Nerds: "I have to type my language exactly when working with computers, because I understand that my language gets interpretted by something that only has its own understanding of the language we share. Luckily, if I use the wrong language, it will give me feedback!"

Also nerds: "I don't understand how you could misconstrue what I said so badly, and now you're lecturing me about how it's /my/ fault? Fuck you!"

And going to just toot it on its own:

This piece (superficially about Star Trek) is something I heavily recommend every cis, straight, or masculine-by-birth person read:

It made me realize I was willing to do a lot of talking to protect the status quo, and I didn't even realize it. (Among other things.)

good kermit: you've got linux on your desktop again!

bad kermit: okay so why not openbsd?

@alcinnz how do you do password management, assuming you use odysseus as your primary browser?

I've used Nextcloud and it''s amazing sofware BUT I can't find any hint of documentation on how to get started running my own instance outside, which appears to be down (and has been down for several hours.)

Most folk are home because of the snow so my Internet is real sporadic. :(

Good morning followers!

I hope everyone's weekend went well enough.


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