im hoping that by tomorrow night they'll be comfortable enough that i can sit in the room for a bit with them and just read nearby or something, just so they get kinda used to me

kitten update: they're home and put in their little kitten room. i checked on them a little bit ago and they were wedged behind my drawers together, so rn i'm just trying to let them be so they can get used to the new place

check out all the good replies to this
okay OTHER THAN BLACK CATS what is the witchiest kind of cat to you?

okay OTHER THAN BLACK CATS what is the witchiest kind of cat to you?

its weird to think of cats as desert animals but i guess that is what they are, huh

ok but if cats think of humans as giant cats who suck at hunting where do they think i'm getting all this meat from

(it’s about guerilla gardening, specifically)

i dont know if there was ever more clear an example that was pointed to of how our society had improved than that, except it was mostly a lie, and most people don't even see a problem with making it worse

i know a lot of news is depressing but honestly nothing feels more viscerally depressing to me than reading about how bad school segregation is, and is still becoming worse, in the US

imagine admitting to another person that you participated in white flight

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