If I ever got a tattoo, it should probably look like this. It would save me a lot of time...

Is vorbisgain still the de-dacto unixy way to add replaygain to vorbis?

That's some old software! OpenBSD port upgraded to latest version 17 years ago by a developer I don't recognise the name of!

Goodbye Bytemark! You served me well, but now it's time to go.

Has anyone had an email from Bytemark about migrating their VPS to Iomart? How's it going?

"NFS over UDP on modern networks (1Gb+) can lead to data corruption caused by fragmentation during high loads"

Well, really?


Does this NFSv3 problem ring any bells for anyone?

Linux client mounts OpenBSD NFS server fine, but after a while:

kernel: [19272.815191] nfs: server x.x.x.x not responding, still trying

BSD clients just work.

I have a FAT32 formatted SD card with a directory that shows up as `OGG` on my OpenBSD machine, but `ogg` on Linux and Android devices. I need it to be the same case everywhere...

Yup. This probably has to do with FAT32's odd notions of short/long filenames. Could it be that OpenBSD considers short names with no long counterpart uppercase, but other systems do the opposite?

Any ideas?

Does anyone use any creative methods for signing git commits on a shared server that you don't want to store private key material on?

I have a few different uses. For ssh auth, for my password manager (which uses gpg under the hood) and for encrypting random files. Maybe the ssh way is the way to go...

So has anyone moved to using age for encryption yet?

Is libappindicator still the preferred way to make a system tray icon?

Last release 2012...

Has anyone ever tried adding zoom controls (the ability to zoom-in) to video(1)? I wonder if it would be hard...

Our team is hiring a Research Associate/Assistant to work on language migration for programming language VMs.


Until recently those "defeat optimisations" inline asm blocks (the ones you see in C and C++ code) had been pure magic to me.

Well, I pulled apart Google's `DoNotOptimize()` and (with encouragement from Laurie Tratt
) wrote it up as a blog post:


Any recommendations for a static site generator that I can use for my website? Ideally would have python scripting support and the ability to blog in markdown. Oh and must run easy on .

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