this is the future millennials want
Dubbed the ‘blob,’ this mysterious new organism has 720 sexes, can move without legs or wings and heals itself in two minutes if cut in half

shoutouts to goth phlebotomists, you’re living your best life

i searched for 'cyberpunk stickers' on a whim and among all the cyber skulls and akira this result caught my eye first

sorry this is unclear. i hid the bats there, i just need to remember later when im home

can someone remember i have bats hiding in my books

i feel like in terms of broad city signifiers the pike place market sign is wayyyy better than the space needle

which is not to say i won’t keep sharing but! please keep that in mind and probably take what i’m posting here with a healthy amount of skepticism

i want to do what i usually do when reading interesting stuff and excerpt things that catch my eye, but to be clear i am a white woman reading a book by a black man about black movements, and i don’t know how i could avoid that affecting my perspective on what i share

already thought this was an interesting juxtaposition considering which movement tends to be emphasized in mainstream US histories

starting “this nonviolent stuff’ll get you killed”

doubt i’ll buy one bc it’s out of my budget but analogue is rly cool and i hope more companies do stuff like it

i wonder if it’d be possible to make achievements for a zelda randomizer

everyone talks about wanting a game where you can play as zelda but i want to play a game as metroid

why does the metroid not simply eat the other al— oh im being told it does actually

still researching venues for this after being informed about the police

announcing a mandatory white supremacist buyback

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