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i'm legally a girl, which suggests that at some point i was illegally a girl, which is cyberpunk as fuck

lewd furry trashpost 

btw so like if you believe the mcdonalds/hot coffee lawsuit is "frivolous" its because a bunch of corporate lawyers have been trying to tell you that one of the only times a working class person has successfully sued a company and got them to change a terrible thing they were doing that was hurting people, so they retaliated by using it as a big campaign to erode the right and ability of working class people to get restitution when wronged by corporations #mastodev

wow it's great that they've had this huge mural painted to promote eternal doom

tinfoil hat wearers: "Brave is the best alternative to Chrome"

imagine thinking running a Chromium fork that tries to normalize "good" advertisements is "the best alternative". how low is your fucking bar? cowards


Strikes and protests are inconvenient and loud and costly and a bit of an imposition on the rest of us

This is on purpose

It's *supposed* to be this way

If you are inconvenienced, it's working

Support the workers anyway

one thing that's really resonated with me is this (pretty old) post by @eevee, and especially the part that says

Iโ€™ve seen quite a few small communities gradually unravel because the moderators erred on the side of not banning people who were clearly violating the spirit but not the letter of the rules. As jerks gradually leaked in, the people who didnโ€™t want to be around jerks gradually drifted away, and the community was left as nothing more than a sludgy residue.

i can't wait for toots to silently eat line breaks and everyone to have to learn to put two spaces at the end of a line if they want a <br>. that's what markdown is

my hot take is that markdown is actually kind of a fucking nightmare to inflict on normies, especially in a multiline setting

the way folks treat eugen is basically the reason i realized years ago that i never want to write community software

time to take a big swig of beverage and see what masto is talking about today

Bigotry isn't ok just because it's directed at a horrible person. Be careful about who you're hurting in the process


our beautiful baby business boy got a bath today. he was well behaved

minecraft is a great example of death of the author, by which i mean, i think microsoft might actually try to assassinate notch before he can tweet again

disappointed that there's > quoting discourse and it's not about topposting

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