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Speaking of switching, have you checked out @CassidyJames@twitter.com' series on switching from macOS? buff.ly/2G651BI

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I just published an update for Transporter to @elementary AppCenter. Should be available soon.

The app is now translated into Russian, Lithuanian, French and Italian!

Thinking about submitting an app to AppCenter? Check out the submission guidelines beforehand to ensure a speedy review! buff.ly/2Kxy1Dt

We’d like to give a shout out to our over 320 supporters on @Patreon@twitter.com! Your support makes elementary OS possible :) buff.ly/2H6wxSB

New to elementary OS? Check out this handy introduction video series by The Linux Experiment: buff.ly/2GpBgu8

A new is here! Check out Transporter by @bleak_grey@twitter.com buff.ly/2rJi8TG

Check out the first episode of @latenightlinux@twitter.com Extra to hear more about the imminent Juno Beta! buff.ly/2KzI3oB

Tune in to the latest to hear about our recent work with upstreams on Notifications and how things will change in Juno buff.ly/2I6PJjz

It's time for a recap of this month's progress towards the next major version of elementary OS! Check it out: buff.ly/2Fv7nIu

Fala Português? Siga o blog da Comunidade Brasileira do elementary OS para acompanhar todos os nossos posts do Medium traduzidos buff.ly/2r9aTTQ

ICYMI, we highlighted some of the coolest new apps to come to AppCenter in 2017. Check it out: buff.ly/2HfbAFU

Whaddya think devs? Somebody wanna get an Evernote client into AppCenter soon? :) twitter.com/egee_irl/status/98

Hey developers, we have a little present for you! Introducing Houston CI buff.ly/2J60M9F

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We’re just 15 apps away from having 100 new, native, Open Source apps in AppCenter. No ports. No web apps. No proprietary software. I think that’s pretty freaking cool.

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Trying something new: if you're a developer of an app for @elementary AppCenter, I want to hear from you! Check this form out and let's get in touch. goo.gl/forms/QEfJWVilG3PCoKWi2

Do you want to support development and get cool stuff at the same time? How about checking out our store and getting yourself a shirt or a coffee cup :) buff.ly/2HcANAh

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Palette is a new app I made to view and copy colors from the @elementary brand palette!

elementary uses a set of bright and friendly colors. With Palette, you can easily access the entire set on your local device, plus copy any variation of each color to paste into your own projects.

I was inspired to make it this weekend since I realized I was opening a web browser to do something a native app could do better.

Get it on AppCenter: appcenter.elementary.io/com.gi

GitHub: github.com/cassidyjames/palett

In our latest blog post, we talk about some of our technical goals for the next major version of elementary OS buff.ly/2Hc4jG7

We'd like to take a moment to say thanks to our over 300 patrons! You all rock and your support means a lot to us :) buff.ly/2H6wxSB