based on how long people have been trying to package Jami in Guix, one might get the idea that Jami is an overcomplicated mess...

>The purpose of software is to take input data and turn it into some desired output data.
well, you have not seen MY code

exams doneeee! only final project delivery and defense left 💪

Simple rule of thumb:
If there's a "call for quote", I can't afford it

Acabo de descubrir la plataforma «Letter» y me parece una propuesta muy interesante. Se podría montar algo así pero en castellano: un espacio donde la gente intercambia conversaciones a modo de carta.

«If Twitter is the town square where conversations start, Letter is the cafe where conversation has time and space to flourish.»

I want to fucking do more electronics... I have no time or money for them. PERFECT.

Can someone just hire me to do electronics or something for a couple of months? Some apprenticeship or something, like in the good old times...

Why is ecosia showing me the results in Spanish?

uuuuugh fucking IP geolocation... I'M SENDING MY PREFERED LANGUAGE YOU IDIOTS!

@civodul I've heard people have good experience with a model where participants can ask questions via a text Q&A box, which the presenter can then answer/integrate in the talk as convenient. They had the impression that that lowered the barrier to asking questions.

This morning I was driving a session on getting started with #Guix in an on-line conference of #research software engineers:

I found it destabilizing to not see how people react. The barrier to speaking and asking questions is probably higher than in real life, too.

Tomorrow I’m “giving a talk”… meaning that people will be able to play a video that I’ve just recorded, hopefully followed by live Q&A.

Weird #COVID times!

SOCIALIST REALISM: Before the cosmonaut can take their first step, an army of workers must crunch numbers, fabricate parts, draft blueprints, and test and design rocketry.

CAPITALISM: uuuhh Elon Musk makes the rockets go.

Behold! Spider-Dog-Worm Theory! Thanks to my comrade and colleague @NormalPopsicle for assistance making it, and the original idea in the first place.

I always thought adults were adults at their adult life until my dad wore a flying-pigs tie to his ultra serious adult job.

Then I realized it was gonna be easier.

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