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Ekaitz Zárraga 👹 @ekaitz_zarraga

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I agree that git is more widely used and harder. I'd still recommend learning git for practical reasons (GitHub is central to OS development currently), but choosing mercurial wouldn't be a bad choice by a long stretch either.

@TQ @luke_nukem @wim_v12e @rixx @saper @eal @vfrmedia
Use git, yes.

NOTE: It's difficult, don't get mad at the beginning.

@vfrmedia @TQ Look, I made a Mosaic generator in python in the past. It could be also a good idea.

Some image creation :D

@vfrmedia @TQ The good thing of python is handling libraries is quite easy.

I agree with you. Scripts are the best to make to avoid all the graphics, web and such, bit it's difficult to motivate people to make a script. :D

@TQ It's not the easiest job but It's fun and it will keep you motivated :D

@ekaitz_zarraga A bot, why not! I don't decide that on my own, obviously, so I'll propose that to the group that's about to form. :)

@TQ It depends on what you want to learn.

Python is cool to start.

You can make... I don't know... a Mastodon bot?
It depends in your interests, I make simple scripts for myself, they are easy to do, but they are command line tools for my geek stuff. Maybe that's not very attractive for you.

@TQ I can code so I guess I'm out of that call, but I can help finding resources and answering questions.

Is there anyone interested in doing a group where we learn to code together? Using mostly free resources? And work on a common project, perhaps? Programming language is open for discussion.

Gibt es Menschen die Interesse hätten an einer Gruppe, in der wir Programmieren lernen? Dabei v.a. freie Ressourcen nutzen? Und vll. an einem gemeinsamen projekt arbeiten? Programmiersprache ist noch offen. #practicecoding

@aral @zatnosk Can be for ego too. In some cases it is.Like people working 24/7 in a random company just to feel important.

But in your case... I think it's quite clear that your message was misunderstood.

@aral It's funny because one starts talking and all the others go increasing the attack.


aaaah... people.

I've been talking with that guy in the past, I don't remember him as an idiot... I don't really understand what happened.

Who cares?
Ignore it and keep living your life.

@aral "that guy who goes to activist meetings to pick up girls"

Is this serious?

Yesterday I coded for beer.

This company stuff is getting serious.

@YesIKnowIT NeoVim has a built-in terminal.

Just as a random note. :D

Domain name registration.

My company.

@nestort ...hay que ingeniar formas de sostenibilidad económica de un posible  crecimiento como el que habláis...
Entre otras cosas , la (cuasi) federación # - N-1.cc se fue embarrancando por ello...  ¿ no dimos con la tecla del , sí digamóslo, dinero necesario para no morir en el intento ?

Sé que abrir este melón ...

Pero convencido estoy de que (algún día) daremos con la fórmula para que l+s entregad+s administrador+s de sistemas , de las instancias # que nos mantine en red y comunicados, no tengan que buscarse las habichuelas en las corporaciones .. ¿?

Me obsesiona este aspecto desde lo de # ... como de algún modo compartí con @fanta

umh... he oído # ?

@estebanm Yo ahora voy a usar jBone para un proyecto y voy a no usar jQuery y soy bastante feliz.


Lodash mola también! Igual palpo un poco luego. :)

A ver niñitos.
1. Es lluvia, no se van a oxidar.
2. Si no te gusta no salgas.
3. No, no te pone "triste" la lluvia. Si te pone triste necesitás fijarte que es lo que realmente lo hace.
4. No, tampoco te saca las ganas de vivir, se ve que no debés tenerlas.
5. Dejá de quejarte de todo que te vas a morir amargado.

Nada, eso.