my wifi router has a qr code to connect with the default creds but when you scan it it says the data is invalid. GG

@technomancy hey i use lein for everything please keep up the good work

Hello, artsy side of Mastodon! I'm Link! :D

It's a pleasure to meet you all! Tell me some of your fave shows if you can see this! Also... What do you prefer? Digital or Traditional art???

Yggdrasil is a proof-of-concept network using a global spanning tree to form a scalable IPv6 encrypted mesh network.

Gaurko mobida: @argia @argia -k (eta beste batzuk) Durangoko azokan argitaratutako ilargi egutegiak ilgora eta ilbehera alderantziz daukala dirudi.

Ilargi berritik ilargi betera pasatzeko prozesuan, ilgora jarri beharrean ilbehera markatzen du.

Hau ez dago ondo ezta?

Npm is on now, mirrored and kept up to date.

LibP2P is doing better -- better memory usage, better relaying, new transports, bigger dev community.

(This is a lightning talks, btw)

You can run libp2p as a daemon now, so one networking stack can serve multiple apps.

Lot of effort going into detecting NATs -- AutoNAT, and deciding what to do based on the situation. Any computer should be able to connect to any other computer, without an intermediary.

the internet was invented by cowboys.

how can i tell ?? every website starts with www -- Wild Wild West

I finally got around to finishing the "about" page on Bob's Tech Site.

Aside from my own CV, it also covers my thoughts on which Linux distro you should try as a newcomer, and my thoughts on "free software v open source" and "the year of the Linux desktop"

... tot preparat... nerviós estic a hores d'ara ja... tinc bones palpitacions, molt bones... mireu si tinc confiança, que és l'únic que jugue... Enguany, sí o sí, tindré el número premiat!!!!

This article describes how a computer can play the classic video game Tetris by getting information about the board, determining good actions, and performing those actions.

@adamk678 @silverseams @ekaitz_zarraga programmed ours at
@Gargron programmed theirs at

Neither one blocks nsfw so maybe one can be made to show any # A, b or c if it doesnt have # nsfw. I can donate some to someone adding it.

Quadratic finite elements entered my life

@eater Christians do not poop in the home. it is known

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