selfie, leather (sfw) 

got a leather jacket as a belated birthday present from my mum and it is SIIIIICK

annoyingly didn't get it despite killing it at the interviews cuz they increased one of their existing staff member's hours so they didn't need anyone else

cool thx

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it's just hotel reception work but i've been unemployed for over a year so i fuckin need somethin

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selfies, eye contact, alcohol 

what's up masto just checkin in to remind you i'm still really fucking cute

i just discovered there is a pokemon that is basically keebo

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i love the idea of #wolfrun buying those shirts in japan that have butchered english on them

selfie + hair talk 

one of the best life decisions i made was to grow my hair out real long and i think i'm finally getting to the point where i'm happy with it aa

now to undercut it and dye it blue >:3c

@Rybark ey out of curiosity did you ever clear the core's b side in Celeste?

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