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Hello! ✨ If you hadn't guessed it yet, my name is Emelie. I'm a Swedish artist, who .. uh have a few pets that I like to post about.

My acc. is basically shared with:
🐴 Ferrari, my grandpa pony
🐰 Totoro, his royal fluffiness
🐱 Marnie & Mary, who makes sure I never sleep

When I'm not tending to my pets or creating art, I spend a good amount of time re-watching Ghibli-movies, dreaming about castles or playing video games.

If you want to support my work visit:

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Howl's moving castle was such a pleasant read, I almost want to re-read it right away

50 pages into Howl's Moving Castle, and Sophie making a deal with a demon to deceive Howl because he's a dumbass, is a mood


If you're gonna , you should probably also along with all the other companies they own shares in.

The other day I was waiting on the bus, and this man was stopping people on the street, most who were completely ignoring him. Eventually, he came over to me and told me I was a good person, before walking off to the next person.

Such simple words just left me with a great feeling.

I think we all have need hear that some times, even if it's from a complete stranger.

This guy had it all figured out.

You're a good person.

Mistborn #1 

I can't upload pictures, but someone help me pick which Instax Mini 9 color I should get 📷

(Flamingo Pink is out of question, because I used to have a pink Mini 8 that my cat broke)

In other news, someone was recommending me books from three different Terries (Terrys? Terrieses?) And it took me a moment to realize they were different authors

sorry but if your first name isn't Terry then you can't be a fantasy author

recently I'm so out of loop with video games. just found out about GreedFall and it looks just like the kind of thing I could get obsessed with

as much as i like reading books in English, i've no clue how tall 'ten feet tall' actually is or how much 'only an inch apart' is

@emelie gog link for all those who are (like me) not that big fans of steam. We are on mastodon after all.

just finished The Left Hand of Darkness

not sure how I'm supposed to emotionally recover

Do you like indie games? Do you like horror? Do you like Fran bow? 🎃 Then you should totally support my lil' brother @Anton_Bergman and get Little Misfortune on Steam:

my brother put himself into Little Misfortune 🙄 he walks by in the background occasionally

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