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And we’re excited to get all of the goodies of this release into the hands of developers and testers as we work to complete the stable release! blog.elementary.io/elementary-

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We’ve been hard at work tackling the ambitious scope of work we laid out for ourselves while also dealing with the fallout of a global pandemic, travel restrictions, and loss in our own circles of family and friends.

Despite all of that, we’re proud of the work we’ve done.

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Developers and testers, it’s the day you’ve been waiting for: elementary OS 6 Beta is available now! Read our announcement to find out more about the beta process as well as what’s new for you in this outstanding upcoming release. blog.elementary.io/elementary-

We’re in the final hours for submissions! If you've been holding off, get your proposal in NOW for a talk. :) It doesn’t have to be a full abstract, but should be a short description. We’ll be closing submissions at midnight PDT. edw.elementary.io/

Last chance! Call for papers for the first elementary Developer Weekend closes FRIDAY. If you’re a designer, developer, or entrepreneur with tips to share with people making apps for elementary OS, submit your idea or talk proposal ASAP! edw.elementary.io/

We’re aware of an issue with the store at the moment; it looks like you all overwhelmed things. 😅 Working to get it back and running smoothly.

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What’s your favorite new product, and what types of new designs would you love to see next?

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As we put the finishing touches on a beta release of elementary OS 6, our web team has been busy putting together a brand new open source merch store! It’s easier than ever to get gear while helping to support the development of elementary OS. blog.elementary.io/the-new-ele

For , learn how elementary OS can help you save money while reducing harmful electronics waste and carbon emissions by revitalizing your Mac or Windows PC. blog.elementary.io/revitalize-

Catch our co-founder Cassidy this Thursday at 1 PM MDT showing off our recent progress with Flatpak and the out-of-the-box experience on elementary OS 6—plus a live Q&A! youtube.com/watch?v=yUdDjw6Xcv

elementary Developer Week is happening online June 26–27 and we’ve had several great submissions—but we’re missing YOURS! As such, we’re extending the submission deadline to April 30; get your idea or talk submitted ASAP for consideration. edw.elementary.io/

The deadline to submit a talk for edw is next Tuesday! Want to give a talk but you're struggling with a topic? Take a look at the ideas others have suggested for inspiration!

Can you believe it’s already been 10 years? Time flies! Revisit the memories with us in this brief retrospective 🍻🎂🎉 blog.elementary.io/ten-years/

Are you a developer, designer, entrepreneur? Do you have knowledge or experiences to share with app developers? There are just three weeks remaining to get your ideas and talks in for the first ever elementary Developer Weekend—online June 26–27. edw.elementary.io/

ICYMI, we’re hosting the first ever elementary Developer Weekend online June 26–27! Now through April 20 we’re accepting ideas and talks from developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who has knowledge and experiences to share with the community. edw.elementary.io

More details about talks, plus a deadline: April 20, 2021. Suggest an idea or submit a talk before then for it to be considered: edw.elementary.io/

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elementary Developer Weekend. June 26–27, 2021. Online.

We’re creating a space to include open source app developers in the process of building an ecosystem—and to share their expertise with others.

Join us, and submit your concept for a talk today! edw.elementary.io/

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