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This might not look like much, but it’s my first boot into a fresh elementary OS 5 Juno install from an image created entirely automatically on CI, using a new process. Next steps:

1. Test the crap out of it
2. 5.1

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The first of our volunteer community members was approved on @github@twitter.com sponsors! For every $1 you pledge, GitHub will match. Help fund development by sponsoring David Hewitt here: github.com/users/davidmhewitt/

Both @CassidyJames@twitter.com and @DanielFore@twitter.com are giving talks at LAS this year! Don’t miss it :)

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The Linux App Summit conference schedule is live at


Catch three days of talks and unconference on everything about applications on Linux!

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It’s that time again! Read about the past month’s updates to apps, settings, and more—plus we’re kicking off blog.elementary.io/updates-for

Other OS:
1. Lock down apps to the app store or signed apps
2. Charge devs $100/yr
3. ??
4. PROFIT (for the OS maker)

elementary OS:
1. Build cool app store but let users do what they want; it’s their device
2. Don't charge devs a yearly fee
3. Build tools to help users sideload

Other operating systems:
1. Connect to Internet
2. Sign into online account
3. Send all your data
4. …
5. PROFIT (for the OS maker)

elementary OS:
1. Get stuff done

Get the fast & open replacement to Windows & macOS that actually respects your privacy: elementary.io

elementary OS protip: Hot Corners let you use certain features by just throwing your mouse cursor into the corner of the display. Head to System Settings → Desktop → Hot Corners to set them up just how you’d like!

Dark styles are hard to get right. We get see the benefits and are planning to implement it properly in elementary OS, but it takes this kind of cross-desktop work first. One of the big blockers right now is WebKitGTK (the web rendering engine we use on elementary OS).

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As platforms and browsers implement dark style preferences, I’m over here trying to help the FreeDesktop align on a sane spec. Browser engines, you’re not helping! Check out these pretty normal situations on the web, and how major web engines render them: cassidyjames.com/dark-demo/

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Akira, the UI design app for elementary OS, is shaping up. We love to see the team focusing on the little interaction details like this!

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Look at these sweet input interactions.
PR currently under review: github.com/akiraux/Akira/pull/

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elementary OS protip: tap the ⌘ (Windows, Command, or “Super”) key to see a cheat sheet of system keyboard shortcuts—like window and workspace controls, screenshots, and features like Picture in Picture . Want to change any? Hit the ⚙️ button to jump into keyboard settings.

A little later than usual (it’s been a busy month!), but we’re back with details of the monthly updates to Juno… plus a bit of info about 5.1 👀 blog.elementary.io/updates-for

A little later than usual (it’s been a busy month!), but we’re back with details of the monthly updates to Juno… plus a little but of info about 5.1 👀 blog.elementary.io/updates-for

Submit your talk! We’re planning to be at LAS again this year and will be submitting at least one talk. 😉

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We're extending the Call for Talks for one more week, until September 8th! Make good use of this extra time and submit your talk idea now: linuxappsummit.org/cfp/

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We’ve wrapped up at . An excellent week with excellent people. Look out for a blog post soon!

Thinking about switching to a fast and privacy-respecting operating system, but not sure where to start? Check out this approachable but thorough video from @Akzel94@twitter.com


We had a very productive conversation and are building a path forward to support vendor styles in GNOME, thinking specifically about how to navigate both OEMs' and app authors' concerns and wishes. We're very happy to share our experience in this area from elementary!

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Guadec Bof day 2: GNOME downstreams getting together to discuss vendor themes

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