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I put up a goal on my Ko-fi page, because I want to be able to afford a tablet monitor.

So if you like my art and want to help me out a little please consider buying me a coffee: ko-fi.com/emeliepng

Thank you! ☕️


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I've an almost identical ballpoint pen to my wacom pen laying next to my tablet, and I might have used the wrong pen

I was looking at reviews for a figure drawing book and one review was "I only gave this 3 stars because there's nudity in it, I didn't think there would be nudity."

Like ???? What did you expect from a figure drawing book with a nude man on the cover

also yeah my phone camera do suck

More Zorn from today. Going back this summer to see the inside of his mansion also 🌸

Seeing Zorn's work up close was really cool. Truly a master! Picked up a book and some postcards on my way out 🎨

I wanna be like the cool kidz and use Krita too. Wish my tablet would work with it. I'll keep dreaming till I get a new tablet 😂

My grandparents and I are going to the Zorn museum tomorrow. I'm so excited, probably going to pick up a book and some prints ✨

Guess who quit their job and signed papers for a new better job today? 😎

Do draw I can write promise

HAh, finally managed to upload a picture. A tip if you're going to do draw basic shapes is to set up a scene in Maya/Blender 🔴 mastodon.social/media/iVjf_Is9

W h y won't mastodon let me upload pictures from my phone, or is it my phone that won't let me upload pictures to mastodon


My friend is a what we call a rikspucko, and put acrylics in his mouth and spit it out on a canvas. I'm not sure he ok

New YouTube trend idea; dye your hair with acrylics

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@emelie im really fond of "the overtly white one" myself

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I'm watching The Defenders and I'm only in this for Jessica Jones

Alternative names for Iron Fist:

Glowing hand
One Punch dude
Fire hand puncher
Orange hand man
Fake Kung Fu Dude
Dragon Chest
Really Annoying