Thanks to the heaven I write everything down in my blog so I can later relearn how to load debug symbols in gdb and debug some stuff... :D

Alright now let's find why is it generating weird opcodes instead of bnez...

Disassemblyyyy for the wiiiiin

I’m advocating against filtering "bad words", "slurs" and "profanities"

If you mix tabs and spaces in your indentation, you deserve to die.

trying to write a keyboard firmware is probably more fun than playing that game

Bad - job - stupid Ekaitz 

My job is not understanding anything and sending emails to mailing lists so nobody answers them and I feel even worse.

When you stare into the undefined else clause of a conditional, the void stares back into you

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CW: Naked ladies!

Illustration based on a warm-up sketch! I'm a simple lesbian, I like to draw cool ladies... and fruits.

#MastoArt #lgbtq

Okay I need to understand the gtst function and generate the proper testing operation there. Problem: I don't know any other architecture so doing this comparing to other arches is going to be a lot of fun...
And this doesn't have mips support to compare with...

used @cwebber trick of printing out computer science papers to read away from the computer. made it through the whole Pre-Scheme paper while relaxing in bed.

@zital Baitta batzuk uretan txixa egin be. Sekula halakorik! Trenak ekarrittako jente guzti horrek, hobe leuke gure moduan... OH WAIT. 😜

i'm a 10x engineer
- 10x the cost
- 10x less productive
- 10x more annoying

The problem with micro web frameworks is you typically end up with a macro web framework by the end of it

Sidetracked to GBA development... now devkitpro looks like a bad project because I can't see what they are using to build it so... plain old gcc?

@quarky Hey! I found a post of yours describing that you were leaving devkitpro and now I wonder: is there any other tool for GBA development that I should check instead of devkitpro?

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