerability CVE-2018-12127,
anticipated to be published 05/14/2019.
- [Important] Enhancement to address security vulnerability CVE-2018-12130,
anticipated to be published 05/14/2019.
- Updated the CPU microcode.


We strive to make Firefox a great experience. Last weekend we failed, and we’re sorry.

More here, but one call out: if you enabled telemetry to get the initial fix, we’re deleting all data collected since May 4 to respect your choice as much as possible.

t.co/oVc0ClJLhb tweeted by @Firefox

Any OpenBSD people seeing freeze-ups with 6.5 on cloud-hosted VMs? E.g. Bytemark.

@purism I like the idea but what are you paying for (outside supporting you lads and using your cloud)?
- LibremChat looks like a modified Riot.im
- LibremSocial looks like a (barely) modified FediLab
- LibremMail looks like a modified K-9 Mail
- LibremTunnel looks like a modified OpenVPN app

It's nice to that you have put the effort into this, but wouldn't it have been easier to just promote those specific apps?
Or am I missing something?

Is dkim_proxy still the best way to sign outgoing mail with opensmtpd?

Just committed an update to Angband to OpenBSD. Angband was one of the first ports I worked on after becoming a porter. undeadly.org/cgi?action=articl

Alright this is not a drill.

The default icewm desktop wallpaper is a bunch of Linux penguins. We need an artist to make an awesome (Open)BSD desktop wallpaper to donate to upstream so we can default to that instead.


Has anyone ever tried to put a vga card into a soekris and use it as a dos machine?

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