Starting in a couple minutes!


Cassidy is giving his FreeDesktop Dark Style talk in a bit over an hour at !


We’re in Greece for . A beautiful—if a bit warm—day to get nerdy with GNOMIES.

More GNOMIES! Met up with Heather from Purism. Our group is growing!

Another friend! We found on the last leg to Thessaloniki for . 😁

On the way to , ran into some friends from! Say hi to and!

It’s gonna be a great talk. And it’s a great read!


In preparation for my upcoming talk at , I’ve updated my blog post calling for a FreeDesktop Dark Style Preference. More details, more screenshots, and updated info from other platforms (like the iOS 13 beta).


Happy birthday GNOME! One of our favorite memories: planning and hacking alongside GNOME and GTK folks in SF in 2015. Everyone was so kind and accepting of us even though it was the first time many had met in person.


It's our birthday today! We are now the wise age of 22. 😋 Join us in reminiscing these past years by sharing some of your favorite GNOME memories!


Our new blog is officially here. Come read about why we left Medium and how we built a crazy fast, privacy-respecting blog just for you.

Accessibility features shouldn’t be some separate, second-class experience; instead, software should be accessible by default. Like curb cuts improve sidewalks for everyone, accessibility has benefits for all.

AppCenter is soon gaining support for Flatpak. Learn what that means, why Flatpak, and how things will be shaping up in the near future.

A truly privacy-focused product must protect your data from itself, protect your data from others, be fully open source, and have a direct funding model. See how elementary does all of the above.

is rapidly approaching, and we’ll be there! Check out what we learned last year at GUADEC 2018 to get a sense of what’s in store.

No ads. No spying. No outside influences. Focused on people. A reminder about our stance on advertising and tracking.

Check out this video overview of the new Onboarding app for new users!

Check out what we were up to in July on our brand new blog!

You may have noticed something new on our blog posts lately: the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license! We're happy to release our content to the community to remix, adapt, and share. Read more on our new blog—more on that coming later, too:

Now *that’s* a fan! Those tees all look great, Raí.

Want to be as cool as Raí? Snag your own tees from

If you’re enjoying the design insight from the Medium blog this week, here’s a mini thread of Cassidy working through some updates to AppCenter. We have these sorts of discussions and iterations every day behind the scenes, but it’s always fun to share a peek behind the curtains!

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