Generate and verify file hashes with Hash It for elementary OS! Make sure your download or copy was successful with SHA256, SHA1, or MD5 verification with this handy utility.

Looking great with OS. 😉


One of our OS Challenge participants found a great use for their new MateBook X Pro :D


Calculate & visualize color contrast with Harvey for elementary OS. Input or choose a background & foreground color to see WCAG A, AA, or AAA compliance levels plus explanations for those grades. Perfect for developers & designers alike!

Need to join, create, or manage Hamachi networks on elementary OS? Get Haguichi on AppCenter! Search, sort, and stay on top of your Hamachi networks with native notifications, customizable commands, and more.

Want to sing along with your tunes? Wondering what that line that was just sung was? Check out Give Me Lyrics for elementary OS! See lyrics for whatever song is playing with this handy applet.

Read Hacker News on elementary OS with HackUp. See the newest stories and read the comments from this distraction-free app.

Alessandro Castellani—the developer behind the excellent Sequeler and Taxi apps—is building Akira, a native UI/UX design tool for elementary OS. Help him raise the funds necessary to hire on some stellar community developers and get the first release out!

Create and export graphs and flowcharts with GraphUI for elementary OS. Several supported graph types and handy shortcuts will have you charting in no time.

Get Ephemeral, the always-incognito web browser for elementary OS. It's a simple private browser that's perfect for avoiding persistent cookies or web trackers. Close the window and all traces of your browsing are removed from your device

Boost your productivity with Go For It! for elementary OS. With a straightforward task list, Todo.txt support, and a timer to keep tabs on how long your tasks take, Go For It! is a simple but powerful way to get things done.

Tease your brain with Gnonograms for elementary OS! This Japanese nonogram puzzle game will have you drawing graphical crosswords in no time.

Developers, want to make sure the right files are ignored in your projects? Check out Gitignore for elementary OS! Quickly download and copy .gitignore references for multiple programming languages.

Convert your favorite videos into GIFs with Gifup for elementary OS! Whether you're sharing a screencast, a reaction, or a meme, Gifup is your go-to tool.

Format your removable storage devices with Formatter for elementary OS. With a straightforward UI and simple settings, wiping a drive or setting up an SD card has never been easier.

Find the most beautiful wallpapers with Fondo for elementary OS. Powered by Unsplash—the world's most generous community of photographers, Fondo gives you an infinitely-scrolling view into amazing photos plus one-click wallpaper choosing.

elementary has always been fanatical about respecting and protecting your privacy. Let's look at how—and importantly, why—we do it, plus why being open source with an ethical business model is key.

Grab the perfect color from your screen with Color Picker for elementary OS. It's simple, fast, and well-designed.

If you have to deal with moving files between other OSes, File Conflicts Finder for elementary OS is for you. Detect and solve possible file naming conflicts like case-sensitivity, name length, and unusable characters.

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