I should probably find an escape route from this instance one of these days. There's practically zero community here, anyway

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To be fair, I don't nearly check up on the fediverse as I do with Twitter (mostly because a lot of the content that I enjoy seeing is virtually nonexistent here) so I'm definitely out of the loop on a lot of things

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I've been looking at my mutuals' timelines and apparently there's a lot of drama going on? I knew that some servers were going to stop federating with this one but I didn't know it was *that* bad

note to self, stop posting late at night

apparently this instance is getting defederated by a lot of instances, i should find a new one to jump to


still trying to recover from watching the debate last night. i'm pretty sure that there's probably something *very* wrong when BOTH presidential candidates repeatedly make me think "i hate this country"

apparently i've been on this website for almost three years but haven't even tried to be an active user of it. funny how that works

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day whatever of forgetting that mastodon exists and using twitter instead (i need to stop doing this)

really should see if there's a unified twitter/fedi client out there. would probably encourage me to post here more :L

Microsoft announces that Halo: Infinite will display T-posing characters at random intervals thanks to their latest acquisition

fun fact: the update servers for Mac OS X Tiger (2005) are still up in 2020

question, why do SVGs *still* open in internet explorer by default

this forum has really extensive CSS customization so i did what i was born to do

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music player UI peaked with sonique 2 beta 103 and its been downhill ever since

i have been doing Things in my downtime but they won't make sense without context

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