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@emelie Oh, that's grim :( Have a little anteater who shares your tiredness:

I hate those nightmares when you know you're dreaming and you're trying to wake up, but you can't and I think to yourself "fuck am I going to be stuck in this nightmare forever and die in my sleep?" Anyway I eventually woke and had breakfast. It's nice day and I'm tired af

I wish I could devote 100% of my time to doing art.

I need to sleep but I want to draw

I saw other artists having Ko-fi pages and felt inspired to make my own. If you like my art consider buying me a coffee? ko-fi.com/emeliepng

Okay, that's all! Thanks for reading! ☕️


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- Tis But A Scratch!
Weren't sure what do draw so I ended up with another study


I've been staring at this wip forever and I'm not sure if I shall put it on ice or fight through.. I'm having a lot of conflicting thoughts about my art lately mastodon.social/media/ZktSp8nP

Toot toot I'm doing laundry in a simulation, instead of doing IRL laundry. Join me: twitch.tv/galacticfriends

Literal snow chaos today. plz stop give me summer

I've had two coffees but I still feel like going back to bed

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Hey artists with other jobs to make rent... sometimes we compare ourselves to and our work to folks who do it full time or who can put in more hours... and sometimes we can be unkind to ourselves about it. Maybe it’s the extra time it takes us, the slower speed at which we improve, or the finished result. Maybe it’s the breaks we need or lack of energy.

Your #art matters. Your #painting or #fiberarts or #embroidery or #crossstitch or # quilting or #sketch? You make the world beautiful. Thanks.

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Read about something that interests you.

My dad is planning to get rid of some of his radiators and heat the house up with strategically placed bitcoin mining PCs..

naruto to boruto: shinobi striker is the only game I'm hyped for 2018

let me play as my 2007 naruto oc

EA is doing themselves a huge disfavor by not making a new The Urbz game

I'm gonna 3D print a Destiny Ghost and it's gonna be cool mastodon.social/media/DnGpWhkd