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Want 20% off when you buy my Auto Layout book? Use this link gum.co/albook/blackfriday18 before midnight MONDAY #iOS

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Hmmm… I’ve enjoyed using my Fender Mustang GT40 amp, but if I were able to go back in time, I’m choose the Boss Katana 50 instead.

Using my old Line 6 Spider II makes me long for physical knobs. Also, the Katana sounds so amazing in comparison. 🤔

Any consensus already on how to deal with “crosstooting”? (e.g want to share this from other instance vis.social/@elkraneo/100577445)

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Hands up if you ever had one of these bad boys. The Radio Shack Science Fair 100-in-One (1973)

I was super super lucky, my dad managed to bring this from America


aaaand my big brothers MAY have rigged up the 'high voltage shock' circuit and told me it was the Lie Detector circuit and to hold the ends of the wires

Good times, good times. Very educational.

note the SPACE AGE INTEGRATED CIRCUIT with a whole ONE transistor on it.

That was a LOT in 1973!!!

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me: [Explaining Mastodon] So then everyone got booted, and now they just boost toots

Dr. Seuss: go on


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