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i'm legally a girl, which suggests that at some point i was illegally a girl, which is cyberpunk as fuck

Have you ever just glanced at your girlfriend’s screen and get suddenly filled with dread

can firefox un-implement scrollbar css, because no one knows how to use scrollbar css

i keep mixing up the handle with the background because they are both flat, and also the handle is the same color as parts of the page background so sometimes it vanishes entirely. i have never had this problem with my native scrollbars

if you're doing GMQ3 then you better hurry up, the deadline is in half an hour

my gba attempt did not get _super_ far but here it is anyway if you want to, uh, "play" it

hey if you want to be a cool dude and score some *squints at palm* 'epic wins for the lols', donate $133 to adgq for my birthday on saturday

or $1.33

absolutely not $13.30, that doesn't work at all

hmm sometimes i wish eevee's dex number were a little smaller

hey there's collision but i forgot to put the gif here? and now it's outdated. but here's a screenshot. a lot of work has gone into this in the last couple days i swear.

if tech cos were really serious about getting more women in tech then they'd listen to my plan about sneaking estrogen into all the free office food

"The following is a real critical problem that we ran into here at TripAdvisor, but have yet figured out a clear way to mitigate.

Streaming replicasβ€”and by extension, base backupsβ€”can become dangerously broken when the source and target machines run slightly different versions of glibc. Particularly, differences in strcoll and strcoll_l leave "corrupt" indexes on the slave. These indexes are sorted out of order with respect to the strcoll running on the slave. Because postgres is unaware of the discrepancy is uses these "corrupt" indexes to perform merge joins; merges rely heavily on the assumption that the indexes are sorted and this causes all the results of the join past the first poison pill entry to not be returned. Additionally, if the slave becomes master, the "corrupt" indexes will in cases be unable to enforce uniqueness, but quietly allow duplicate values."

What an absolute nightmare.

bless you, anonymous slashdot commenter, for this absolutely fantastic review of my website

(this is a defense of php, and it goes on for several more paragraphs)

i've been making regular commits so i figure i might as well throw them on github! this code is all very bad please don't read it thanks

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