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hey everyone writing code: you can't get around this. code does not exist in a noble mathematical void which absolves you of accountability. any system which people touch is tied into the fabric of society, and should be scrutinized for potential to do harm.

How to make a racist AI without really trying

"... the sentiment is generally more positive for…

hello i have rearranged the flora archives to make a bit more sense, especially to new readers, enjoy

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Doom deserves way more speedrunning exposure these days than it has.

Doom was one of the OG speedrunning games - the game came with a replay and playback system out of the box that just recorded keystrokes. Speedruns were traded via FTP, and speedrun sites like Compet-n date back to November 1994! The game was absolutely loaded with speed-tech too.

Yet today, you don't really see much YouTube coverage or people streaming speedrun attempts on Twitch like you do other games. Kind of a shame.

DDR is so much easier with four paws 🐾🐾

my cool idea is that when someone else is talking to you, the status bar animates sliding leftwards to show a little portrait for them on the right side, so you actually know who's talking (despite the game boy's inability to blit arbitrary sprites around)

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Shit! I'm so hyped for Nintendo taking away something I've had for year and selling it back to me!

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"This is 'Keys'. She keeps putting her paws in the air and nobody knows why." -

thinking about the first email address i ever had, which i think i had to pay $5/mo for

i just had the most amazing idea for a game but i've gotta figure out what the actual game is

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my extremely general community management advice:

excise the rot before you become the rot

this does not necessarily mean kicking a person out but it does mean decisive action

"hey that thing you just did is shitty, please knock it off, apologise and don't do it again"

and from there one can escalate further as needed

glip has now made pork tenderloin burgers twice, and they might be the most delicious thing i've ever eaten

they make beef burgers look like sad pucks of nothing

pork is so good and it's a travesty that it seems to mostly be experienced in the form of overcooked chops or fatty tasteless bacon

another advantage of sphynxes: spraybottles are extra effective

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πŸ‘‹ ICYMI, I released a new bot this past weekend that makes new Animorphs covers: @animorphs

hey fyi i got a name change and?
i'm evelyn now

that's right

i changed my name to eevee

cheeseball's fur seems to have stabilized but he looks like a gremlin who pulled their pants up to their armpits

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