I've been in Melbourne for 4 years and I still don't fully understand trains and the City Loop.

worked with the @Greens@twitter.com to transform the organisation to a cloud-native infrastructure, creating space for and an experimental mindset. thght.works/2UEPmAj

A nice case study of modern software development/delivery practices at an Australian start up bank: Continuous Delivery at Up by @cmaitchison@twitter.com link.medium.com/A0B2IyHgBS

I am angry about your decision to pass and in all good conscience, I can never support Labor. @BillShortenMP @AustralianLabor@twitter.com alp.fail

Goodbye basic privacy and liberties for all Australians. Goodbye the Australian IT industry. Goodbye my own personal job security & opportunities. Thanks Labor.

Surely Labor can't be so short sighted as to drop their amendments tonight. Surely.

The Libs screwed up so hard in that they managed to achieve anti-fundraising - the more their ads were shown in an area, the less votes they got there, and therefore the bigger the financial loss. Amazing. afr.com/news/politics/victoria

Riding a tram home, with slightly teary eyes, while talking politics and listening to what is apparently a Japanese cover of "Popular" because I don't have the energy to skip this track on my Spotify "Discover Weekly".

"Are you a boy or a girl?"

I'm a consultant.

"Yeah, but what's in your pants?"

Post-It notes.

@charlag make an Animal Farm instance and rules are it's got to be political commentary plus new, OC animal pics only. For every toot. You want to say something? Better track down your pet and get them looking cute

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