I'm looking for others with on the fediverse. Just looking for a bit of a support network in this. I would very much appreciate a boost.

If you have it say hi/follow please.


cc @Asriel

I don't know which type you are Asriel, but you may be able to help.

@eladhen Hello. As @marsxyz said, I'm a T1D too. I'm glad to meet you. Hope we can discuss and support together.

Hi !

Hi Asriel. Very nice to meet you. I generally avoided forums and support groups over the years (I'm living with it for the last 19 years). But suddenly I thought mastodon could be a nice place to hear and be heard.

@eladhen I understand what you mean. However my diabete is new for me. I'm T1D for eight months only. I'm 19 years old.
I'm often on the r/diabete server discord.

BG is blood glucose ahah.


Ah! Blood glucose isn't so bad, thankfully.

Well, I got my just a moment before I turned 19...

That absolutely happens. I now got the continuous glucometer things are a bit better, but I still 250+ from time to time...

@Asriel @marsxyz
I seem to have forgotten how grammar works in that last toot...

@eladhen No to be honest I’m French so I am unable to see where are your mistakes. I deeply apologise regarding my errors. Don’t worry.


Your English is fine. English isn't my first language either, so we'll just have to get by somehow 😎

@eladhen Mine specifically is easy. I've had good luck managing it just with diet, and just trying to feel how I feel, since I can't afford a doctor and medication.

@eladhen My wife does, but she's not on Mastodon. We both suffer from it, though.

I actually don't think I've ever seen discussed from the point of view of families.

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