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Ꮢ๐ϲoᴄo Ⅿoԁem Ᏼasіlisk @enkiv2

ClickHole truly is the BuzzFeed of shitposting. Or perhaps shitposting is a kind of Dada Surrealism of the Internet, intended to evoke self-awareness and introspection of what the actual fuck we are doing on here.

What if all of these blue collar reality TV shows are a version of Plato's Cave. Brainwashing workers that nothing else can possibly exist beyond one's job. One must solely rely on the job for excitement, drama, and personal development.

now how much knowledge of everything, but didn't set the world isn't quite so nice and easy

I wrote an essay on love as ideology, it begins with:

"Why do so many authoritarians on Twitter have anime girl avatars?"


"In Perl 5, arrays and hashes use changing sigils depending on how they are being accessed. In Perl 6 the sigils are invariant, no matter how the variable is being used - you can think of them as part of the variable's name."

So much difference in ease of learning.

@octopus Don't languages like haskell essentially create implicit yields with thunks / deferred evaluation?

Yield is useful when you want to make deferral explicit & roll your own generators, but when deferral is built into the language just adding stuff to a list and returning the list is the same because list items won't be computed until their value needs to be printed or tested against or something.

@rechelon "Authoritarian ideologies have always appealed to the most vulgar of our psychological needs. The twists and turns of their arguments are often ludicrous on the face because they’re not actually about intellectual persuasion, but emotional promises. The subtext is the point: We offer you community. We offer you power." THIS

"I want some jet" my wife writes.

I stare at the note for a minute, as my groggy mind churns through several possibilities.

Jet the fictional amphetamine from Fallout? No, she's not a fan of either amphetamines nor Fallout.

A Learjet? No, she has no reason to want one of tho--

Oh. The carbon based rock that can be polished to a high gloss and is responsible for the phrase "jet black"

I -need- my coffee in the morning.

We never asked the Things if they wanted to be connected to each other. We never appreciated the blessed ignorance of not knowing their agony in serving us, day in and day out.


What are your favorite Deluze / Deluge puns?

Any puns involving Felix Guattari are also allowed, as are puns related to rhizomes, lines of flight, or the body without organs.

Drugs like alcohol, or drugs like LSD?

I was basically in a total fog until age 15 as far as I can tell, so being disoriented is like a return to normality for me. I'm not suggesting this is a normal reaction; just trying to explain how I could joke about it so easily despite experiencing it.

I was trying to make a joke about depersonalization being a potential way to feed the (dissolved) ego, but it fell flat.

(I don't personally find depersonalization & dissociation distressing, but I recognize that it is for a lot of people.)

I wonder if there is a generalized difference between Yudkowskies and congressmans

If you ever feel depersonalized, just recognize that this represents a special insight into reality, and that people who don't feel depersonalized are deluded schmucks!

tired: Dark Enlightenment
wired: Dank Enlightenment

Whenever somebody is considering reading The Sequences, I recommend they read Intuition Pumps instead.

So some idea might migrate into the head of a dawkinsite that originally developed in order to square marxism with the veneration of saints, or to scripturally justify cloning your ancestors.

It's much too easy to accept some arguments as reasonable & take that as an excuse to accept the rest of the arguments, even when you fundamentally disagree with the premises used to come to those conclusions, simply because you first heard them sixth-hand. This is a huge problem with Transhumansim because you get all these ideas from 1898 filtered through De Chardin and Kevin Kelly.

Re: the singularity

It's an offshoot of russian cosmism, mostly taken seriously by american nu-atheists. As a result they don't want to look too closely at the initial religious & russian-nationalist basis of some of the ideas. It benefits from having the same kind of visionary language as italian futurism (same time period).