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I put up a goal on my Ko-fi page, because I want to be able to afford a tablet monitor.

So if you like my art and want to help me out a little please consider buying me a coffee: ko-fi.com/emeliepng

Thank you! ☕️


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Just finished my first assignment for Craig Mullins Schoolism class ✨

Went outside and almost stepped on a snake today 🐍

My dialect has gotten out of control since I moved back home, I sound like my grandparents.

Like I lived here for 20 years didn't develop much of a dialect, moved away and now when I've moved back I can't stop speaking dialect

Detective pikachu is consuming my life

Detective Pikachu is basically a game about shaming pokemonz for their crimes

I just got Detective Pikachu, and I'm so excited to play it. The world needs me fun pkmn spin-offs ✨

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Okay but people are only voting for us because they want Måns and Petra back

Ehh, I'm going to bed. I'm happy as long as Norway or Denmark doesn't win. Good night ✨

Why can my Wailord learn Flying type moves???

its a big whale it can't fly

It's nice and all the we finally have gotten warm weather over here, but my apartment right now is like stepping into a sauna.

This building was not built for spring/summer warmth

Norway sent Rybak again?? Uhh..

Yes, this is my jam. Go Ireland

Israel is my spirit animal

Hungary is good, yes plz

(We take Eurovision way too seriously)

(If we doesn't send Sean Banan next year, I'll be mad)