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We’re working to pinpoint an issue that some folks are having with downloads on our website. Hang tight and we apologize for the inconvenience!

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Transporter just hit 1k downloads in elementary OS AppCenter! 🎊 🎉

Hey @Debian@twitter.com fans, there’s some news about running our desktop (Pantheon) on your OS of choice! buff.ly/2uBNV9N

Great to get @tintou_noel@twitter.com, @DanielFore@twitter.com, and @CassidyJames@twitter.com into the room with all kinds of GTK people at GUADEC!
RT @GTKtoolkit@twitter.com The GTK BOF is off to a good start at @guadec@twitter.com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/GTKtoolkit/status/

Hey developers, we've got a special preview of the next major release of elementary OS just for you. Check it out! buff.ly/2lQDP0H

For this month's we interviewed KJ Lawrence, developer of Web Watcher and Archetype buff.ly/2tLGkVp

There are now almost 100 native apps in AppCenter! What are your top picks? buff.ly/2Khl44f

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We're approaching 100 curated apps for @elementary@twitter.com OS on AppCenter. That may not seem like many, but every one of them is native, was built specifically for the platform, supports HiDPI, respects your privacy, and is completely open source. cassidyjames.github.io/appage/

Check out @matthartley@twitter.com's latest video to hear about some alternatives to Windows and macOS. It's a great time to switch to an Open Source operating system! buff.ly/2ybNJ67

The bounty for adding GitLab support to AppCenter Dashboard is already up to $355! If you're interesting in helping us reach more developers, support this issue with a bounty of your own :) buff.ly/2sQWpJ7

The Brazilian Community just released their new website and forum, check it out! A Comunidade Brasileira acaba de lançar seu novo website e fórum, confira! buff.ly/2LkLH5h

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Our latest progress post is here! Check out Look & Feel changes coming to elementary OS 5 Juno: buff.ly/2H92jdx

Speaking of switching, have you checked out @CassidyJames@twitter.com' series on switching from macOS? buff.ly/2G651BI

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I just published an update for Transporter to @elementary AppCenter. Should be available soon.

The app is now translated into Russian, Lithuanian, French and Italian!