This is not my dog or photos, but was posted with the permission of the photographer, who assures me the pup did not get stuck or hurt.

Hopefully Google have learned their lesson and pull fun but non-disruptive April Fools jokes this year.

Why do women’s spaces need to welcome trans women? Because we all experience oppression under patriarchy. By

It's beautiful that The Matrix was released on (what would become) Trans Day of Visibility

Listening to kick off after hearing from all about the amazing campaigning going on in Wills

Fun fact: the How to Vote site will tell you where you can get your (powered by

So that was fun. Tried to book a ride with, get told none available. Change apps, book a ride with Ten minutes later, while in car, I get a call from an driver who's outside my house...

and now Tuvok! Although in this case it's the same actor only.

Dr. Bashir on TNG made me very confused. I thought Google Home had misheard me and resumed an episode of DS9.

Listening to on my way to work is a surprisingly good start to the day

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