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The amazing community funded a camera so that I could make an extensive explainer video about onion routing on the !

Full version (11 minutes): youtu.be/toarjBSPFqI

Please support my educational activities at: tallyco.in/s/lnbook/

Thanks & Enjoy

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Emzy's first merged PR: github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pul
Congratulations! 馃帀馃嵕馃巻

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PSA: Habe meinen Guide zur Flughafen-Kontrolle-sicheren Benutzung von FileVault f眉r 10.14 aktualisiert. erdgeist.org/posts/2012/fileva

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What is a sunny day good for? Range tests and outdoor debugging.

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A dream just became real: Beer can now be bought using Lightning at our Leipzig Bitcoin Meetup HQ Uptown Coffee, courtesy of @bluewalletio@twitter.com!

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We're excited to announce the launch of the Beta! Pay via testnet to globally broadcast data for exciting new use cases! Mainnet support coming soon. Get started building 鈿★笍+馃洶锔-powered apps today! blockstream.com/2019/01/16/sat

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So a 0.96" OLED screen can fit a invoice QR. $7.80 ESP32 module connects to my remote LND node with no additional software. Just give it the non-admin macaroons and tls.cert file.

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@waxwing @emzy @Sosthene it's not related to the ppa. The problem is that if you run the command 'bitcoin-qt' on Ubuntu without having Bitcoin Core already install, an Ubuntu shell function recommends that you download the 'BitcoinQT' snap (an image for a docker-like container). That image is, in fact, a Bitcoin Cash app.
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@harding @emzy @Sosthene

Oh wow, so ... much worse than I thought! Sorry for misinfo.

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When there's too much fire in your firewall...

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Wow! invoice-less payments are coming to lightning! This unlocks a whole set of possibilities for end user UX. Thank you @roasbeef@twitter.com!! twitter.com/Stadicus3000/statu

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Next generation learning about the lightning network with @acinq_co@twitter.com explorer. 7 y/o son enjoys picking places to connect. A good way to teach peer-to-peer transactions across the whole world. Connect with us: explore.casa/nodes/03a8355790b @CasaHODL@twitter.com @lightning@twitter.com 鈿★笍鈿★笍鈿★笍

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Before can be resistant to US-government-level attackers, the majority of the Bitcoin economy needs to have their own full node on hardware the NSA can't access through backdoors. (We're probably nowhere near that point yet.)

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Did you know that
d1de32dd06ac06a98f479bdf31654e3c0bfcf1fe82579b3cb3760ee002e008fd and
d1de32dd06ac06a10cc6479102d8e4a941acd243bd6aa68f5b707176ea27905c are two transactions that share the longest TXID prefix? Read more about my experiment here: rusnak.io/longest-txid-prefix-

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Kind of tired of @Canonical@twitter.com making really terrible defaults for @ubuntu@twitter.com users and not seeming to care about it. I think its time we strongly recommend against people using Bitcoin Core on Ubuntu. github.com/bitcoin-core/bitcoi

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I gave a talk at Google. Afterwards, several Google employees told me they were almost ready to quit their jobs.

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Bisq v0.9.2 is out!

- Reduced maker fees to flat 0.1% 馃殌馃殌
- Fixed Bisq DAO bugs
- Added Mimblewimble implementations Beam (trade now) and Grin (available when launched on mainnet)


Full release notes:

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