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As I've had a few new followers, by way of :

- I'm a free and open source software developer
- I contribute to , typically in the core platform libraries
- I mostly toot about my History of the GNOME project podcast (every week, on Thursday) and about my plastic models
- I try to keep my software development ranting to the bird site, but it may end up spilling over here

This list is by no means definitive, there are a great number of individuals behind @gnome keeping everything moving forwards

We often talk of programmers and designers, but what about the documenters and translators quietly working in the background?

There is no "gnome devs" - it's a bizarre group of talented people doing far more than just "dev" and often with conflicting visions yet all trying to make GNOME the best it can be

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Random shout out for @brainblasted who has done amazing work right across @gnome 40 adapting apps to new patterns and fixing longstanding UX bugs

This will be an amazing release and a lot of that is thanks to Chris


The GUADEC 2021 call for participation is now open! More details on this year's #GUADEC, topic ideas, and where to submit your proposal can be found here:

All submissions are due on March 22.

User research played a big part in GNOME 40 designs. It has helped guide specific choices that have improved the overall design and will make it a better experience for users.

Learn more about our user research in this update from the GNOME Shell & Mutter blog:

#opensource #FOSS #GNOME40

In case you missed it, this December GTK blog from Emmanuele reflects on the incredible amount of work hundreds of contributors put into GTK 4.0 over the last four years.

#GTK #opensource

Thank you Thursday! Thank you to all of our Friends of GNOME donors. Your monthly support helps sustain initiatives like Internships, projects like #GTK 4, and events like #GUADEC!

#ThankYouThursday #SupportFreeSoftware

Watching Nausicaä reminds me that I’m long overdue a Fushigi no Umi no Nadia rewatch

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Today is a Nausicaä/Laputa double bill kind of evening

Joining Friends of GNOME is one of the best ways to support GNOME projects and initiatives. These monthly donations help sustain current projects and build the future of GNOME.

Learn more about Friends of GNOME:

#SupportFreeSoftware #Fundraiser #OpenSource

Distros in general aren’t great, but there’s one distro in particular that I don’t recommend: Solus.

They actively reject anything that uses libhandy, and refuse to listen to reason from people who actually know what they’re talking about regarding it.

Our GTK 4 release party is tomorrow! Join us for this remote event, Dec 18 at 18:00 UTC, and help us celebrate the GTK team and their hard work:

#GTK #releaseparty #GNOME

Your donations to the GNOME Foundation helped support the development of GTK 4.0! Learn more about what one-time donations and Friends of GNOME help us accomplish:

#supportfreesoftware #fundraiser #opensource #GTK

GTK 4.0 is here! After four years of hard work from our dedicated developers, GTK 4.0 was released today. Some highlights from this release include media playback, drag-and-drop, and scalable lists and grids. Learn more about what's new in GTK 4.0:

#GTK #opensource #FOSS #release

GTK is at the heart of the GNOME application and software development kit. Learn more about what your support has helped the GTK team accomplish in 2020 and where we’re headed for 2021!

#GTK #opensource #fundraiser

We want GNOME to be usable for everyone! In this post, Matthias dives into accessibility implementations throughout GTK (the foundational framework for GNOME UI), and updates coming with GTK4.

#opensource #GTK

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