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Hello! ✨ If you hadn't guessed it yet, my name is Emelie. I'm a Swedish artist, who .. uh have a few pets that I like to post about.

My acc. is basically shared with:
🐴 Ferrari, my grandpa pony
🐰 Totoro, his royal fluffiness
🐱 Marnie & Mary, who makes sure I never sleep

When I'm not tending to my pets or creating art, I spend a good amount of time re-watching Ghibli-movies, dreaming about castles or playing video games.

If you want to support my work visit:

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We went to look at some sloths and other cool animals today. Brought back a friend called Steve 🙊

@emelie the second pic looks like an album cover of an indie band, in the best way

@emelie interior album art for Sunset Panda's track "Trashed Panda" (also released as a single).

If you wanna follow Dan's journey on Instagram, there's an hashtag called

Soon departing from Stockholm on a 3 hour journey to Gothenburg ✨

Don't bring Pandas to Concerts 

We won this large panda at the theme park and I had to hold him throughout the entire Bastille concert. His name is Sir Daniel McFlurry of Scotland, "Dan" for short, his hobbies consists of wine, wine and wine. He is going to have to travel with us for an entire week now ... 🐼

I got to see Bastille live again yesterday, and I think it'll take me a little while to get down from this high 😭💕

now I found another two books in an online second-hand bookstore

now I'm only missing one book in the series

must be my lucky day 😭 😭

I managed to win an auction on four silver brumby books by Elyne Mitchell, Swedish translation, now I only need the last three books and I've the complete set

dream come true

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