Embloggeration happened: in which I talk about experiments with documentation —

@ebassi I appreciated your matter of fact-ness and overall attitude. Postmortems are generally nice to read especially coming from very smart people.

@ebassi Moving from Perl to python was unforgivable sin. I never thought of it this way but now it explains why I could never digest gtk-doc after ~2010ish.
Also I haven't met yet a distro without perl. Except docker. And maybe alpine. which is all the same, not a distro really. But plenty of distros without python. Call it a luck.

@ruff the Perl implementation was pretty much unmaintainable, and nobody ever showed up to help. The Python port was done in 2018, so there was definitely a window of time in which you could have contributed, I guess.

@ebassi Yea, it's a pitty I didn't. But then it means there was something more in it. Vaguely remember now that the scariest thing in gtk-doc was dependency chain.

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