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If you find Open Science more important than Open Access, then read this:

Fwd: "Plan S and the Open Science Community" chem-bla-ics.blogspot.com/2019

since it had been a while, I ran some old scripts to add LIPID MAPS, PDB, and EPA CompTox Dashboard identifiers, resulting in even more links from chemicals to external databases

after data citations, software citations are starting to get serious too now, it seems. Results by the Zenodo team: blog.zenodo.org/2019/01/10/201

Mind blown. Just found out about this "font" that takes advantage of subpixel rendering to be absurdly small: msarnoff.org/millitext/

(Quotes added since the color information is critical; i.e., it's not simply an outline like typical typefaces.)

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New: A simple bug in Google makes it incredibly easy to spoof search results — such as telling a person which party to vote for. techcrunch.com/2019/01/09/a-si

at 168 now... when/if we reach we can reach out to more chemists and start contacting ACS editors and officials... but I need your help reaching this... please spread the petition for more Open Citations: change.org/p/asking-the-americ

Looking forward to the BioHackathon next week

hi folk... is there a way to list all new wikidata entries I made of a certain P31? I want to learn how many chemical compounds I have added over the past few years

ok... feels a bit like having to reinstall Windows...bc of a bootloop, I had to reset my Android phone... everything lost :(

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