I've seen some tacky things before, but this, Asus you've outdone yourself on tacky ness.

I'm only interested if the server comes with the cat.

Ah wtf Coolermaster, don't email me my password! I don't need to be reminded of what I just set it as!

Asus returned my repaired TPM in this much packaging.

Seriously, a padded envelope would've done just as fine as this huge mess.

Have a sudden urge to play All The Right Type.

What button is selected when I press "return" on my keyboard???

"Read-only Friday's" isn't a thing where I work.

Nope, we do all of our deploys on Friday at 5PM.

Make sure to like that smash button and tickle the bell button

I love getting Peer review that basically consists of vague, un-constructive, and frankly, insulting items.

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