Anyone know a small and cheap x86 system I can use as a hifi component with mpd? It must have power management and always on USB ports.

One day, I'd like to be an Unfluencer

I want to be able to crash any stock by just mentioning that I use the products/services of the company

Dad Joke 

From Dom_Pepin at :birdsite: :

I heard the Mortal Kombat movie is going to have a Scandinavian choral arrangement on the soundtrack...

A Finnish Hymn

My Uncle emailed me yesterday asking for a favor. Well, asking if he could ask for a favor. Today the response asked me to buy an Apple Store gift card to send for "my Friend Daughter's birthday."

My response:
"Thank you for letting me know my Uncle's email account has been compromised."

Sega Megadrive ROM written in Rust/m68k

Ricky Taylor (@rickytaylor26 on Twitter) has managed to create a working ROM for the Sega Megadrive using (mostly) the Rust compiler with the new m68k backend:

My partner's phone won't (for whatever reason) work with our CUPS server. How else could she easily print to it? Web page where you upload a file?

bket@ and I have been working on getting the QT5 interface to audacious working.

Just for fun: Send screenshots of your music player setups!

Went of a bit of a feature request spree with Audacious.

Great player btw.

Build systems that have no option to show the compiler invocation...

#OpenBSD on the #Lenovo #ThinkPad X1 Nano. Incidentally, I had seen an article on the X1 Nano on last night where they weren't too keen on the keyboard (less travel than usually expected with ThinkPads).

There are some other issues with running OpenBSD on the X1 Nano, but hopefully jcs can resolve those issues for those interested in this laptop. 💻 🐡 #runbsd #bsd

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