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Edd Barrett @ebarrett

Dusted off my Dad's old turntable last night. Still working after all these years! mastodon.social/media/Na2xCjzd

When a paper deadline is the same day as the start of a beer festival :)

Enjoyed hearing BBC Radio 4 trying to comprehend death metal just now...

I'm hoping the hard-copy REPL will make a resurgence within the hipster community: youtube.com/watch?v=_DTpQ4Kk2w

Worse than hayfever itself is the annual barrage of pseudo-scientific "natural remedies" that a google search will unearth.

Creating global mutable state in Rust (don't unless you have good reason btw) with and without `lazy_static`: stackoverflow.com/questions/27

Well played whoever entered their name as "Theresa May" on the list of GnuPG donors :P gnupg.org/donate/kudos.html

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@ebarrett how do you kill a hipster? You drown them in the main stream.

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#GnuPG fundraising campaign:


It is disappointing how some of the world's most essential and widely used programs struggle to get funds. GPG was even worse off a couple years ago before the ProPublica article. For those who don't remember:


Apparently hipsters are putting dry ice in their beer now. Pfft, I've been putting water in beer for years. That's ice before it was cool.

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Which fool called it a jet ski instead of a boatercycle?

Finished 'Consider Phleabas' by Iain M Banks at the weekend. Now on to 'The Water Knife' by Paolo Bacigalupi. (Loved 'The Windup Girl').

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is there a gnu social / mastodon mirror for the openbsd cvs bot?

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Finally! Debian 9 "Stretch" will be released on June, 17th 🙂