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saucy 🌹 butterpants @egypturnash

Found a place. Set up the hammock. Finding the right angle to sit at is a little difficult, this will require some experimentation...

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It is warm enough now that I want to clip my hammock to my bag and try lounging out in the park.

The Mobile Studio is in the bag. I have been waiting all year for the day when I could lounge in my hammock and draw in ADOBE FUCKING ILLUSTRATOR. Will it work out? We will see!

Visions of taking this setup on the road dance in my head. Drawing between two palm trees on a California beach? Oh yeah.

@irisjaycomics I wonder if there being a New Trek and a New Trek Parody show will make Parallax an easier sell or a harder one.

I think my wardrobe for VanCaf is gonna be "all black and maybe a statement necklace or two". Just don't feel like Dressing Up For A Comic Show any more.

BLFC the next week, and Maybe Vegas the week after that on the other hand...

@irisjaycomics how could you be ironic about peter chung holy cow

I am disowning you immediately and you are grounded for the next five years

So far my Silicon Dawn totem deck by @egypturnash has been intensely useful to me and is helping guide me even now.

@Ulfra_Wolfe Hooray! Glad to help.

Warning: if you ask it questions involving me, it will probably try to manipulate you in my favor.

@fluffy @ElectricKeet No, it won't. One of the first questions I ask myself as any project begins to solidify is "what kind of page does this want to be on", then build a template that I stick to, to make it easy to turn things into books. I got no idea how to use ID to actually lay shit out.

@fluffy @ElectricKeet 1. Make a single page document. 2. Put a representative page image in. Size it properly. 3. Use the Data Merge panel.

@itsnero I picked it up from Wolfe's Book of the New Sun where it is used for a color "blacker than black". Seems utterly appropriate for this.

completely unrelated: did you know there's no limitation for how much of your toot is taken up by the content warning

listen, y'all, when the chips are down and the cards are back in their deck, when a pawn becomes a queen and the king is in check, when there's five seconds left on the clock and the fat lady's sung and there isn't nothing, isn't NOTHING left to do but the weeping and gnashing of teeth, you gotta admit. there's just one anchor you can rely on. one single, solitary fact that all the chaos in the universe could never unseat. one. single. thing. Show more