My friend who is an assistant nurse, is soon going to be an equestrian injury specialist at this point.

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Rip to my foot that got stepped on by a Swedish warmblood.

Of course when I just recovered from one injury, I get another one.

Somewhat not enough energy to do anything productive, but somehow yet enough to flip a car given the chance

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Kids these days haven't tried to play The Sims 3 with all expansions + 10gb mods on Windows Vista and that shows

disney, copyright 

I'm increasingly convinced that Disney is one of the companies that has done most harm in the world. Their harm is not economic or ecological, as in most cases, but cultural. Whenever Mickey Mouse would run out of copyright, they use their considerable power to make sure copyright terms are extended in the US – and because of US power, elsewhere in the world. This has robbed us a hundred years of culture that should be in public domain but instead is inaccessible and forgotten.

I just re-discovered Thunderbirds (2004), I vaguely remember this movie and how 9 year old me was obsessed with it. Couldn't for my life remember what it was called till now. Turns out Thunderbirds is a whole series?? Why didn't someone tell 9-year old me this?

My finger is still wonky from falling off my horse one month ago, doesn't hurt tho. At least the fall gave me an excuse to finally order the helmet I've been eyeing for some time 👀

We equestrians spend so much time being yeeted into walls, yet we haven't learnt to build our arenas with soft walls yet 😔

Here I at least only live with the constant threat of being tackled by a moose and I'll get about 2-3 sun hours a day if I'm lucky.

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During November I practice positive thinking. Things could be a lot more rough. I could be living on Svalbard, and not only not see the sun for 4 months but also live under the constant threat of getting surprise visits from polar bears.

I had a lovely combination of exploding head syndrome and sleep paralysis last night, and for a moment felt like my soul was being removed from my body.

Animal Crossing be out there giving us fantastic content for free, while The Sims 4 will give you nothing and make you pay 49.99 for it

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