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When I was 12 I joined a server where everyone's name was their first initial and the first four letters of their last name. So my username was "msenn."

After a while we migrated systems and the rule was relaxed, and many original members changed their names to be more phonetic - I added an e to the start of mine, to become "emsenn."

Because my name originated as a username, I always write it in lowercase: a nod to my "heritage."

Here's the world log updated through last night: 69-record-the-history-of-the-e

We're now into Day 11 - on most eco servers, the industrial revolution is beginning to spread from inherently industrial markets like metalsmithing to agriculture and such.

On this server, we're still moving dirt and planting farms.

I didn't get to play much Eco yesterday but I'm hoping to catch up today - I've got fields to harvest, and am also ready to install a store in one building, starting to move toward having a real economy.

Also, new way to pitch Eco: Stardew Valley but multiplayer!

About to spend the evening playing on my Eco server - I was gonna build a beet farm but the environment has shifted and now where i've cleared isn't good for beets, so I'm not sure what I'll work on.

@PresGas Congrats you just became my go-to contact for when I want to remember how a thing was done in 2e roll 1d100 to find your prize.

I've recently had an opportunity to do general property maintenance and cleaning work at my own pace, which is real nice because i go a bit slower than most and need more breaks because of my disability, but I find like, scrubbing down a flight of stairs deeply satisfying.

Oh yeah - I'm trying to mention it every couple days, but I'm looking for new remote full- or part-time work in business operations, or optionally content or technical writing or data entry.

I've noticed a lot of newer people here using Mastodon to access the fediverse complain about the local and federated timelines they can see.

This confuses me, becuase I haven't looked at either one since my first day here, and neither are features twitter really has these days, so it's like upgrading from a wheelbarrow to an suv and complaining that the heated seats (that you can turn off) make your butt too warm.

Hello people who've recently followed me! I followed y'all back and look forward to seeing what information we contribute to each other!

Now's your opportunity to make me associate something very strongly with your username, rather than slowly building a persona out of the toots I happen to see. So, tell me about yourself, please?

Reminder that I'm eagerly looking for new remote work. If you know anyone hiring for part- or full-time remote work, preferably in the field of business operations but optionally in content writing or data entry, _please_ let me know.

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Right now my partner is taking the GRE - a test needed to get into their choice school for getting a master's degree. Wish them luck, please.

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@mtknn My specific situation: I have this project I used to work on, qtMUD. I wanna get back to being able to release it to where someone can 'pip install qtmud' again.

How do I get there, from Windows 10?

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It's August 2018. I want to start a Python project, meant to run in the command line, on Windows 10. Where do I start?

@kensanata Hey, I see you've updated Trunk but this seems to have gotten missed.

Here's a view of Holton Farm - Surry Farm in the background there, and Korvin Logging visible to the left.

It's interesting that populations continue to shift with very little intervention from me, beccause I know on your average server, people would already be working with steel by now, where I'm still in the "paleolithic" era. Makes me think a lot of players over-estimate the effect of early-game pollution, becuase they're just seeing the natural environmental shift. (Which is yet to slow, and I know i haven't done enough to greatly effect it.)

I've now had the Eco server I'm playing on with my friend up for about a week, and during that time, beets have been slowly declining in population - a common thing; the world generates with more life than it can sustain.

But the population has gone down 75%, which means beets are legitimately hard to find, and as a necessary part of late-Tier 1 cooking, I wish I had any good land for growing them where I've already settled.

@ishiku You're the best sort of social media person. Chimes in posts you have answers to, boosts questions you don't. <3

It's August 2018. I want to start a Python project, meant to run in the command line, on Windows 10. Where do I start?

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