Hey look @PeterKhalilMP@twitter.com is the bingo.

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On the topic of tony burke and his incompetency, this bingo board is fucking massive

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A bit disingenuous of Katherine Deves to add her name to something saying "We on the Australian left".

Sad to learn @Ygender@twitter.com shut down earlier this year.

Hmm, I want to go to Unicorns because I've never been, but I feel like I'm almost certain to catch COVID.

So @YouTube@twitter.com are drastically increasing people's chance of death by leaving dangerous life hack videos up but removing videos warning of the danger youtu.be/GZrynWtBDTE

I feel like our ability to store and communicate information as a society is going backwards.


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@ShahrarAli@twitter.com As a group we have always wanted to ratio someone who is sueing their own party for being trans inclusive.

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Ah yes, a very Real and Normal reason to leave an association.

Immediately a fan of @cohost_org@twitter.com for giving me an option to be a squircle. Squircles are underrated.

My best flirting is always through elaborate high-effort shitposts, like the time I ran targeted Facebook advertising at the uni of a friend to encourage people to boop their snoot.

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Flirting goals.

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My girlfriend added a custom sticker pack to telegram expressly for the purpose of owning me with in jokes and now about 50% of messages I get from my polycule are stickers from it

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Wait, a third of Victorians still haven't had their third shot??

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Hey it’s time to join some dots (again):
1)No ambulances available yesterday morning. 2)COVID cases in hospital up again to 468 in Victoria. 3)New COVID variants circulating. 4)One third of Victorians have not had third COVID vax. thread

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Trans people: Have you experienced a family member coming out as trans? (either before or after you came out)

At the time I felt running for Grayndler was a travesty; If he won, he would have been referred to as "the Member for Grayndler".

If he had run for the Senate and won, however, then he would have been "Senator Meow-Meow".

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in 2016, a guy named Meow-Ludo Meow-Meow ran in the seat of Grayndler for the now-defunct Science Party

he picked up 1.32% of the vote

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Node Module Composer by @MattRileyAU@twitter.com aims to encourage good modular design and intentionality for application architecture by making it easier to design and reason about applications at a higher level, in this case, as a composition of modules. github.com/mattriley/node-modu

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