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Emelie 🐰 @emelie

Also, bring back Zoo Tycoon

I really would love to make a game were you build and manage a fantasy kingdom, much like a combination between The Sims: Medieval and The Settlers.

Almost every indie band I listen to have almost always at least one song with the word ocean or sea in the song title

@Trev I'll put it on as soon as I get home ):

the doo dooo dooo doo dooo dooo do soundtrack in Mass Effect haunts my nightmares, hope it's not in Andromeda

just got the notification that I'll be able to pick up Mass Effect after work today :alien:

I'm so excited

I thought I wasn't getting Mass Effect today so I ditched my N7 hoodie this morning because I was bitter.

Turns out I'll be getting it today anyways

@acostoss he is really into boxing, taking care of misguided youth and helping young immigrants. not sure about his stance on trains tho

@acostoss truly, I can arrange a meeting so you two can shake hands, and uhh.. talk about things?? ??? ?

People from my hometown is discussing on FB the possibility of putting up a statue of my grandpa?? My grandpa isn't dead?? And also why??

Now I'm all giddy about doing a castle project. Perhaps I should at least try it? It doesn't actually matter if I finish it or not.

@Gargron Dishonored looks cool too, I feel like it's similar to Bioshock in sense of art style.

Someone built Stockholm in Cities: Skylines and it's pretty damn impressive!


@sparrow yeah, the graphics are pretty insane for a MMO

I really want to build a castle in Unreal in a similar fashion. But I'm insecure about my skills.

The environment and architecture in Black Desert Online is insane. I spend way too much time just looking at buildings and details in this game.

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Hi! I'm looking for an Artist to comission some store art for my game (banners etc.).
I would like to support marginalized creators, so I'd preferably comission someone who isn't straight, white and male (this game already has one of those working on it).

Obviously this thing would be a paid gig, just in case you're wondering.

If want to know more, just get in touch and maybe point me towards some of your earlier work?

I really wish my friends would move back to Sthlm. My rent is stupidly expensive, and it would be much cheaper to share an apartment.

Also I'm starting to feel lonely and I've been missing out on a lot of game dev events because I don't want to go alone. :penguin: