annoyingly didn't get it despite killing it at the interviews cuz they increased one of their existing staff member's hours so they didn't need anyone else

cool thx

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it's just hotel reception work but i've been unemployed for over a year so i fuckin need somethin

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Hey everyone!! Come join @ember and I in playing Breath of the Wild!!

selfies, eye contact, alcohol 

i just discovered there is a pokemon that is basically keebo

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i love the idea of #wolfrun buying those shirts in japan that have butchered english on them

selfie + hair talk 

@Rybark ey out of curiosity did you ever clear the core's b side in Celeste?

*to the tune of Hooked On A Feeling*
unga bunga unga unga unga bunga

thank god nintendo actually put their games on sale now

i couldn't decide last week between mk8d or super mario party but i figured mk was more likely to go on sale soon so i got party and now i'm getting mk for a steal ahahah fuck yes


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