there's a bit with sound missing, the original video played in that moment can be found here:

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i wanted a self-hosted web-based imap email client so i could join all my accounts in there. but i didn't want to install APACHE or SERVER thingies. just something that ran on it's own and it was accessible via localhost.

something like mailpile. but not mailpile.

Get fedi hired 

Any Cisco experts looking for a new gig?

Reembolso de un Windows preinstalado: Lenovo debe pagar 20.000 euros en daños

En un juicio histórico en Italia, en un caso iniciado por un promotor de la FSFE Luca Bonissi, Lenovo fue obligado a pagar 20.000 euros en daños por comportamiento abusivo al denegar el reintegro del precio de una licencia de un Windows preinstalado. En un gesto motivador para la causa del Software Libre, Luca incluso donó 15.000 euros a la FSFE.

“Yeah, I’m a ‘principled Marxist-Leninist.’ I believe that everything with a red flag is a good and everything I don’t understand is the CIA.”

I'm feeling like shit today so who want's to come and talk to me while I code some visual stuff in Chickadee (Guile game toolkit).

Dear #Mastomind: Any guidelines on E-Ink / B&W/grayscale / low-refresh rate app design / UI/UX?

I've recently come into possession of an e-ink book reader, and am discovering the joys (seriously) and limitations (dittos) of e-ink displays and software designed for them.

I've just begun looking for any information concerning design guidance for e-ink devices, and am coming up very short. If you're aware of any such resources please respond to thread.

Boosts welcomed.

#eink #uiux #AppDesign #SoftwareDesign #Interfaces #BlackAndWhite #LowRefresh

i hate that i have finite time to do stuff and thus will probably still suck at a lot of things i like by the time my clock runs out

Aiight let's go!
It's getting better, @dthompson !

I'm going to convert everything to make-sprite-batch and make all this better.

There was some kind of weirdness here and there but I solved it and now I can play further!


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