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Igual que nos preocupamos de comer de forma más sana y sostenible, la "dieta" digital va a ser cada vez más importante en nuestras vidas.

De eso va uno de mis proyectos para este año: de ayudar a otras personas a usar más .

¿Quieres saber más? Sigue el hilo:

Inkrash: small animation using .

for drawing all the 31 frames.
for adding the background and rendering to a video.

Dialect is an app that's useful to everyone, as there isn't anyone who knows every language! If you see a piece of text that you wish to translate, either select the language it's in, or if you don't know, have Dialect auto detect it for you. Then just press "Translate" and view your newly localised paragraph. The program even comes with the option speak it out if you are unsure of it's pronunciation

You can get the app on Flathub here:

#gaotw #gnome #app #flatpak


And so is now available for everyone! library that I've made for quick city creation for
This is the first version, so any feedback is more than welcome :)

Get it here >


En este magnífico documental se observa cómo los ciudadanos básicamente ocuparon las calles e impidieron a los coches pasar. Los niños ponían barridadas, los adultos les decían a los conductores, con toda la educación del mundo, que se fuesen a tomar por el culo. 😂 Cuando venía la policía, quitaban la barricada y se la llevaban a otro lado. Cuando se iban, volvían las barreras. Una y otra y otra vez.

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“A protest planned by hundreds of bank depositors in central China seeking access to their frozen funds has been thwarted because the authorities have turned their health code apps red, several depositors told Reuters.”

Isn’t “smart tech” just wonderful? :)

#tech #dystopia #surveillance

Via @didek

Why did nobody tell me about Consent-O-Matic? It's a browser extension that automatically clicks on GDPR consent dialogs to indicate that you do not consent to your data being shared. Available for all major browsers.

Lorem is an app built for the interface developers among us. It's important to have at least something in a text box when creating a mockup, and that's where everyone's favourite bit of placeholder text comes in. Lorem is the simplest way to quickly fill out your interfaces with paragraphs of Latin. Select how many paragraphs or how many words you want to copy and there you go!

You can get the app on Flathub here:

#gaotw #gnome #app #flatpak

2022, y la administración aún requiere que instales un software privativo y de pago, de una empresa en concreto, sólo como base para poder hacer un trámite.

Se parece mucho a un monopolio de facto mantenido con apoyo oficial.

¿Esto no es ilegal, o algo?

Hex colors that are similar to words good way to remember colors. It could cause a kind of synesthesia I guess...


This constant surveillance is an unworkable, insecure disaster for democracy: is Antivirus-but-for-pictures. It would trample rights, not even work as expected


#welcome to my friend @PawelAdrjan, who has joined the #fediverse. Pawel is a #polyglot #economist working an researching about job market, usually applying #datascience.

If anyone shares some of those interests, please follow him and be ready to learn and enjoy a lot. He's a great professional and a greater person!

I'm supporting @opensourceseeds in their crowdfunding campaign to develop an #OpenSource rye variety.

Why do we need open source seeds?

Over the last few decades seed variety has decreased dramatically due to commercial pressure and most are owned by only a handful of companies.

In many countries (including the EU) small farmers are unable to sell or even pass on heritage seeds without obtaining prohibitively expensive paperwork.

A 🧵 1/n

#sustainability #farming #OpenSourceSeeds @plants

the fully open source hardware RISC-V Precursor from bunnie studios is now shipping out to people. pretty insane this thing was actually made #OSHW

Rnote is an excellent way to quickly make notes, annotate a PDF or sketch out a plan. You can add images, draw shapes and highlight anything you want. It is a fairly new app, so expect to see a few bugs, but the developer is very active and is fixing as many as they can!

You can get the app on Flathub here:

#gaotw #gnome #app #flatpak

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