Our new blog is officially here. Come read about why we left Medium and how we built a crazy fast, privacy-respecting blog just for you.

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@elementary good read! I never used medium but it looked cool to me. I may eventually play around with

Does it provide an RSS feed? This is my primary way to follow multiple sources chronologically

@chillperil @elementary Intéressant; ça a l'air largement moins chiant que Grav pour transférer les articles Wordpress; je vais tester.

@chillperil Par contre, l'installation de Jekyll sur mon serveur, ça a l'air velu.

@chillperil Accessoirement, le "pourquoi" n'est pas tant le problème que le "comment".

Si tu as un backup a me laisser pour faire joujou, je peux regarder. Pour ce qui est de l hebergement par contre c'est normalement tres simple, puisque jekyll genere un site statique. Ton serveur doit juste lire le html. Si tu veux avoir du ruby dessus c'est plus compliqué, mais ca se trouve (alwaysdata pour ma part)

@chillperil J'ai regardé les instructions pour installer le bazar et, déjà, à la première (installer Ruby) j'étais perdu.

Après, s'il existe des tutos plus simple, ça m'intéresse. Mais comme je suis chez un "gros" hébergeur (Infomaniak) avec un hébergement plutôt basique, mais options de customisation sont TRÈS limitées.

@elementary Are your RSS Feed URLs still the same? This post doesn't show up in my feed reader...

@vinnl @elementary looks like it failed to validate, I have the same problem

@elementary Nice move! Your new blog looks so much better without all the popups 😂

@elementary I can't see the new blog linked from the main website, is that intentional? Blog is beautiful and the write up is sweet for anyone willing to follow in your steps 🤸‍♂️

@elementary Oh thank god, another project has left medium. 👏

@elementary This is very cool and much of the same reasons I switched to an static site with PRs.

@elementary @cassidyjames false alarm, NewsBlur eventually loads this, but rue validation issues should probably be fixed too

@elementary blazingly quick this, clicking another article and it loads almost instantly.

@elementary Nice read, thanks!
Regarding open sourcing the site, I think the simplest solution would be to have a private fork of the public repo with everything. And pull in the unpublished changes/posts when it's time. Don't know how this can be scheduled/automated on Microsoft GitHub though.

@elementary alternatively, you could put the `_posts` directory in a git submodule. It's a bit more cumbersome to work with, but offers some flexibility.

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