Bandcamp have just started their own record pressing service:

Welcome to the UK: 0/10 IPv6 score on both ISP and mobile network provider :P

Anyone doing off-site backups to a friend's server without an external IP? If so, how?

Is there such a thing as "typing gloves" for typing with cold hands?

Does anyone know a PDF viewer that makes reading easier on the eyes? I know evince has "night mode", but I find it too high contrast.

> memory allocation of 7508955124273544967 bytes failed

What an outrage!

I wish openssh shipped with file encryption support. Then I could ditch gpg once and for all.

Today I decided to start leaving negative feedback for eBay sellers pretending to ship from the UK. I don't want to wait 3 weeks for something to arrive. I'm buying from the UK so that it gets here quickly!

Bought a cheap gaming keyboard for games. Tried to code with it today. Made we appreciate my Maltron :P

What do you folks do for non-computer-related relaxation?

How to mount a ceiling-mounted wifi AP in rented accommodation? Any ideas?

It's getting close to that time of the year where I need to extract the beard from my keyboard :P

Might solder in some new switches while I'm there. CTRL and F have become sticky.

Has anyone ever tried hosting an icecast stream that you can speak over on .

Would need a way to mix soundcard output with microphone without local echo of mic... Then send to icecast...

Trying openrsync for the first time. So far so good!

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