I'm physically visiting


and plan to play until exhaustion. It is the greatest thing since, erm, arcades.

I'm alive and resting from a home schooling marathon.

I'm ready to resume learning and subscribed to the atari2600 course on pikuma.com.

Hopefully I can spend the summer practicing it after I adjusted my mindset with several books.

This star trek meme with the embarrassing darth mullet prince and princess amygdala is getting on my nerves.

Being fully vaxxed now I'm allowed to use GOTO again.

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So onto the Ultimate 1MB card.

Here's the wiring.
Replaced MMU with cable.
Replaced XL OS with cable.
Wires from 6502 into the Ultimate card.
No CI anymore to MMU.

When I turn this on I get a black screen. Power LED is on, and it's not the TV white noise anymore, so there is something out there...

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Here are the pristine board and both extensions: the small one is "SRAM 64kB revised", the big one is the "Ultimate 1MB RAM expansion" which is said to require 64kB first.

The last picture shows the SRAM extension. CI is a "pluggable" wire to pin 16 of the MMU (CAS_INHIBIT).

The cables on the 6502 are unused here. The will go to the Ultimate card in the complete setup.

PS: I don't have electronics knowledge but mostly sort my thoughts.

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My soldering activities and my were like Janet and Michael Jackson - never together in the same room.

Today I resolved that.

Though only with 40% success. The SRAM extension in my works alone a bit (sic!?) but the combo with the Ultimate 1MB card does not.

I'm a bit lost.

More details later.

Rainbow colors at company context? Sorry, I think was first. :-)

Do they really try to educate me that I should utilize my browser because they won't offer not to set those fsckers in the first place?

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Great, even the cookie policy is walled. It's popups all the way down.

Is it again? Let's try my new Retroscaler on an east german KC85/4 based on a Z80 variant called U880.

I like the industrial look'n'feel of this machine.


The video signal could be better, it suffers from double conversion native -> Cinch RCA cable -> Retroscaler HDMI due to lack of a more versatile monitor.

Ui ui ui, not this. "Karate" for the 2600 is really a mess. I know that nice covers won't match reality - but *this*?!

Granted, the width of a sprite makes you fit for fighting in a phone booth... but... but... no.


Holy shatner, does this guy touch the magnetic surface?

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30 years ago I loughed at Wirth's vision to make teaching programming easier.

Now, with that ridiculous amount of layered obfuscation they spill over pupils with Java, I understand him.

I feel so lost at even starting to explain all that boilerplate mess.

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