Women should carefully consider the privacy and security tradeoffs before deciding to use any fertility and pregnancy tracking applications. eff.org/wp/pregnancy-panoptico

When you donate to EFF, you're supporting our fight for your digital rights. This includes projects like Privacy Badger and our publicly-available surveillance datasets. Help us continue work like this today! https://eff.join

.@KaraSwisher is right: complaints about the Facebook Oversight Board should focus on the underlying problem: lack of competition. Policymakers should find ways to ensure we don't have to care so much what one company decides—because we have alternatives. nytimes.com/2021/05/05/opinion

More openness, more inter-platform competition, more focus on end-users' rights, more ambition to decentralize market power. These are our joint recommendations for the EU's . @ARTICLE19org, @Amnesty, @BIICL, @OSFEUPolicy, @LibertiesEU twitter.com/article19org/statu

Last month, together with 15 other NGOs, we asked the Biden Administration to ask for the removal of IP barriers to the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. Today, @AmbassadorTai has said she will push @WTO to make it happen. eff.org/files/2021/04/28/zient

"Just because you're out in public doesn't mean that there isn't some aggregation of information about you that doesn't trigger a warrant requirement." - EFF's Cindy Cohn on improving legal protections for privacy with @snowden. Join us in the livestream: pscp.tv/w/1OdKrVvMjZkKX

EFF joins civil society groups calling on the Colombian government to stop the repression of demonstrations and enforce citizens’ rights to assemble and use technology and the Internet to report and organize @RELE_CIDH @Irenekhan Read here apc.org/en/node/37308

Join us for a conversation with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, EFF Executive Director Cindy Cohn, Director of Engineering for Certbot Alexis Hancock, and Policy Analyst Matthew Guariglia as they weigh in on surveillance in modern culture, activism, and the future of privacy. twitter.com/EFF/status/1390018

Have questions about mass surveillance? Ask NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and EFF's panel of experts today at noon Pacific Time! eff.org/fireside

Discovering security flaws is only half the battle. Our Coder's Rights project has information that may help security researchers reduce their legal risk when reporting vulnerabilities. eff.org/issues/coders

The decision focuses, rightly, on pushing Facebook to bring much more transparency and regularity to its content moderation processes. We recommend companies follow the Santa Clara Principles: santaclaraprinciples.org/

We agree that the platform's penalty rules are unclear, and special moderation rules for influential users require even greater transparency and the investment of substantial resources. eff.org/deeplinks/2021/05/face

Today’s decision from the Facebook Oversight Board regarding the suspension of President Trump’s account may be frustrating for some, but it is also a careful and needed indictment of Facebook’s opaque and inconsistent moderation approach. eff.org/deeplinks/2021/05/face

This patent troll may be trying to stretch its patents to cover anyone who simply uses routers. @Cloudflare is offering $100k in rewards to those who can collect & help publish evidence that its patents should be invalidated.blog.cloudflare.com/project-je

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