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Ekaitz Zárraga 👹 @ekaitz_zarraga

@inmysocks I don't even remember how does the TV sound in Spanish... :D

When porting Windows games to Linux, please remember to:

* start in windowed mode by default,
* disable focus stealing at startup,
* disable locking the mouse cursor to the window,
* make sure you can move the window between workspaces,
* make sure you can switch to other applications,
* make sure the mouse cursor doesn't permanently disappear when you do so,
* make sure you can skip any and all cinematic sequences.

Your game is not the only application running, like on Windows.

Thank you!

a handy guide to desktop gamedev Show more

@inmysocks I've seen US television a couple of times and I have to say US ads are TOO WEIRD for me.


Are French ads weirder than American ads or is it just the French language that makes them seem that way?

I code for money.

I sculpt for money.

I make stuff for money.

But money is not the goal. The goal is the time to work on stuff for free.

I'm open for commission works. If you pay me for shit, you help me to spend it on other shit.


I accept bitcoin.
I'm running an Ethical Innovation company.


Welcome to my world.

una buena respuesta a los que se piensa que por ser gay ya te tienes que sentir atraído por ellos

I'm supporting @Gargron on Patreon (patreon.com/mastodon), and you should too, if you love this place

@marcelle @mlcdf I watched Matrix recently and this reminds that.

People who accept the matrix: facebook.

People who doesnt:
federated social networks.


If you upload something or just want to share it, just tell me. I'm a curious motherfucker.


@ekaitz_zarraga technically, I do, but I haven't uploaded anything yet ;w;

@Efi BTW do you have a github or something where I can check some of your code?

I like reading others code sometimes.

@estebanm The only person I know who uses clojure and is not you is @Efi and maybe @cmhobbs


When you ask for your workplace toilets to be inclusive of nonbinary people and your cis binary straight superior tries to have their cake and eat it without asking a trans person to take the lead.

cybre.space/media/I3N3RV54VwmR cybre.space/media/1gzwAAq8mAWD