#TIL When a Class 2 ceramic capacitor is heated above its Curie temperature (130 °C), the crystal structure changes. Soldering the cap causes a sudden increase of capacitance beyond spec (so don't attempt to hand-matching ceramic caps!), followed by a logarithmic decline (aging). This is reversible, resoldering the cap or baking the board can "reset" an aged cap back to the initial state.

"Referee time" is the time for a cap's capacitance to decline back to its standard spec value (X7R cap ages slowly, referee time is 1,000 h., X5R is only 48 h.). A DC bias not just reduces the effective capacitance, but further accelerates aging in a nonlinear way.

As usual, Class 1 NP0/C0G capacitors are not affected by these effects. #electronics

I have just created my first programming as performance art piece and I don't think anyone in the normal audience for it is going to have any understanding of that fact.

People kept asking for blockchain to be added into tiddlywiki, not to do anything and not to ask for any actual functionality, just add blockchain to it.

So I made a browser-based blockchain that exists only in your browser. It doesn't connect to a larger network or anything. And it has Utilicoin, the most useful cryptocoin.

They have a word for Twitter on the fediverse.

They call it “hell site”.

It’s very apt.


Another mass-shooting in russian school.


Russian education is a really depressed place if you are a kid. When I was a student at school two children was stabbed with a knife, one of them had died, another one had survived and the guy was my classmate (happened outside of school at age 14-15 y.). When I was at colleage one of the students was killed inside education building in a classroom. I live in Moscow, so even here that shit happens a lot and noone cares.

This is an actual picture of my neighborhood.

I took it in 2015. But it doesn't look like this anymore (not much better though).

GAZTIEK EUREN LITRUEKAZ DANA KAKAZTUTE ITZITXEN DAUIE - diño batek zigarrue berenganien amataten dauen bitxartien

Who wants to code some C code with me?

I'm in pain so let's code and forget!


Stream starting in the following minutes, stay tuned.

RISC-V support for a code generation library used in Guile and other cool JIT compilers!

BTW: the other day I opened a buymeacoffee account because you know... I have to eat and all that...

If you like my content or my code or anything I do, you can buy me a kebab or something


I just submitted the final draft of my dissertation (with an hour and thirty-five minutes to spare!)

Now it's time for bed.

@ekaitz_zarraga G’luck, you’ll figure it out :) (And whatever it turns out to be, if there’s one thing three decades of programming has taught me, it won’t be magic) ;)

So I have a project that I am able to compile and use but it uses some macros that are not defined in the code.


so I did something

just wanted to draw xenia and alunya together, but guess they're gfs now

too lazy to paint it so it stays like this
#mastoart #krita

As always, drawing under CC-BY-SA

@estebanm @ekaitz_zarraga harmonically, as advanced as Bb. all along the song 😂 in the sax solo, there's some extra positions around the same Bb chord with ornaments, but that's all.

accents are everything here. as kaseO says in the interview i posted before, musicians in this album were requested to play like sequencers, but you know.. if they perform a loop, these great musicians make it the best loop possible 🤯

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