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Hello! ✨ If you hadn't guessed it yet, my name is Emelie. I'm a Swedish artist, who .. uh have a few pets that I like to post about.

My acc. is basically shared with:
🐴 Ferrari, my grandpa pony
🐰 Totoro, his royal fluffiness
🐱 Marnie & Mary, who makes sure I never sleep

When I'm not tending to my pets or creating art, I spend a good amount of time re-watching Ghibli-movies, dreaming about castles or playing video games.

If you want to support my work visit:

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Horses As Therapy/Finding Identity Show more

I don't need to buy more horse stuff I don't need to buy more horse stuff I don't need to buy more horse stuff I don't need to buy more horse stuff I don't need to buy more horse stuff

i wanna get a moomin tattoo

Nothing but respect for people out there who make up their own languages while world building πŸ‘


#digitalart #painting #digitalpainting

Scenes from "Enclosure", performance art, in which Philippines born artist Bea Camacho crocheted a cocoon for herself in 11 hours without interruption #womensart


I'm willingly planning a trip to Finland. How the tables have turned.

To however took my Minecraft account who-knows-how many years ago. I hope you're having fun. I keep getting emails from Mojang. Please change the account email.

if anyone ever hacks my email account; please pay my unpaid bills

spending 5000 hours looking for that perfect reference YOu FORGOT TO SAVE

Art low Show more

#Alternatives #Adobe

Stole this from twitter then forgot the acct I stole it from. Anyways here's a useful stolen graphic if you're looking for Adobe alternativesπŸ‘‡πŸ½

The Sims 4 is free on Origin at moment, grab it!

Build houses! Woohoo your neighbor! Have a divorce! Adopt a child! Drown your friends in a pool!

Only your imagination sets the limit! 🌞

omg so i'm trying to log into my old hotmail from when i was a kid and the security question has me so fucked up, i don't understand it at all it's like it's written by charlie from iasip

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