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tabs vs. spaces
curl vs. wget
http vs. https
free as in beer vs. free as in speech

HUELGA 25 y 26 abril En Bizkaia, por un convenio digno para Oficinas y Despachos - Por tu dignidad en el puesto de trabajo #OrganízateYLucha #BulegoakBorrokan #OficinasenLucha


Make a MarkDown file (or any plain text file) with linebreaks in 80 characters and execute this with the file as input argument. :D

cupsfilter -o cpi=12 -o lpi=7 -o page-left=70 -o page-top=60 file.md > foo.pdf

@ekaitz_zarraga the best compromise between sharing nothing and sharing too much :P

Palantir Knows Everything
About You


(According to whistleblower, Google's Eric Schmidt's daughter introduced Palantir to Cambridge Analytica, to have them sign a deal, and all of CA's data is therefore in Palantir today...)

@grainloom You think that's weird? There are 3280.84 feet in a kilometer. I dunno how Europe does it.

I am sharing this because it took forever to do. Not because the design is complicated, but because some pieces need to be exact distances from other pieces and they were all moved relative to each other for this and I only had an old version instead of actual measurements. I need to keep better notes.

Oh wait! I'm going viral again?



Now it can open posts and it's improved like crazy!


This motherfucker still rhymes like in the 90s!

The other too, but... damn! kase-o flows like crazy!


Well it looks like I just made a Prestashop payment module for FairCoin payments.


It doesn't really have any FairCoin specific feature but it will.

I just took Prestashop and made it happen. That's supposed to be my job.

Yeah, I coded PHP this time. I had no choice.

Well... I did some english right now and I think I did it okay.

I hope @rowan and @drew think the same!