if beta ray bill is so cool where's stable release 1.0 ray bill

sometimes i think about how not only are democratic politicians regularly bought, they're bought cheaply

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Hot take: the homeless are our neighbors, and people deserve to be judged for how they treat their neighbors.

would kill for some sorbet or ice cream rn

lotta people make fun of the chainmail bikini but at least it was originally equitable with the male version

*snake plissken activating the program that deletes twitter forever*

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Twitter solved the problem by blocking verified accounts from posting. Just one step left: Block all other accounts from posting too.

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sometimes i'll be shopping for bandaids like 'ugh i cant believe they dont have any characters i like in here' and then i remember that's because im a fucking adult

technically the first isekai was out lord and savior, jesus christ,

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the first isekai, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court,

i can kinda understand why they wouldn't bring this guy back

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