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As I've had a few new followers, by way of :

- I'm a free and open source software developer
- I contribute to , typically in the core platform libraries
- I mostly toot about my History of the GNOME project podcast (every week, on Thursday) and about my plastic models
- I try to keep my software development ranting to the bird site, but it may end up spilling over here

YOU: so the A in RAID stands for "Array"?
US: Yes.
YOU: doesn't that mean saying "RAID array" is redundant?
US: Of course. That's what the R is for.

Interested in GTK 4 development? Check out the latest blog entry from Matthias Clasen detailing what's new in GTK 3.96.0 (GTK 4 development branch). There's lots to be excited about!

I used metallic accents on the frame, and the gold marker for the v-fin because it looks a lot better than the stock yellow.

It’s been a while since I made an HG , but I have to say: the Gundam Narrative version is a really nice design

I completely and thoroughly underestimated the size of this thing

GTK supports 3D transformations of widgets in the master branch, which will become GTK 4 in the future; so I had a bit of fun figuring out how to lay down a bunch of widgets styled like the GTK logo, and added this to the GTK demo application.

To decompress from the month spent on the Sinanju Stein, I did the ARX-8 Laevatein in about a weekend. Definitely easier, but the HG style fiddly parts were bothersome after dealing with an MG.

It’s a shame that the whole cockpit and pilot are completely hidden, after going through the pain of painting Full Frontal

Finally somebody says it:

Federation is just yet another dumb nerd shibboleth that encapsulates the "fuck you, got mine" of the libertarian geek: "if you don't run you own server with your own services you don't deserve privacy and security, you normie cuck".

We're trialling Discourse for discussions about and the core SDK as a replacement for a bunch of mailing lists: — Join up!

I've decided to move the new episode day to Monday because working on episodes in the middle of the week was eating into my spare time far too much. So, from this week forward, you can expect a new episode to drop on late Sunday/early Monday.

Don't buy "Keen Dreams" on the Switch. The guy who owns it is a Nazi scumbag (and everything else that goes with that).

I've been faffing about for a while with writing a C testing utility library in the style of Mocha and Jasmine, and last weekend I finally sat down and hashed it out:

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