if you're going to make an animation heavy mac app... perhaps a webpage bundled with chrome isn't the best option?

bicycle for the mind where the wheels dont move for 2s after you start pedalling

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when did macos and ios get so damn slow. like just the OS UI itself takes seconds in some cases to update??

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Finally, Launch Day! 🚀 The day I can share my latest project with you all!

"Music MiniPlayer" for macOS + Apple Music.

It’s just like my last project, "Music Widget" but with an OG iTunes MiniPlayer interface. 🧵

Download is now live:

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bought a rotisserie chicken for lunch yesterday. made chicken tacos for lunch and used the carcass to make demi glace. ama

this currently only shows when tapping through to a mention for someone on an external instance. not for every link.

i think i’m comfortable with the false positive rate for this?

thoughts/feedback v welcome

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this feels like something more apps/clients should be doing? idk…

it is most definitely hayfever season again

free idea: put hot sauce, tooth paste, catsup, etc in containers that actually let you get out all of the product

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Mac OS X used to have the most gorgeous icons you’d ever see… This is Podcast Producer? Capture? I forget the name but it came from a machine running Mac OS X Leopard. *Chef’s kiss*

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i love baseball
B shooting
A every
S clock
E and
B destroying
A capitalist
L industrial
L civilization

huh, turns out peek&pop/context menu previews are actually really easy to implement. who knew 🤷‍♂️

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Got tired of WYSIWYG email editors and/or editing HTML directly, so I wrote a little app to edit markdown and get clean HTML you can copy and paste directly in SendGrid or anywhere else.

It's very simple, but it was fun to build :)


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