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I like Krita too. Enough that I recently realized I'd forgotten how to use Photoshop, actually...

Message to users of quitter.no. I've decided to close this site on it's 4th birthday, that is 5th September -18. I do not have the energy and capacity to host the site anymore. Please "migrate" or find a new GNU Social home. I've decided to not handover the maintenance or data to anyone else - so please do not ask to get the data to host this site further. Thank you all for using Quitter this period and for following it's users. - A. !quitterno #gnusocial #quitter

Otro nodo de gnusocial que cae en poco tiempo ya he visto dos grandes cerrar, cierra quitter.no

Malas noticias en el fediverso.

Hey friends
My game, Paratopic, is on sale this weekend for $3.95! Today is the last chance for picking it up at an improbably low price.

Waypoint: waypoint.vice.com/en_us/articl



and waaaay more people loved the game.

BUY! Feed me money!


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I have to change some
Anyone wants to buy some?

Estaba ganando al 0ad y me he quedado sin bateria!!

Ya empiezo a tener la estrategia creo...

@h This is one of those things where it's not a good idea to comment on something you don't really know anything about. He probably only knows that Marx was interested in capitalism and wrote about it.

Fandom of Musklike oligarchs depends upon the fanbase considering them to be heroic randroids, rather than merely uneducated people who had rich parents as is usually the case. If he wants to preserve his status he probably ought to say as little as possible on Twitter.

If anyone out there wants some Unix sysadmin contracting work now and then, I keep having to disappoint people who want me to help them configure their own #PageKite relays...

I'm just too busy for contracting; I have long-term development projects I need to make progress on and I've learned that contracting ruins what little concentration I can muster.

If I knew of someone else who wanted to do this, I'd be referring them.

My first .

- @cwebber - Co-drafted the ActivityPub spec!
- @Gargron - Mastodon founder
- @nightpool - Mastodon developer
- @lain - Pleroma founder
- @ConnyDuck - developer of @Tusky
- @deadsuperhero - Editor of
- @ZiiX - The @Curator and admin of mastodon.art
- @cryptpad - Encrypted Collaborative Google Docs Alternative
- @pea - fontina dev. github.com/beta-phenylethylami
- @yabirgb - zinat dev. github.com/yabirgb/zinat
- @qonnyr - morii dev, a PixelFed mobile app!

Manejo el bilingualism tan bien qué Silicon Valley me tene miedo.... Saludos cordiales a Euskadi