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Jim Luke (econproph) @econproph@mastodon.social

Just checking in to let folks know I'm still here. I've been lurking a lot in soc media lately, esp here. Very interested. Lots of things bouncing around the grey cells, just no words yet.

can I say that it's *really distressing* to hear POC say that they might as well leave mastodon.

Not distressing as in "I'm made anxious by hearing their complaint", (though it does make me anxious), "and wish I didn't have to hear their complaints"

It's distressing that we haven't made a space that listens to their voices and that things are bad enough that "I might as well go back to TWITTER" makes sense, like twitter is a more welcoming place for them.


So, has the birdsite changed the T&C again??? I read something yesterday about ownership of tweets. I *think* it means that no matter what you tweet (inc. original artwork/photos), you hand ownership to the Big T. Pretty crap for anyone sharing their own artwork there. Will this be the last straw and boost Mastodon numbers?

When you get discouraged at the lack of leadership from those in authority or the challenges we face, think about Zach Dearing in Texas. This is true leadership motivated by simple compassion. While the flooding in Texas is awful, there are literally thousands upon thousands of situations of compassion and true leadership enfolding. Some big like Dearing, some small. All human because we're all in the same family. Human family.


@econproph I keep thinking on this as the news of the hurricane is reported. Actually it has stuck with me since you wrote it.

We need it to live- and look,

Somehow we think we control this globe

but we're like babies hanging in a cloth on the scale (they still do that here with newborns), so delicate, so dependant, eager, yet unaware of so much.

I keep thinking on it - fills me with unearthly awe, yet also wonder at being here in the midst of it. and

I live in Dearborn, MI. It's the largest concentration of middle-eastern, Arabic, Muslim, whatev in the US.

Paranoid bigots across the country keep claiming we've been taken over & now live under Muslim Sharia Law. I even have relatives in other states that believe that despite my protestations!

Here's how we're responding. We actually live under Shawarma Law! And hummus, tabbouleh, falafel, etc.

It's true! Best middle-eastern food in the country and plentiful!


All my toots are the express opinion of my employer

They will be so surprised when they find out

@lauraritchie Yikes...early morning or late at night...I guess at 3 or 4 am those distinctions blur.

Good point about imposter syndrome, which I get a lot. Really, it just takes a bit of looking around to make you rethink your view of yourself in that regard!

@clhendricksbc @lauraritchie For what it is worth, you are both superstars in my books.

So if you are in a moment of real panic, fake it 'til you make it, 'cause I know you'll do just fine. You've got this.

@econproph @katebowles @ShorterPearson Being an elder is scary. I feel younger than my years and imposter syndrome means I still feel like someone else should be the leader. Even when I'm leading.

But you're right. Stepping up and out of that fear I have means taking on a role that's needed and that we can, and must do. And many are already doing without realizing it. I feel in my 20s but many students probably see me as something more like an elder. At nearly 50 I guess it's time.

/4 fossils and politics and compassion... finale

So the conclusion is:
Be nice to each other. Love each other. We're all humans. We're all in the same human family - even the white supremacists even though they don't know it.

As the Dalai Lama puts it, we're all humans first. We're part of the same species. That's the first order condition. All the other differences between us are simply second-order differences.

Only compassion and love endure.

/3 fossils, politics, and compassion...contd

Second thing I learned. Water wins. Period. No matter how tough, how hard, how rock-like, water wins eventually. There is nothing can that can resist the persistent, unending, washing of life-sustaining water. Those fossil cliffs are eroding by eons of persistent water flowing.

Third thing I learned. When the tide goes out, firm wet sand looks same as mud. Stick to the sand.


/2 fossils & politics continued...

1st, our lifetimes are nothing in the history of the planet. There was a once a 10 ft long millipede-like species that dominated earth. Nothing remains. Nothing will remain of what we think is so important. Our titles, our roles, our status, our things, our homes -- all nothing. Maybe there will be a little fossil track or fossilized poop left in 300 mil yrs. That's it.

But one thing will endure. What we do for each other. Compassion endures. Love endures.

Trying to put things together - prepare for school start on Monday & put vacation away without losing the best of it.

Last Monday I had privilege of visiting Joggins Fossil Cliffs in Nova Scotia. Fossil records of creatures 300 million yrs ago being eroded by the biggest, most persistent tides on earth.

At same time I was watching/listening to events, reactions, and politics from home (the US). I learned two things that day.

/1 continued

Well I'm back and trying to catch up. The wife & I took 10 days to visit our son in Canada. First time for me in the Maritimes. Beautiful.

But a strange experience to be there and read what was happening in my home country. I had little time to write or respond. Perhaps the physical & time distance was good though.

I think I have some things to say and hope to get started writing this week despite the start of a new school yr. Time to get to work.

Bless you all.

@clhendricksbc @katebowles @Tdorey @ShorterPearson @lauraritchie @fgraver @actualham
I hate to sound like a book shill, but for what's it worth, I read this book Book of Joy bookofjoy.org/ .
It is changing me & my life, esp my academic life. Perhaps it's only cuz it was timely to me, IDK. I suggest you read. If you do, pls, share what you think/feel.
It's making rethink some things about how we do this academic thing and why.

@fgraver @lauraritchie @ShorterPearson @Tdorey @katebowles @clhendricksbc
I'm just checking in to let you all know I'm still around and kicking. It's been a very challenging/interesting summer. Wrote a chapter for an acad book - hope it gets pub'ed in 2018. Lots of stress & I'm making some adjustments - lighten the load so to speak and adjust the perspective.
I really appreciate all of you on this community.

My mastodon peeps & followers, esp the academic oriented ones: what's a good Mastodon instance to recommend someone create an account with? Asking for an academic friend who wants to join our group but mastodon.social is no longer taking new accounts.

@Gargron or any others who know: I understand mastodon.social is closed to new accounts, right? (assume capacity issues). So how does a new person find an instance to sign up with?

I'm operating on assump that an instance is really just a server hosting the acct, the federated nature makes it possible that one's followers/followees span across instances.