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I put up a goal on my Ko-fi page, because I want to be able to afford a tablet monitor.

So if you like my art and want to help me out a little please consider buying me a coffee: ko-fi.com/emeliepng

Thank you! ☕️


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I have an optician appointment on Tuesday, and I'm really excited to finally get new glasses, and not have headaches all the time 🤓

Hey, if all man-babies boycott Battlefield V, we will finally have a game where women can use the voice chat without harassment 🙃

My mom's cat gave birth to 5 kittens this week, one of them didn't make it, but the others are healthy and too cute 🌸❤🌷

Kiss the eel-friend 💋 / I also wanted to draw something for , not my usual style so it was a fun challenge 🐟

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Just finished my first assignment for Craig Mullins Schoolism class ✨

Went outside and almost stepped on a snake today 🐍

My dialect has gotten out of control since I moved back home, I sound like my grandparents.

Like I lived here for 20 years didn't develop much of a dialect, moved away and now when I've moved back I can't stop speaking dialect

Detective pikachu is consuming my life

Detective Pikachu is basically a game about shaming pokemonz for their crimes

I just got Detective Pikachu, and I'm so excited to play it. The world needs me fun pkmn spin-offs ✨

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Okay but people are only voting for us because they want MÃ¥ns and Petra back

Ehh, I'm going to bed. I'm happy as long as Norway or Denmark doesn't win. Good night ✨

Why can my Wailord learn Flying type moves???

its a big whale it can't fly

It's nice and all the we finally have gotten warm weather over here, but my apartment right now is like stepping into a sauna.

This building was not built for spring/summer warmth

Norway sent Rybak again?? Uhh..

Yes, this is my jam. Go Ireland