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This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

the cool thing about agile is, when all your talented folks leave and you have to hire idiots to replace them, you're already set up to herd idiots

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The existence of the Power User implies the existence of the Wisdom User and Courage User. Discuss.

lmao in trying to remember the name of that library that makes that glowy top-of-page progress bar i found this web site that will let you use their funky activity spinners for only $9.99 a month loading.io/pricing/

"must be done in writing" is millennial code for "is impossible"

me: ok it is crucial that i make this very important phone call i've been putting off within the next hour

also me: maybe i'll do it after i watch this video that is exactly one hour long

hmm. could always just do a deltarune avatar like 80% of people i know

i believe strongly that halloween shouldn't lead directly into christmas, but i don't actually /care/ about thanksgiving, and that's making it very difficult to decide what kind of post-halloween avatar to draw

hi i was out of meds for five days so i've /basically/ been in an internet coma. what's up

tryin to make some cool fox flux water

the interesting thing about this is that i didn't… actually… write any code to make a splash when you /leave/ the water

but somehow there's a splash anyway


if a website cannot be used wihout javascript, it is not a website

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