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When I moved from higher ed to public transit, someone on higher ed said to me: “Transit workers, what do they have to learn?” A couple of weeks in and I see us training everything from janitor safety to train repair, none of which is taught in any school anywhere.

The perceived gap between “education” and “training” worries me. As I walk shop floors & above tracks, I am painfully aware of my “educated ignorance.”

Lot of people I follow here are the resident “most techy” in their communities, and so are often asked by scared colleagues how to be secure online. If that’s you, here’s a guide we wrote that could help you feel more confident about digital security and teaching what I know you know: sec.eff.org/

I want to do a bit of research on opinions on federation for my #decentwebeu project. I'm digging for arguments in favor of decentralising. Please boost and/or answer any of these questions:

1) How aware are you of the federated nature of this network in your day-to-day use?

2) Which, if any, concepts of federated networks do you find challenging, confusing or foreign?

3) Why are federated networks "better" than centralised social networks (silos)?

(The last question is biased, roll with it)

The only way to counter those who throw shade is to practice shedding light.

That feeling when you get up and struggle like you have for a long time, but you realize you're gonna get through this day and be constructive --- all because you read a birdsite thread from @ShorterPearson and it made you remember you've got friends like Chuck that are behind you.

Thanks Chuck. Thanks. Hugs. ❤️

Giving up on bookface and birbsite, but not sure how you'll keep up to date with news sources, authors, etc? Why not try rss again?

There are lots of good desktop and mobile clients, but what I really like is Tiny Tiny RSS [0]. It's a self-hosted web application. The web app is okay, but what's really good is the Android application that connects to it.

[0]: tt-rss.org/

@Downes I start my 1to1 teaching class with a the quote below- how everything we communicate and then know is as if by shadows - second hand. Especially understandable in music: using the medium of words to explain sound. If young person has no vision of that sound, how & what do they conceive via words?

When I was pregnant I used my strange shadow as visual aid. How would they know me if only by that? clarity with even our unspecific words is so important mastodon.social/media/YrL6UWbI

Between the slave trade, the British Empire's massacres in India and Africa, King Leopold's War, France's colonial wars in the '50s, the US in Indochina, the US-backed Suharto Regime, US-backed Mobutu, all the US-backed coup regimes and death squads in Latin America, Afghanistan, Iraq, &c, &c, &c, capitalism could give the "Black Book of Communism" a pretty good run for its money. And that's not even counting that Nazi Germany was a capitalist state.


“We find that 94% of net job growth in the past decade was in the alternative work category,” said Krueger. “And over 60% was due to the [the rise] of independent contractors, freelancers and contract company workers.” In other words, nearly all of the 10 million jobs created between 2005 and 2015 were not traditional nine-to-five employment.

Just checking in to let folks know I'm still here. I've been lurking a lot in soc media lately, esp here. Very interested. Lots of things bouncing around the grey cells, just no words yet.

can I say that it's *really distressing* to hear POC say that they might as well leave mastodon.

Not distressing as in "I'm made anxious by hearing their complaint", (though it does make me anxious), "and wish I didn't have to hear their complaints"

It's distressing that we haven't made a space that listens to their voices and that things are bad enough that "I might as well go back to TWITTER" makes sense, like twitter is a more welcoming place for them.


So, has the birdsite changed the T&C again??? I read something yesterday about ownership of tweets. I *think* it means that no matter what you tweet (inc. original artwork/photos), you hand ownership to the Big T. Pretty crap for anyone sharing their own artwork there. Will this be the last straw and boost Mastodon numbers?

When you get discouraged at the lack of leadership from those in authority or the challenges we face, think about Zach Dearing in Texas. This is true leadership motivated by simple compassion. While the flooding in Texas is awful, there are literally thousands upon thousands of situations of compassion and true leadership enfolding. Some big like Dearing, some small. All human because we're all in the same family. Human family.


@econproph I keep thinking on this as the news of the hurricane is reported. Actually it has stuck with me since you wrote it.

We need it to live- and look,

Somehow we think we control this globe

but we're like babies hanging in a cloth on the scale (they still do that here with newborns), so delicate, so dependant, eager, yet unaware of so much.

I keep thinking on it - fills me with unearthly awe, yet also wonder at being here in the midst of it. and

I live in Dearborn, MI. It's the largest concentration of middle-eastern, Arabic, Muslim, whatev in the US.

Paranoid bigots across the country keep claiming we've been taken over & now live under Muslim Sharia Law. I even have relatives in other states that believe that despite my protestations!

Here's how we're responding. We actually live under Shawarma Law! And hummus, tabbouleh, falafel, etc.

It's true! Best middle-eastern food in the country and plentiful!


All my toots are the express opinion of my employer

They will be so surprised when they find out

@lauraritchie Yikes...early morning or late at night...I guess at 3 or 4 am those distinctions blur.

Good point about imposter syndrome, which I get a lot. Really, it just takes a bit of looking around to make you rethink your view of yourself in that regard!

@clhendricksbc @lauraritchie For what it is worth, you are both superstars in my books.

So if you are in a moment of real panic, fake it 'til you make it, 'cause I know you'll do just fine. You've got this.

@econproph @katebowles @ShorterPearson Being an elder is scary. I feel younger than my years and imposter syndrome means I still feel like someone else should be the leader. Even when I'm leading.

But you're right. Stepping up and out of that fear I have means taking on a role that's needed and that we can, and must do. And many are already doing without realizing it. I feel in my 20s but many students probably see me as something more like an elder. At nearly 50 I guess it's time.

/4 fossils and politics and compassion... finale

So the conclusion is:
Be nice to each other. Love each other. We're all humans. We're all in the same human family - even the white supremacists even though they don't know it.

As the Dalai Lama puts it, we're all humans first. We're part of the same species. That's the first order condition. All the other differences between us are simply second-order differences.

Only compassion and love endure.