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Keycloak, OTP, FIDO
Ich berichtete neulich über die Installation und erste Tests von
Nun bin ich tiefer eingetaucht und habe die diversen Möglichkeiten untersucht, die Authentifizierung mittels zweiten
Faktors sicherer zu machen.
elbosso.github.io/keycloak__ot #[Juni2021,Linux,Docker,Security,KW242021]

Traefik und HTTPS
Ich habe nun endlich alle Docker-Container auf HTTPS ungestellt...
elbosso.github.io/traefik_http #[Juni2021,Linux,Docker,KW242021]

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Kollege sagte vorhin "Darbietungsverhinderer" anstatt "Show stopper" und ich bin fan!

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Fastly Engineer 1: Seems like a common error message. Can you check stackoverflow to see if there's an easy fix?

Fastly Engineer 2: I have some very bad news...


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ffplay -i /dev/video0 -vf 'lagfun=decay=0.98[tmp]; [tmp] hue=180*sin(t)' # Kids bored on a rainy day, put this on and watch them play. Hook this up to a TV with a computer with a webcam and they can watch the effects live. /dev/video0 needs to be changed to whatever your cam is.

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TIL: after getting divorced from David Hasselhoff, Catherine Hickland married someone called Michael E. Knight in 1992 🤣


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"There's a place up on the mountain," her dad said, "where you can see the whole world."
"Take me there!"
"When you're older."
She couldn't wait, so climbed it herself. At last, up in the mist and clouds, she saw the warm lights of a house. She knocked.
"Welcome to the library."

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I have for a long time had a rule which is that if you want tech support and don't want to pay me for it, you have to at least _try_ the things I suggest

today was the first day of my "" and i am not sure whether it was good or bad.
had a nice time in my and the thunderstorm did not destroy my flowers - that goes on the plus side.
baked a cake, tasted it and found it tasty - also a plus.
but i also found a class where each and every aspect of it was wrong except that it was compilable - and that was terrifying: who knows what else lurks in the depths of my old code?

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We’d accomplished a lot, researching the dead alien civilization. We deciphered their language and we even got their computers going, though it was all encrypted.

Then came the breakthrough. A dig revealed a top 100 list of their pets’ names.

“Right,” I said, pulling up a chair to the alien login screen. “This should only take a minute.”

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Win10-Initial-Setup-Script Author added Archival Reason: He switched to Linux

There was no reason given until 5 days ago, when the author decided to add the real reason why the project got archived.


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Nichts geht mehr ohne Ihre Daten? Ohne App kommen Sie nicht rein? Dann sind Sie von #Digitalzwang betroffen.
Melden Sie uns Digitalzwang! digitalzwangmelder.de

#Digitalzwangmelder /m

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Die BVG hat von allen Nahverkehrsunternehmen in Deutschland die beste Marketingabteilung, das ist ja inzwischen bekannt.
Das neue Meisterwerk trifft gerade bei mir als Straßenbahnfahrer besonders den Nerv.

wieder die Zeit des jahres wo in meinem haus barfuß laufen kontraindiziert ist. keine ahnung warum Wespenköniginnendas so anziehend finden und wie die immer reinkommen. letztes jahr insgesamt 4 - oder ein und dieselbe viermal. dieses jahr war das die erste ...

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