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I'm keenly interested in finding new remote work.

I have entry-level skills in like, writing documentation, HTML/CSS, and a little python/javascript/etc. I'm more experienced with tech operations and I'm most experienced doing project coordination - my best job was with Sedazad, an NGO that looks into how countries control their Internet.

I don't have a resume atm because this is unexpected, but if you know anyone looking for a nerd, please pass this on. emsenn.net

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It also probably doesn't feel like that many because every time I say something, I respond to it with some sort of follow-up I honestly could have included in the first toot, so I end up tooting 2-3 times for every 1 thing I have to say.

After this toot, my 20th toot will be my 1000th toot. It doesn't feel like it's been that many, and that's probably because most of the time it's been in conversations, not broadcasting messages out in the hopes someone hears it.

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Learned from reddit that the release date of the original Quake is closer to the end of the Vietnam War than today.

tired: google
wired: duckdudkgo
inspired: searx.me

fediverse: _is the fediverse_
also fediverse: _always linking to songs on spotify that i can't listen to since I don't have an account_


For how... the way y'all are, the way y'all are, it's weird to me that seemingly everyone uses spotify.

Refreshing the cache for the domain (so I guess main stylesheet?) gets it to break the same way it does on my desktop.


And it is broken differently on my laptop?

So a webpage I did doesn't look right in my main chrome profile. Works totally fine with other profiles - so I guess it's some extension I have? I don't even know how to begin troubleshooting.

(doesn't look right = some divs that make up a table appear to be missing padding? but only some?)

Please boost: Where can I sell a book as physical & ebook and have it automatically fulfilled? (that is, a good print-on-demand service that ties into a storefront.)

I currently use Amazon and would prefer to not.

Freeman: Guerilla Warfare is an early access steam game that's a lot like mount & blade but with guns, big fan so far

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(The ~26h of airtime previous to this had featured exactly 0 supernatural things)

Oh dang I forgot a bugbear showed up at the end of this episode.

Hehehe, I forget that Brent, the player, developed a southern accent for his character halfway into the first conversation.

(Part of why I like my fantasy podcast is everyone sounds southern, and that seems more realistic for a medieval fantasy world than like, hoity English accents.)

The plot will follow an outlaw organization that recovers magical artifacts before the ever-growing Empire can, while all sorts of other crazy magical stuff is going on.

The full-length show I wanna do won't be with D&D rules, but my own ruleset I've come up with through running the campaign that led to this soundcloud episode. It's based on dungeon world, but with some more simplicity and autonomy in letting the players contribute to the narrative.

If you want a peek behind the scenes, here's the DM notes for the campaign leading up to this episode: bit.ly/bowcanon

(The whole thing is set in my larger fantasy canon which has been built over many campaigns)