Still resting in my hotel room. Trying not to feel too bad about what I'm missing - still two full days of talks left.

Tired myself out so much getting ready for this conference and 4 days in Sydney that I'm needing to rest today πŸ˜” hoping a nap will help.

I'm at a tech conference and isn't here. This is a first. It feels less real...

A can of energy drink, sitting in a shopping bag as part of a four pack, just spontaneously sliced itself open and spilled onto the floor of my hotel room a minute after I turned off the lights. Rethinking my beliefs around ghosts...

After fixing this, I've discovered I've cut too much and don't have enough content..

Just realised my talk wasn't working because I was rehearsing the slides at 5s intervals rather than 15...

Checked into the fancy hotel and ready for . Two days of neat talks and then I'm up with to talk about how you can do better "as code".

On Friday I will launch a movement to revolutionise the way we name technical products and concepts. Join me at Sydney

Who do I know in Sydney? I'll be there Tues-Fri next week for

The have just passed a resolution to make the language in our constitution gender-neutral and inclusive of gender diverse people πŸŽ‰

Early morning start - on the way to my first meeting as State Co-Convenor

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