The investigation against Smaldone is still continuing: in the absence of evidence, Argentina's authorities need to drop this unwarranted prosecution.

Across Latin America, technologists are being targeted by law enforcement not for what they've done, but what they know. Human rights law protects everyone, including the right of security researchers to speak out.

Court documents released by Javier show that other “indications” against him include his interest in electronic voting and his technical knowledge in security research

Javier Smaldone (@mis2centavos) is a prominent Argentinian security researcher and e-voting critic. He has been detained and harassed, apparently for tweeting about a government leak.

Do you read every email and letter you get? The CASE Act would let copyright owners send you one notice, and if you miss it, it could cost you $30,000.

Congress is on the verge of creating a new quasi-court that will fine users $30,000 for sharing photos and memes. Tell them to stop.

Tomorrow the House of Representatives is set to vote on a terrible copyright bill. Call them now and tell them to vote “No”

Live or work in Brookline, MA? Tell the Select Board to support the Warrant Article banning government use of face surveillance in Brookline.

The CASE Act will lead to tribunals that hand out $30,000 fines for everyday Internet use. The House votes tomorrow, call them today and tell them to vote no!

Facebook recently changed their group privacy settings to only two options: Public or Private. If you’re a group admin (or thinking of starting one), check out our guide on reducing risks in Facebook groups.

Who will defend your data? You can now find all of our ¿Quién Defiende Tus Datos? reports on Latin American and Spanish ISPs in one place.

DMCA takedown abuse is a scam on the rise. If the CASE Act passes, it will only get worse. Tell Congress to vote “no” on this misguided bill.

Police in California won’t be allowed to use facial recognition on body-worn cameras starting in 2020. Thank you for speaking out and supporting A.B. 1215, which @GavinNewsom signed this month!

Oakland: Join Electronic Frontier Alliance member @aspirationtech November 6-8 for their 2019 Nonprofit Software Development Summit

Government face surveillance chills speech, invades privacy, and amplifies historical bias. Massachusetts: Tell your lawmakers to support two bills that place a moratorium on government face surveillance before a crucial Oct. 22 hearing.

¿Quién defiende tus datos? For the past four years, we have worked with Latin American and Spanish partners to report on which ISPs meet best practices and defend your data when the government comes knocking.

If you are creating, joining, or administering a Facebook group for a sensitive topic or vulnerable community, there are a few things you should consider to help reduce the risks to yourself and your group members.

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