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So I want to be responsible, dependable and steadfast. Some people associate that with masculinity. I'd also want to be nurturing, loving, emotional and caring. Some people associate that with femininity.

I want non of those things because of their gender association.

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a rule of thumb: a simple, elegant program that does X (possibly "straight from your command line") will not support RTL languages correctly.

It's not the developers fault. RTL on computers that are built from a low level for LTR, tends to be a bit of a patchwork thing, far from being elegant or simple, and requires a subtle understanding of problems not obvious if you haven't juggled mixed RTL & LTR texts for years.

Why hasn't anyone told me about regex earlier???!!!

I could run gif animations smoothly on my 4mb ram 486sx in the early nineties. Just got a link to a gif on tenor. It took 30 seconds to load and the stuttered on my 3gb ram smartphone. Great Success!

Yeah! I just got high and watched three episodes of the bbc 95 Pride and Prejudice. It was indeed a blast!

Switched to for now. can take their sweet time sorting this mess...

The first distro I installed was 14.04. My first true linux daily driver was linux mint 17.1 (based on 14.04). What a beautiful, rock solid code base.

Fare thee well, oh Trusty Tahr, on the waters of Lethe!

Finally upgraded my mail server from Ubuntu 14.04 to 18.04.


Now 4 years of quiet on that department hopefully.

The good news is that I was able to bring my mail back from oblivion from the digital ocean snapshot I took. The bad new is I have no idea what went wrong, and I just poured seven hours into this update. Installing mail in a box was so simple. Why is upgrading such a nightmare?

Upgrading my to 18.04 (seeing as 14.04 is EOL in a few days).

Wish me luck. I like having mail...

It seems hardcore starwars filk songs can be identified by lovingly geeking about the prequels.

car accident, suicide, death, sorry 

car accident, suicide, death, sorry 

car accident, suicide, death, sorry 

Wow! So it appears the old Saurischia/Ornithischia divide was wrong, and ornithiscia is a sister clade theropods! Amazing! Why isn't anybody talking about this! All of my kid's dino books need to be rewritten!

I just found out that Michael Prescott, of Trilemma Adventures one-page-dungeons fame, has an in-the-works created for a style campaign, and it seems to be extremely cool, with some , and influences.

Check it out!

Is being sad on social networks revolutionary?

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