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Emelie 🐰 @emelie

@Gargron idk I'll probably have time next week

@mmokhi No I use it as intended it just doesn't work as intended always πŸ˜‹

@mmokhi It happens occasionally when I use function that lets you add more than one photo to one post 😁

@Gargron by then I'll have a new apartment in Dalecarlia so you're always welcome if you want to stop by my sleepy home town. It's doesn't cost much to travel from Stockholm to here. (I do suggest to spend a day or two in Stockholm before though, it's a lovely city).

@Gargron well uhh depends. I'm not going to be in Stockholm for a while which is one day away from Finland with a cruise ship. But right now I'm in Dalecarlia which is closer to Norway.

But in general I guess not since Finland is a neighbouring country?


@Gargron I'll notify you when I get the guitar so you can teach me all the things 🎸

@Gargron we should!! You got some good vocals so when I've learned guitar we'll be awesome.

@Gargron I'm going to learn so much guitar now!!

@Gargron noo I only got a child sized classic guitar with polyester strings. I can get a decent acoustic one now 😍

@Gargron some boys thought people would get really drunk and challenged people to do it. But since I'm quite alcohol resistant I was the only who did it. So I earned​ money and they got some lully lectures on game dev in return which was appreciated. So win win.

I earned 400 sek tonight because I drank a half bottle of Mintu and took chewing tobacco?????????