Any #Debian developers around?
Can someone please add virtio drivers to Debian's netinstall images? This would fix installation of Debian VMs in #OpenBSD's #vmm hypervisor which fails because the emulated virtio CD drive isn't detected.

This has been requested before, e.g. see


Call for Abstracts: The Workshop on Modern Language Runtimes, Ecosystems, and VMs 2019 (MoreVMs'19): 2019.programming-conference.or

Abstracts are just 1-2 pages long, and we accept work-in-progress (It's more about the discussion / networking aspect on the day).

e2e encrypted mastodon DMs might actually make a decent instant messenger... Just a random thought.

Suggestion for Mastodon (to prevent eventual gMastodon instance): cap instance size at 100 - 1,000 account by default. Make it a social contract for instances not to federate with instances greater than that limit.

Or, a few years from now, say hello to “gMastodon”. (See history of email and the Web for a lesson in the future.)

That said, we might already be on that path.

#economiesOfScale #networkEffects #powerDifferentials #ventureCapital

ECOOP'19 call for papers: -- This year's event is being held in London!

Holy shit, that was a boring ass-vulnerability. Shame on EFF for being scary, and HTML email is Satan. We Told You So(tm)

Landry Breuil committed his pledge(2) work along with the 60.0 update to -current!

Other interesting/noteworthy changes:
• Pocket extension is disabled by default.
• "activity-stream/sponsored content" is no longer displayed by default in new tabs.

@wingo I see you are a keen gardener! Got any good tips for keeping the slugs off my veg? I've lost several plants this year to the slimy devils.

The t-shirt art for port hackathons at Nantes ( and ) is based on Les Machines de l'île. It is not hard to see why!

from IRC:

<@pushcx> Ruby is what happened when Perl got lonely and Smalltalk got drunk.

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