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My mastodon peeps & followers, esp the academic oriented ones: what's a good Mastodon instance to recommend someone create an account with? Asking for an academic friend who wants to join our group but mastodon.social is no longer taking new accounts.

@Gargron or any others who know: I understand mastodon.social is closed to new accounts, right? (assume capacity issues). So how does a new person find an instance to sign up with?

I'm operating on assump that an instance is really just a server hosting the acct, the federated nature makes it possible that one's followers/followees span across instances.

@Tdorey @clhendricksbc @katebowles @lauraritchie @fgraver Tanya, hold off on any setting such up for a week or so, pls. I'm crazy busy this week with Domains17 conf, but I've got both an idea & an organization that might be relevant to it. Let's do some DM'ing in a week.

@clhendricksbc @katebowles @lauraritchie @fgraver perhaps a small number of us could contribute anonymously to such a blog? Could increase the richness & help mask identity, If so, count me in.

@lauraritchie Thanks.
You've given me some to think about. I can't really respond yet since it's still in the pre-words stage.

@clintlalonde "Even today, there is something extra special about writing something that moves someone else to respond and write their own post. To either validate, or push your thinking. ...

The act of blogging is also an act of meaning-making." 😀

3/ CON: I'm already waaaay behind in writing stuff for main blog what makes me think adding another will help?
CON: Am I running a risk of sharing too much? Although it can start under a pseudonym and only some folks (like many of you) might know who it is, it's likely that on the Web nothing stays secret forever. Eventually it will likely become part of my identity too. Is that bad? Is that risky?
PRO: I'm now 62 & long way fr quitting, but it might be useful to younger folk.

2/ The purpose/topic of the possible new blog would be personal observations & feelings - granted much of them triggered by work situations, but I'm thinking it doesn't belong in the econproph.com. No names to be used.
Pros: I'm not much of journaler/diary keeper. I don't natively think in words so writing stuff just for my own eyes alone doesn't do much for me. OTOH, writing for at least an implied/assumed/other audience sometimes helps me let go of stuff.

My valued friends and colleagues here, I have a thought I'd like your reactions and opinions. I am considering starting another blog under some other pseudonym. I already have one blog, econproph.com. It already has kind of 2 audiences or persona: my econ writings and my higher ed/open ed/pedagogy writings. It's all professional stuff & while it was pseudonymous when started in 2008, my name & institution is pretty well known now.

On academic change Show more

On academic change Show more

@bthall Perhaps George III would have had better results if he had plied them with tax-free rum & tea.

@Tdorey You're doing it right. We had that same moment once when our son was younger and still at home.
Now he's 28 and lives away. He's the one that always tells us now.

@lauraritchie @charlag
Laura, your cello sounds like magic. and somehow, without the words, you've captured a big part of how I"m feeling. Thank you. 😂 💛 🙏
It's rich. In Nina's version, it feels to me that while she says "freedom is mine..it's a new dawn...", she feels it has come at some heavy cost.
That, at least, is how I'm feeling.

@lauraritchie @charlag I am fascinated that "my fingers can play what I hear, but bizarrely I can't just sing it without playing it first."

I'm amazed at how many diff ways we think/brains work. For me, I think in multi-D images w/ soundtracks but no words. Took me LONG time to learn to translate the pics to words. Even now when I write, I see it 1st, hear a soundndtrack in my mind, then hear a speech to soundtrack. Then transcribe the speech I hear.

Musicians are magicians to me.

Community is just when you're feeling pretty low & discouraged, you post on Mastodon and moments later:
- somebody @lauraritchie tells you they want to see you at a conference
- you find out a former student from 7 or so yrs ago, who you haven't heard from since he went to grad school has started and runs a Women's and Children's Health Initiative non-profit in rural Uganda. It helps to when students both do well and do good. bit.ly/2mJQbuo

@lauraritchie and likewise! I just started reading your book - until I injured my eye last week and had to put readings away for awhile.

I'm leading a panel discussion in Lewis suite on first day right after Maha's keynote.

The past week has been a real lesson. It's really, really tough to focus on work when you literally can't focus. The world gets real small. Hoping this heals so I can travel to London for OER17.