I don't think you all are ready for how absolutely adorable these babies are 🐰

Not me stressing about because my boy was lame yesterday, only for him to show absolutely no sign of lameness today 😵

It's one of those days were I don't like anything I paint, no holds me to a more unachievable standard than myself 🌞

I don't have covid though, took a test yesterday, but I'm still coughing up my lungs.

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Been sick since Tuesday and having that staying-home-from-work-anxiety.

if you know me personally, you're probably a mii in my miitopia game

The remaster have given me a new appreciation for Mass Effect 1. Finished the mission on Feros last night, and I had forgotten how creepy that whole mission is. Those creepers be real creepy in high rez.

I haven't even packed all my stuff yet and I'm already tired of moving

Cons of having a horse is that somehow I always a few straws of hay in my pockets. Hay gets absolutely everywhere

My dad and my sister have really gotten into archery lately, every time I call either of them I hear bowstrings go off in the background.

The idea was to draw an entity that took the shape of religious figures to deceive people who seek guidance. I'm not sure I portrayed the idea accurately. This whole thing is quite experimental :blobcatcoffee:

I don't like anything I'm creating lately. I know that it's just a phase but it's really getting me down 🙃

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