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Ekaitz Zárraga 👹 @ekaitz_zarraga@mastodon.social

mmm, part of an #art project that still needs lots of work. It's on shelf for now, will continue it later because there is a need to focus on different subject matter for now.

I'm not good at finishing projects unless they're for work, but I'm trying to make it a long term goal of mine to reasonably complete a small world of concepts on their own.

#art mastodon.art/media/FGME5lmjBss mastodon.art/media/Uw6q8Mk5SgZ mastodon.art/media/15uQxaBcXcy mastodon.art/media/qlkCSAPXDMb

And it's not only capitalist startups who do this, a few other groups that fancy themselves radical and freedom-loving have done this as well, wrecking their projects along the way. They only seem to be able to understand one specific application of justice and fairness.


@vfrmedia yeah the datasheet situation is pretty abysmal

even for modern parts, often the vendor site is so messed up it's near impossible to find your document and google doesnt even pick it up

@lifning Thanks! Spanish translation:

Las rosas son rojas
Las violetas, azules
En el capitalismo de la vigilancia
El poema te lee a ti
Y te muestra anuncios
De floristerías
Y apunta tus clicks
Y nunca descansa
No se preocupa
Si daña tu privacidad
El dinero es verde
Cuando se cosecha gente
Twitter es cián
Facebook es azul
Tus amigos son el producto
Y también lo eres tú


Hello Mastodon! I'm a professional artist. I love weird monsters, nature, and storytelling. Follow me for mostly art posts!

My website: emmalazauski.com/
Buy Artwork: shop.emmalazauski.com/

Twitch Creative Channel: go.twitch.tv/levitea
Instagram: instagram.com/emmalazauski/

#introduction #artist #illustrator #watercolor

Did some good yak shaving today, now to see if the yak actually functions

Retopology and edge work in the left, high-res handsculpted model in the right.

Well I think the hours spent on the retopo were useful!!


@ekaitz_zarraga Cerebro🔥 🔥 stop. tomando 🍻 con los generales bizantinos.stop

Another round on the of the Oni...

I'm not good with this part. I'm just learning. I'm much better in the sculpting part...


I'm on a wifi right now, could terrorists have already hacked my facebook? Is mashing my router up the only way to be safe?

The saga of me staying in France legally Show more

fire in spain but gov. needs it's 10.000 mili police to beat voters Show more

#mastoart #creativetoots #art

Today was Lizard Demons.

[IF for some reason you'd like to have him, he's $25USD + shipping. Contact me to claim!]

roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

En la región ignota de debajo del teclado debe haber un pequeño y rico ecosistema, formado por cagaditas de moscas, restos de tostadas y estornudos, mínimos arácnidos habitando las sucesivas capas de polvo. El zumbido del ventilador formará parte de los ruidos de la vida, imperceptibles a nuestros oídos, ahí dentro...