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So I want to be responsible, dependable and steadfast. Some people associate that with masculinity. I'd also want to be nurturing, loving, emotional and caring. Some people associate that with femininity.

I want non of those things because of their gender association.

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a rule of thumb: a simple, elegant program that does X (possibly "straight from your command line") will not support RTL languages correctly.

It's not the developers fault. RTL on computers that are built from a low level for LTR, tends to be a bit of a patchwork thing, far from being elegant or simple, and requires a subtle understanding of problems not obvious if you haven't juggled mixed RTL & LTR texts for years.

Just upgraded my desktop from an i5-4440 to an i5-3550 (joking aside, the benchmarks are slightly higher) and switched housing and motherboard and from 12 to 16 gb RAM. Yay to garbage computing!

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Sometimes I read criticisms of the kind of content you tend to find on fedi from non-fedi ppl and realize, "Wow. Some people are legitimately addicted to the outrage machine."

I'm politically pessimistic and existentially optimistic.

Or was it the other way around? 🤔

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A quote from Karl Marx. The quote reads: Fuck misogyny. I love debian!

4.0 would be just a blank off white screen with a large, minimalist, flat button in the middle. Clicking on it would do NOTHING.

What? You wanted it to DO SOMETHING? You're obviously an advanced user if our finely curated user experience isn't enough for you. Just jump into the TTY and have a blast!

Ordering miso soup in a supposedly Japanese restaurant.

"We don't have tofu".

To say nothing of the Latin־American pop booming from the speakers...

It's been more than a month since I last GMed, and I really really miss it. I'm exploding with ideas. Ahhhh!!!!

GNOME devs groupthink in a nutshell: There's someting that makes life harder for devs but users find useful or even essential? Lets throw it out and standardize it.


G+'s and Facebook's groups are so much better in fostering communication.

Twitter is such a bad model, and being modeled after it is Mastodon's bane.

(To my beloved partner, now angry with me for not coming over on Friday)

Staring at your Telegram "online" indication
And I feel your presence
Shortening the way
Flying towards me
And you're here
Warm and sad
Gathering in for a hug
That thaws all that we have subtracted
One of the other
In the darkness
And light dawns
From another world
Where these separations
Of distance
Of norms
Of propriety
Fall away
Like dried up shells
And we grow anew underneath
Crack the shell towards the sun
You and I
And our loved ones all around us
In the heat of the sun

So G+ is google reader all over again. Who would have thunk?

So, Infinity War was just so very bad... really, the first MCU film that was just shit movie-making (other movies might have been problematic in many ways but they were well made).

"Wearing the stupid cap" – that's an idiom right? I didn't just invent it, right?

So, just watched Infinity War :spoilers: Show more

So, just watched Infinity War :spoilers: Show more

So, just watched Infinity War Show more

TFW there are several anti vaxxers in you in your local group... 😱

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