For all the higher ed & edu folks, please spend some time w/ this great piece on ADD, bureaucracy, crativity, and capitalism (and the role edu plays).

I had to bail out 15min into an hour talk. It's over an hr later now and my head still can't make sense of what was going on - what's worse, my ADHD/autism pretty much won't let go of it and let me switch to something else.
That's not open, that's not inclusive, and it's not accessible.

Other things: tone/style/vocal inflection is a big part of the listening for many NT's. If the tone doesn't match the topic, it creates extra processing work & dissonance. PRactice.
+ Pauses are good

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2/? ... your talk and respond or otherwise verbalize that chat. DO NOT KEEP SWITCHING BACK AND FORTH. You are not being engaging. You are not being open and inclusive. What your are doing is driving autistics and ADHD's out of your session. It becomes increasingly difficult to follow and the energy required, the "spoons", may not be there. I just had to leave to a session for that. I'm not willing to give up 1/2 my day resting & recovering from the extra work needed to follow. ....

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not sure who all needs to hear this, but here goes. If you're presenting virtually by Zoom, etc., yes, it's important to do ALT text on images. Blind and some other visual impaired (not all visual impaired, btw) need good ALT text. But you haven't made your talk accessible.

Let's talk about the "chat" window. Either talk as part of the presentation OR read/respond to the chat. DO NOT EVER read the chat as you're going thru .... 1/?

Enjoying listening to voicEd Radio. Feels a bit like shortwave? Great to hear a pitch for the Cynefin framework with @bonstewart & @econproph later on today at .

We Drastically Underestimate the Importance of Brain Breaks

A new study suggests that after learning new information, our brains continue to whir, using cognitive downtime as a virtual staging ground to process, organize, and integrate learned information

Spent lots of time in both the counseling center and the sexual violence crisis center with students this week. Makes me so angry to be in a meeting with colleagues and hear them talking about “lazy” students who party and don’t care about classes. Such a high % of my students deal with some mix of poverty, mental health issues, disability and illness. I can’t stand faculty complaining about students not caring about school. So many students endure such hell just in order to show up here.

So a few days to catch my breath. Reconnect with my family. Regain a little perspective.

And next year, I'll be back.

Because things won't change for the better unless we do it.

So lest you think it's all gloom & destruction, here's the thing. Scott Dixon is the coolest, smoothest, always-smiling, focused on the team & mission driver you'll find. Check out the interview just after the crash (0.28 seconds to 1minute mark).
I want to be like Scott. "Wild ride but I'm just bummed for the team. We'll get back to work."
BTW: he finished 3rd the championship.

So now that the semester (and year) are done. I'm finally taking a day, and like @ShorterPearson, finding I rebel at doing anything.

Looking back on the year & fall in particular, the best way for me to describe how it felt is this video. For those not into it, watch car #9, Scott Dixon, the greatest active Indy car driver, at last May's 500. Yeah, that's how this year & semester felt. Another car in the comes down and nowhere to go.


Fediverse survival guide

Unlike Twitter, usernames are not unique.

If you're expecting to be a celebrity with millions of followers then you're out of luck. Mass broadcast is not what federated systems are about.

Instances means servers which federate posts between them.

There isn't any guaranteed way to delete or edit a post, so think twice before you post.

This is a purely public system. If you want genuinely private chat then use other apps, such as Conversations.

Be nice. Avoid outrage culture and block users who engage in that.

Don't be afraid to block bad users or bad instances, but keep instance blocks to the minimum possible because collective punishment is bad and it's good to have opinions which are not hostile but merely different.

Run your own instance if you can. This increases the robustness of the federation overall, and reduces the risk from bad admins. The more users there are on a single instance, the more likely it is to turn into a Twitter-like hellscape.

last word for now 

So, I'm gonna think and meditate on what direction to go.

I kinda have 40 yrs exp doing strategic & systems innovation. I have one of the first broad e-commerce patents. I just saved them $200K/yr on system to replace scantron machine.

But "I don't get the big picture". I usually don't try to rant in even semi-public, but man it's frustrating.

Thanks to all for the good vibes, though. This community & the network of open folk keeps me going. Love you all.

more rant 

2/ I prove it can - but it has to be different. I invent "Commons of Our Own" concept for it. I figure out plan to setup our own OER (which Bd of Trustees is ga-ga about) publishing platform that can produce our own OER-courseware equivalent to Lumen Learning, Pearson, et al.

I have a design for creating Virtual Lab Notebooks for science classes integrated w/ student domains eports.

The plan requires: a: let me have 1/2 load reassign in spring + my 2 student interns. then for...

All I'm going to say is look at the voting demographics of the AL election result.

America keeps showing you what the problem is over and over and over and over again.

11 hours to showtime. 9am tomorrow is a 1 hour preso - a shot at the 3 senior VP's & Provost to make the pitch for "institutionalizing" & committing to scaling up the Open Learn Lab & OER effort.
Been working on this plan & concept for 3+ months.
Send good vibes.

@clhendricksbc Everything's better with a network of friends and colleagues to share with. Thank you! 🤜🤛

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