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In my heart
I hear the voice of the desert

Its sandy winds, its burning sun, its cool dark nights



my bleached bones will lie there

and my soul will be happy.

Dragon Style status: woke up with it down and out of disk space. Got it back up, hope I fixed it so that won't happen again. More details at dragon.style/@anthracite/99434

okay why did dragon style fall over while I was sitting out in Dana's back yard drawing

Woke up, got dressed, looked at dragon style. Down again! Feh.

> docker: Error response from daemon: no space left on device.

oh well I guess that would explain it huh, good thing Digital Ocean just announced new plans with more space for the same price. Resized it, bringing it back up. Sorry about the downtime, darlings. <3

Dragon Style looks like it just fell over or something?

An early holiday gift from @egypturnash - a giant-ass Amazon-breaking book, with a timely illustration in the back.

Hmm, Dragon Style isn't responding. Gonna give it a reboot and see what happens.

Hey dragon stylers, site's down for a bit longer - a small change that worked on my local dev instance didn't work on the live site.

Hey all you stylish dragons. We're going down for a bit so I can push some style tweaks I made.

As always, watch @egypturnash for further news if we're not back in aa few.

Hey all, I'm taking Dragon Style down for a little update - it's been pointed out that there's no length limit on a CW, so you could toot out a 7777-character-long CW if you wanted to.

I'm sure everyone here is far too polite and sensible to want to do such a thing, but nonetheless, very soon you won't be ABLE to do so even if by some inconceivable circumstance you WANTED to do such a thing.

As always: keep an eye on @egypturnash for updates if dragon style has been down for more than a few minutes. 💓

Admin stuff: going down for a few minutes. Show more

I need to get around to figuring out how to move my follow list from here to @anthracite so I don’t have two timelines to lose track of.

Dragon Style update: custom CSS, longer toots. Show more

*twiddles her thumbs while dragon.style rebuilds itself*

let's hope this (a) doesn't trash my database (I think I have a backup) and (b) actually works to let me put my first little test changes in (7777-char toots, custom style)

guess I'll just sit here and rock out to the Polybius soundtrack for a while/

Since I begged for this feature, I should probably advertise it.

If you click on a hashtag and want to save that column, click the control widget and then click Pin.


does programming a ribosome sound like a good time if it does then you will enjoy opus magnum very very much

it's just so damn soothing when you get a thing working


Opus Magnum is so damn satisfying. Is anyone I know playing this? Friend me on Steam (egypturnash) so I can see how terrible my solutions are compared to yours... mastodon.social/media/vpjJA_k2 mastodon.social/media/g3SqUMqh mastodon.social/media/tC9rG3FU