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As I've had a few new followers, by way of :

- I'm a free and open source software developer
- I contribute to , typically in the core platform libraries
- I mostly toot about my History of the GNOME project podcast (every week, on Thursday) and about my plastic models
- I try to keep my software development ranting to the bird site, but it may end up spilling over here

GTK is at the heart of the GNOME application and software development kit. Learn more about what your support has helped the GTK team accomplish in 2020 and where we’re headed for 2021!

#GTK #opensource #fundraiser

We want GNOME to be usable for everyone! In this post, Matthias dives into accessibility implementations throughout GTK (the foundational framework for GNOME UI), and updates coming with GTK4.

#opensource #GTK

I’ve ported my (WIP) Fedi client to GTK4!

If you want another look at the porting process, see here:

Thanks again to @bilelmoussaoui for his quick work on libhandy bindings, and @exalm for the libhandy GTK4 port!

We're in love with this GUADEC 2020 group collage! Thanks to all our #GUADEC attendees for sending photos and to Jonathan Blandford for his masterful collage work.

Check out the full-size image for a closer look at all the photos included:

FOSS boys: phew I finally got my emails working on my phone, it took me a week, involved a soldering iron, and I had to write a patch for a library

Also FOSS boys: people choose the convenience of Apple/Google/Microsoft because they're lazy and stupid, anybody can switch to Arch and PostmarketOS and self-host everything

We're excited to announce the official release of GNOME 3.38 "Orbis"! After months of work from the GNOME Community, this release brings many new features and improvements. It also brings us a new release video!

Speaking of , how about having a virtual London/UK beers meet up to celebrate the new release? Friday, 8:30pm, on

BYOB from the comfort of your home! 🎉

general PSA, not about anything specific:

you don't have to sit and "listen" to everyone online. they are not entitled to your attention. blocking someone on the internet is not telling them to shut up. blocking someone is not censoring them. it is getting up and walking away and you are allowed to do that.

So people are linking to techrights 

Which is Schestowitz's personal platform. He is a long-time, harmful troll - the Boycott Novell, the Mono Is Bad, the Gnome-people-have-github-accounts-so-they-are-clearly-Microsoft-sellouts kind of troll.

Please don't give him any attention.

The second one is "Being a maintainer", and it's a bit of a primer on how I deal with maintaining a bunch of free and open source software projects, both in GNOME and around it:

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Both my 2020 talks have now been published on the YouTube channel. The first one is "Archaeology of Accessibility", in which I talk about the work I've been doing on in order to redesign the accessibility API:

We're about to start day 2 of #GUADEC. Take a look at the schedule to see what talks are coming up:

#GUADEC has officially started. Check out today's schedule to plan out your day. And remember, Track 1 talks are shown in the left column, Track 2 in the right.

#GUADEC 2020 starts tomorrow, are you ready? Here's our checklist: registration✔️, view the schedule✔️, grab track links and access codes (check your email!)✔️, sign up for social hour✔️. Still need to check some of these off? Find all event details:

We also have changes planned to AT-SPI, to make it more efficient and work better, and more securely, in sandboxed environments.

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The new API for 4 is taking shape in GitLab:

The new implementation drops the old abstraction layer called ATK, and it's heavily modelled on WAI-ARIA; on Linux, it will talk to ATs using AT-SPI, and on other platforms it will use their native API.

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