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@ksonney to be honest it was after my time, I went from D&D to AD&D 1st to GURPS.

That special recreational accounting joy that is filling out a D&D character sheet. What are all these little spaces next to the attributes how do I calculate them is THACO still A Thing.

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Good morning, sudden burst of gloom! Thanks for pushing me to question why I continue to live and confront my lack of any clear purpose in life. This is a fine start to the day indeed!

I bet it'll go away once I have breakfast.

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Awake. Out of internet already. Guess it's time to get up and figure out what I'm doing with today; shower breakfast then probably an hour or two on the Rita PDF. It's pretty close to done, I think I have a good chance of finishing it today, and that would be pretty cool!

I just spent like 10 minutes trying to figure out why I couldn't edit the layer visibility settings on an Illustrator document placed into InDesign.

Then I finally realized it was actually a TIFF. Oops.

Half an hour later, I was correct: I pulled up the PDF versions of pages for books 1 and 2, put them in, and made sure they looked good. I just have the spread with the Secret Conversation to deal with, and the part where Rita-Aleph meets Kim-Aleph. It feels so good to finally get this done!

Checked my email. No new crises to deal with. Good. I can get stoned and work on the Rita omnibus PDF.

I think I can fix most of the stuff on the first four post-its by making sure I'm using the print versions of those pages already done for books 1 and 2, which leaves about a dozen pages to deal with, then I just wait a couple hours for InDesign to render it and I can post it!

actually that's from like noon today, it got hung up when I tried to toot it.

Time to go out to the park and meditate a bit. Maybe write in my diary. I've been slack the past few days.

Here is a super rad drawing of Absinthe that I paid to draw for me. I gotta get back to work on that again. Drawing her is fun.

Me: Rita is on its way out of Amazon's clutches! I should totally spend a while poking at the PDF.

Me: *plays Crypt of the Necrodancer for 3h*