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@ekaitz_zarraga @Efi Bah, my explanation sucked. I meant what Ekaitz said, I think: make the :handler call the `main` or `init` function with the response (maybe already parsed) as a parameter.

I made a Makefile to compile Arduino sketches and upload them.
I think I made a simple substitute for INO project hahaha.

Enough for me.


A couple of months ago, I found some people on here who were brave enough to sign up to do random musical collaborations and you can hear and download the finished songs here: awhaleslantern.bandcamp.com/al

I <3 all the songs and I'm very happy that this worked out as well as it did and that such wonderful musicians signed up!
#music #MusicCollab #mastomusic

Fuck it, it can be done like this:

./arduino --board arduino:avr:leonardo8mhz --verify ~/Arduino/Blink4/Blink4.ino

INO: Command line tool for Arduino.

This project is not maintained and I'm really thinking on making one for myself. Or forking it or something.

But it's clearly not my style... If I make this I'll probably attack an existent arduino installation and emulate it in the command line.

I've been checking the code of this one and it's similar to that idea and it goes further (that's why it doesn't work now, 4 years after the last change).

hello! today a pipe burst in our wall and we had to call out an emergency plumber. We're hoping insurance &c will help us out in the longer term, but for now @Damage & I could really use your help & support, so I set up a page

As a reward for donating you'll get exclusive early access to my holiday card image! as a punishment for donating you'll see my human face if you follow this link: ko-fi.com/jallandale

@Efi @ekaitz_zarraga don't you put those things separately under `resources/public/` ?

And if it's such a small thing, why even use ClojureScript in the first place??

@estebanm @ekaitz_zarraga no need for React for what I'm doing nwn <3

@estebanm @ekaitz_zarraga *dances* cljs-ajax works
now, how do I tell leiningen to inculde a resource file (my plain text default config file for my own app)

@Efi @ekaitz_zarraga Why promises specifically? Need for compatibility with something in JavaScript you're interop'ing with, or do you want any async solution?

If the latter, core.async is probably much better in general. David Nolen wrote a nice introduction here: swannodette.github.io/2013/07/. But it's a different way to solve problems, so if it's just for HTTP requests, I'd look into a library like the two I linked to in another reply.

@ekaitz_zarraga @estebanm (def I-love-you (promise))
(deliver I-love-you "Ha, ha! Fat chance!)