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I miss being productive. The endless depressing slog of failing to get Rita shipped isn't helping that happen at all. I might finally be able to get that done soon, which should help my mood immensely.

I mean there's still the hum filling my bedroom and making it hard to get sleep, but at least I won't be constantly guilting myself about not working on Rita when I do anything else, and stressing about it instead of working on it...

boost this toot if you trust anthropomorphic sharks in maid outfits to build and maintain your internet network!

@itsnero I do a significant portion of my drawing in the coloring stage, I'm probably worse.

@zebratron2084 According to the email it seems to be living in Boston though. I'm not sure I'm willing to go that far.

Hmm. 1min spent shamelessly recapping the last episode. Not a bad idea when it's a weekly show. Not a bad idea for the modern short attention span, either, tbh.

Theme song is playing, clearly the Arcadia is about to obliterate this wing of little alien fighters.

"Do you know how long it took to draw those shots of the Arcadia, yes we're just doing slow pans over it for a minute."

"Hi. I'm the woman who offered up her life to Harlock." *takes a drink*

Down from the skies comes Captain Harlock to claim another lost soul for his crew. Welcome aboard, Diaba. You make a fine excuse to finally name and describe all of Harlock's motley bunch.

I'm watching Captain Harlock. It's so gorgeously languid in its pacing. Like a galleon turning about for a broadside.

The entire leadership of Earth is effete tea drinkers who are too down with the rights of the People to have a tea break to deal with an alien invasion right now. This is beautiful.

@zebratron2084 admittedly it may kinda be a hassle to create all these images vs the work that goes into a text pose, but...

@zebratron2084 It exists in memory. In context. It's a world you can only see through tiny windows of at a time.

I would argue that this is not very different from the 512-character limit of the typical muck input buffer. People will find ways around it. Multiple toots. Repeated image inclusions.

I love how inherently goofy Mastodon is. There is nothing about the sentence "The President of Ass 🍑 placed a sigil on your jinx" that I do not love.

Trying to figure out if there's any way to register a Mastodon app by just typing stuff into a form on its intended server, rather than having to build some code around an API call (


Hello, witches!

A few years ago I made a Tarot deck. It is queer, irreverent, and femmy.

This weekend I made a Twitter bot that posts a card and its description a few times a day.

And now I have acquired an account here. Which I will be teaching the bot how to post to soon.

#introduction #introductions #tarot

Coming soon: my Tarot deck in your Mastodon!

If you want it there of course.