Just watched that scene where Garak and Quark discuss the insidiousness of Federation values, by metaphor of cuisine.

When I was younger I used to be absolutely amazed how much STUFF some people seem to know, but today I realized that I know to call crows and ravens and such "corvids" and turkeys and chickens and such are "galliformes", without really trying to, so I guess eventually I'll also know "so much STUFF", it just takes being not a 12-year-old.

Also, upon reflection, 12-year-old me did not know how little stuff he knew, even relative to how much 28-year-old me knows.

What's funny is looking at one of the themes, THEIR website is split up across a bunch of different domains, so I guess maybe that's just how this theme tells its users to do stuff?

I just can't understand how someone would feel comfortable having business assets, such as their website, inside such a precarious system that "requires" such complex solutions if you aren't techie enough.

Currently observing two businesses try and sort out technical issues with their wordpresses. I'm not sure what the initial goal was, and I'm not sure they remember, because they're now setting up a new domain/wordpress to be able to use a different theme, for a single page of content for the main site. And it's not like it's a standalone thing, like it's not like how I might have emsenn.net/projects/qtmud and then qtmud.net (i don't, but example).

Hahah yea wow I just bumped it with the wrong sort of key.

Haha wow this 4-pin lock has all four pins set to the same, lowest pinning

Bad lock, but the key makes a good little saw!

Y'all might find this cool. I used to work in an office that was above the basement facility where many ofthe Enigma-breaker machines were assembled. It was scheduled for demolition, so before it was, I tried to find something to take as a souvenir. This is what I got. Certainly not a unique or identifying artifact, but I like having it. (And yes, it's full of first aid supplies because it seems heretical to have a box labeled first aid that doesn't have first aid in it, no matter how old)

(Wow it's amazing how much more aggressive "I argue" sounds, compared to "I would argue." But, it's not that I would argue, it is that I am arguing. Ahh well.)

omg i heard a pedestrian say "i really tried but i just couldn't find my character's motivation, but it's okay because that director was a perv anyway" AND I NEED TO KNOW MORE

So for series that it does not have a trailer for, Netflix assembles its own trailer from clips from the show and random music from the show.

Someone a while back shared one that was a Pokemon series that was fun clips from the show and HARSH edm, and it was hilarious.

I want to know if there's a collection of other hilarious auto-generated trailers for netflix.

People who have served in the military: I can totally append abitrary prefixes to someone's name or even start addressing them as sir, no problem.

Also people who have served in the military: Wait you want me to change what name and pronouns I call you? Why, I've never heard of something sO rIdIcUlOuS

Actual lookouts would call "There's a ship bearing 269 distance 200m km, position angle 15, target angle 130" which to me seems much more sensible.

Like let's play a game: there's a Tennis ball at heading 260 bearing 140, its direction is heading 70 bearing 315.

Where is the tennis ball relative to you,and where is it going, relative to you, and can you give me that answer fast enough to move out of the way?

Think about the amount of mental math it takes for a Starfleet officer to hear "There's a ship 200mkm away, heading 269 bearing 15, and they're just gone to warp heading 132 bearing 189" and infer "the ship has begun heading toward Cardassia"

Like... that's a lot of... I don't even know what kind of math that is but it's a lot of it.

I apparently have $8.71 in Google Play credits.

What should I do with it?

Good reminder that it's easy to assume we all know each other better than we do; it didn't occur to me that y'all would think I would think that maintaining the building fixtures wouldn't be the property manager's job.

But also... if someone talking about their job seems to be, just, wrong, maybe think about whether you're making some improper assumptions.

I forgot that there are people who call their landlord when a lightbulb in their apartment burns out.

Whenever I think about the series of events, I think about it as a lesson in proper training. I was half-drunk and beginning to heavily hallucinate, but was still (more-or-less) able to control a fire in the earliest morning hours, because I didn't really have to think about what to do.

The fire department showed up about 2h later, on foot, to give an idea of how remote the area was.

The fire was controlled in fairly short order, after the original fire-starters were subdued for interfering with the fire-fighting efforts, but I did end up with first degree burns on my hands and forehead.

The only reason it wasn't worse was because i had a very nice silk handkerchief I was able to tie over my whole face and still see through well-enough to operate.

And because I'd had some training in fire control, from working in agriculture.

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