This is why you always Google names you've made up for your characters.

I must say though, the font really makes the whole thing /come/ together.

every day I live in fear and awe of people who post what's actually going through their heads

more pictures of donegal from errigal on sunday - these ones were shot and edited by Mairéad so the quality is noticeably better 😊

I'm really struggling with getting back into watercolours. I'm too impatient and too much of a perfectionist, so I easily get frustrated. This is becoming both a personal journey and artistic journey 😂

If you're looking for a goodreads replacement that isn't owned by amazon, and maybe instead run & founded by a Black woman, then Nadia Odunayo has a treat for you! Her new platform The StoryGraph is still in beta but it already seems fully featured, looks & feels great–it has a really clean clear look, filters, half-star rating options, the works! Check it out!

Painting this would've been a lot less difficult had my sister not been trying to add her own touches to it. At what point does siblings stop trying to make your life difficult? 🙃


This year I've suddenly developed an allergy for mosquito bites. My ankles are so swollen right now from the bites that I struggle to walk 🙃

I've slept at most 4 hours tonight because it itches so bad

In the wake of what's happening all around the world right now, Bastille's Doom Days is more relevant than ever

Some doodles I drew to practice inking!!
You might recognise the mermaid, it's a redraw of an older piece :)
1st character is an attempt at drawing @sempervirart 's OC!

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #OCs #FriendsOCs

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