Living in the same house as friends is great, however at the rare times when no one have time to hang with me I get so annoyingly understimulated.

Animal Death, Sad 

Kissed you goodbye this morning, knowing it would be the last. You fell asleep holding onto your precious green ball, your constant companion for twelve years. Now I'm haunted by an empty space that cannot ever be filled. The need to reach out and hold onto something, but there’s nothing grasp, like fingers passing through water I’m left empty-handed each time.

I hope you knew how loved you were, and how missed you will be ❤️

There's no such thing as having too many art supplies. Have been wanting to try Gansai Tambi for quite a while, and it might just be my favourite new watercolour palette. Also picked up another Lamy pen, because they're just amazing.

I feel like this whole thing with wholesome games has just taken off these last few years, especially with the pandemic. I hope this trend keeps going. There's so many interesting upcoming games. Sometimes (or all the time) you just want something fun and relaxing to play.

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I just loathe Alderaan in SWTOR I'll post-pone going there for as long as I can

Started another Bounty Hunter playthrough after finish watching The Mandalorian. This is the way

I hate to admit it but I don't know how to play SWTOR. I'm just here for the cool cutscenes. No idea what my attacks does or what item level I should try to achieve.

SWTOR Spoilers 

I've been playing periodically since forever, finally got around to that part in the Sith Warrior storyline where I get to slay Darth Baras. Ugh finally he won't be missed.

Equestrian life is being injured all the time. Crashed into an obstacle yesterday. If the horse don't want to jump, sometimes you'll just have to jump it on your own 😵

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