@ekaitz_zarraga ni ere bai, askoz hobeto sentitzen naiz.

Eta ikasi, askoz gehiago. Benetako hackerrak hemen topatu dute haien lekua, eta inoiz baino pozago nago.

Benetan pozten naiz hemen egoteaz

Want to create a thread?

(future (dostuff))


@ekaitz_zarraga the real interview is to just see if you're willing to use windows

Thanks to heaven it's clojure and threading is easy to handle.

Time to go out now, I need to think on how I implement this thing I'm working on.

This implementation is blocking all the development... I don't know what to do with this point.

I'm capturing all keypresses but I need to capture the cursor position report of the terminal, which comes also from the Stdin... So... I don't know how to organize my code to be able to transparently capture it.

Probably I'll need to do it in a non-transparent way.

But yeah... Threads and stuff also.

I'm going to teach some data gathering stuff like scraping and these kind of things.

Looks like I'm going to teach some people soonish.


It's going to be fun.

I'm going to earn some money.

So I can keep working on my stuff.

@ekaitz_zarraga @codesections

1. people talk in the channel but you don't see it
2. you join the channel
3. you see new messages people send in the channel
4. you get disconnected
5. you're still in a channel, people know you're in the channel, and that you'll get the messages
6. your connection recovers
7. you get all the messages sent between 4. and now.

@ignaciodenuevo te hago unfollow porque como retwitteas cosas aquí me traes las cosas de las que huyo. Pero todo el cariño y respeto.
Lo que necesites ando por aquí. No es mítico unfollow de "ya no te quiero" ni nada.

No tengo por qué explicarme pero me gusta hacerlo a veces.

Tired: Google Stadia (2019)

Wired: Sega Channel (1994)

Wireless: Not paying companies a monthly subscription fee to access your games (∞)

Drew a friends DnD character last game night, a rather bossy halfling paladin dedicated to a dwarf God. (Its complicated)
#mastoart #RPG

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