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Great news! Payments with via the are now enabled for tickets for in Prague at @Paralelni_polis, October 2nd to 4th, 2020. One of the best and most inspiring conferences around! ⚡ twitter.com/fulmolightning/sta

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Is your wallet secure?

A detailed analysis by @WalletScrutiny is showing that only 6 out of 160 wallets are verified to be secure (reproducible when tested) 😱😱


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This Friday, July 10th join us at 4pm PST for a special VR Fireside chat with special guest @LeoWandersleb
Maintainer of @mycelium & founder of @WalletScrutiny

There, he calls the bluff of wallets claiming to be open source!

He's Doing Satoshi's work. Can't wait!

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If you're running a Lightning node on a Raspberry Pi with an SD card, remember that your SD card will eventually wear out and die, taking critical wallet data with it. Don't use SD cards unless they're mounted read-only for OS boot files. Keep all critical data on a reliable SSD!

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Did you miss us? Time to meet friends in VR again!

Join us and @JeremyRubin to learn about OP_CTV and Sapio, a new bitcoin smart contract language.


🗓 Saturday July 11th, 6pm UTC / 2pm ET / 11am PT

Details + Sign up: account.altvr.com/events/15089

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Just dropped my first episode of my new podcast.

To kick it of I had @Junseth on.

We talked about the 6+1 magic rules and we dissected the BU jargon.

I think this is the 'What was BU about?" episode you can point people to.


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@lightning node monitor 👀
Uses @RaspiBlitz LCD + cheap to get node info, invoices, and tells you when your node Is down!
🚀 🤩


Now I have 1234 Followers. Nice number, don't jinx it! 😎

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The second Release Candidate for RaspiBlitz v1.6 is out ... if you feel reckless, please help testing it and report any problems you can find. Download RC2 sd card image from v1.6 branch: github.com/rootzoll/raspiblitz

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Mass adoption, here we come!

with @Satsback. Attacking the cashback industry, exposing millions of new users to via the .

That's what we'll talk about with @tomchck and @stefanievjan tonight, 8 pm CEST!



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Mempool.Space is now available as a Tor hidden service at mempoolhqx4isw62xs7abwphsq7ldayuidyx2v2oethdhhj6mlo2r6ad[.]onion

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⚡ 200 Swiss Francs ($210) transaction with LNURL⚡

The connected to a bill acceptor rather than with coins 😍 🔥 twitter.com/RobinTorque/status

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