Getting a bit bored from Linux I tried to set up my old Thinkpad T60 with for the 1st time ever.

And failed spectacularly.

No wifi at install time, fair enough.

But editing a partition table based on 512 blocksize? (I had hoped for multibooting with other OSes.) I really forgot all those things I did back in the 90s.

And even when I gave up and let it use all disk, X11 failed (missing drivers?).

I need an easier step into BSD world. is said to be easier, let's see...

[X] Description: Iomega ZIP disks
[X] Size: 100MB
[X] Brand: Iomega
[X] Rating: 5 stars

I'm still undecided.

To play on the I just needed to

- own an Atari Portfolio
- buy the serial interface from Best Electronics
- buy a serial-to-USB cable
- buy a CD with "all" programs for the Portfolio (the PHOENIX game)
- buy a memory card with Portfolio DOS utilities (xterm for file transfer)
- re-learn about xmodem to send/receive files via serial

and that's it. Easy money.

Heading for the Boulder Dash clone tomorrow.

My young John Connor is learning Java. I did set up a vscode assuming it could help.

Wrong. This world is so lost:

I can chose a project to be of type Maven, Spring, Quarkus, or MicroProfile. M'kay, I heard "Maven" somewhere before.

Now chose from a dozen Maven templates. M'kay, "maven-archetype-quickstart" because it has "apache" near it.

Now chose from half a dozen versions. M'kay, pick the "biggest".

Now it downloads ~50 files?!


No, this is not going to fly.

What's wrong with us?

Wikipedia says:

The [Atari] XEGS release was backed by new games [...] plus cartridge ports of older games, such as [...] Lode Runner (Brøderbund, 1983).

That would probably make Lode Runner a very different experience when I can shoot around with that XG-1 light gun.

And given that searching for Atari Lode Runner brings up a lot of Blade Runner pictures that would only be fair.

But I guess they didn't took that chance.

Atari Super Breakout - Operation, Maintenance and Service Manual.

That whole manual is an æsthetic masterpiece, not just this gorgeous front page.

The document mixes electronics diagrams, mechanics exploded-view drawings, gameplay screenshots, and bell-bottoms.

They don't do these kinds of manuals anymore.

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Again and again, while digging through manuals about PIA and programming I fall in love with those b/w logos everywhere.

"By selecting the KIM-1 module, you have eliminated all of the problems of constructing and debugging a microcomputer system. Your time is now available for learning the operation of the system and beginning immediately to apply it to your specific areas of interest."

Once I realized the time travel mechanics in the are the same as those in everything was easy.

I was about to write about it when I found this article that already completely summarised my opinion:

If you think your very first BASIC program was silly, wait until you see mine. Typed on a typewriter after listening to my very first BASIC lesson on radio. 

20 GOTO 10

When I watched I thought I would become like one of the protagonists - one of the good or the evil.

It slowly dawns me that I'm actually this guy.

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