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Third-party tracking is a huge privacy concern that Chrome's new "ad filter" doesn't even consider. eff.org/the-false-teeth-of-chr

To read more about the dangers of expansive biometrics, and facial recognition specifically, read our new paper: Face Off. eff.org/faceoff

Crowd surveillance. Police bodycams that identify people in real time. Images of people generated from their DNA. These are all near-future uses of face recognition technology, and we need meaningful legislation to put limits on it. eff.org/faceoff

Despite years of precedent, a judge in New York has found that embedding a tweet can be copyright infringement. If this stands, it could endanger something Internet users rely on every day

And his "Letter from Ethiopia's Gulag," written from his cell for the New York Times in 2013

Face-to-face with the consequences of suppressing critics like Eskinder, the Ethiopian authorities pushed back against the truth, asking him to sign a false confession. He refused—and after seven years—has been freed without concession. eff.org/deeplinks/2018/02/free

After a momentary blip in online credit card processing, we're back up and running! Join EFF or renew now 👍 supporters.eff.org/donate

Yes, Chrome's new ad-filter blocks some very annoying ads. But it doesn't address the larger problem of tracking and privacy violations. eff.org/the-false-teeth-of-chr

Is your local police department sharing license plate reader data with ICE? FBI? DEA? Random rural towns in Georgia? EFF and @MuckRock are filing 1,000 public records requests to find out. eff.org/deeplinks/2018/02/eff-

After a brief by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection about their airport "Biometric Entry/Exit" program, we wrote them a letter about our continued concerns. eff.org/deeplinks/2018/02/cust

The NAS released its long-awaited report on encryption. At best, it's unhelpful. At worst, it makes it harder to defend encryption. eff.org/deeplinks/2018/02/new-

Vermont is now the 5th state to promote through an executive order—and there are 26 states with legislation that would enforce it.

Targeted groups and activists need to weigh the risks of the easy-to-use chat and collaboration tool against its benefits. eff.org/deeplinks/2018/02/revo

The new Chrome update won't bring the protections you think. You should still use privacy protecting extensions. eff.org/the-false-teeth-of-chr

EFF and @MuckRock are filing 1,000 requests to shine light on how law enforcement agencies are sharing data collected by automated license plate readers. eff.org/deeplinks/2018/02/eff-

You shouldn't need someone to tell you that location data is particularly sensitive, @Verizon. twitter.com/VerizonPolicy/stat

Bay Area: @lucyparsonslabs & @noisebridge—two members of the Electronic Frontier Alliance—join @techactivism in inviting you to a hackathon for police accountability this weekend facebook.com/events/1484154791