Wow! The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is so dark and awesome! Archie Comics are so versatile.

Shout out to all the librarians. Oh shit sorry.

How has Castlevania Requiem never existed until now. It’s fantastic!

One of my favorite topics I go back to year after year is animal noises in different languages.

I have no confidence this going to be a fair election. "filed complaints with the Georgia Secretary of State's office (which is held by Kemp himself)"

especially given Kemp's track record:

Actually, I figured out what the UPS "product" is. It's called UPS SurePost. Very odd.

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I ordered something that was sent by UPS and then they transferred it to USPS at the end. I've never seen them do that before. How does that save them money?

I tried the Hulu Live TV trial and downgraded it 10 minutes later. Oh yeah, those are the reasons I hate live TV.

I'm sorry millennials, you'll never get me to say LOL. I say HA like a respectable person.

It finally feels like October in Georgia today.

I guess the Mac's "desk accessories" is an early example of these specialized widget interfaces, but I wasn't a Mac user at that time.

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I feel like I can trace a direct line between Konfabulator and current Apple Watch faces. There must be even more prior art I'm not aware of but I have a clear memory of Konfabulator being the root of mobile app design.

I finally updated my iPad to iOS 12 and all I have to say is, now we're pulling down from the right for control center on the iPad? I guess it's because they're getting rid of the home button on the iPad but I'm not a fan of this interaction. I don't have a better solution but there must be one.

News outlets must have people that specialize in articles about stuff that millennials are ruining

I honestly thought Google+ had already been shut down.

What do I have to do to convince you that Nothing But Trouble is a good movie? No, okay.

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