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the great thing about chrome is that every tab has its own process, so one tab freezing up doesn't crash the whole browser

*one tab freezes up. my entire computer crashes because it has only 2 gb of ram*

@skquinn @enkiv2 @pnathan @Elizafox Agree. It'd be easier to tie copyrights to the original author and have them evaporate at death.

@enkiv2 @tek @pnathan @Elizafox One could look at it that way, though from my real estate studies, it is really hard to take over a property by squatting. It's something like 20 years in Texas (during which you can't be challenged at all or it starts over, I think). Trademarks, on the other hand, you can lose if not in active use for 5 years, possibly less in some places.

There's hyper-modernism, meta-modernism, and super-modernism. So where's control-modernism?

And does anyone want to write the Control-Modernist Manifesto with me if there isn't one already?

@tek @skquinn @pnathan @Elizafox
I'd also expect it to be subject to estate tax if anybody involved dies.

(This would cause a shift where copyrights and patents held by individuals would largely be put into trusts instead. Which might be interesting.)

@tek @skquinn @pnathan @Elizafox
Trademarks are funny since they have an unexpected similarity to real estate that other forms of so-called IP lack: squatter's rights!

@skquinn @enkiv2 @pnathan @Elizafox I agree. But if the "owners" of it want to call it property because that implies the positive connotations they like - that we should protect it via our tax-supported court systems - then that should cut both ways. I want an explanation of why they don't feel it should be taxed.

@tek @enkiv2 @pnathan @Elizafox It's another reason that "intellectual property" is a flawed term. Copyrights, patents, trade secrets, trademarks, etc. aren't property; they are limited-time restrictions which eventually expire. (In the case of trademarks and the related service marks, however, they stay active for as long as they are in active use. This is why FedEx Office has "kinko's copying inside" signs.)

@enkiv2 @skquinn @pnathan @Elizafox Side note: I've been asking my local politicians why we don't tax intellectual property. If a company sues for a patent violation being worth $1B, then that's $1B of property that they're asking the government to defend but that they're not paying taxes on, and that it sure would benefit our schools. They usually smile and laugh until I get to that last part, then things get serious.

Bad idea of the day:
Enter Steamboat Willy into evidence in a court case, thereby putting it in the public domain.

@skquinn @pnathan @tek @Elizafox
The acronym is a bit on the nose, but I can't exactly dispute it.

(And imagining copyright as a clay robot blindly destroying Prague because of a logic bomb is amusing.)

@enkiv2 @pnathan @tek @Elizafox The FSF prefers GOLEMs (Government-Originated Legally Enforced Monopolies) which I think is a bit over the top. (it's on gnu.org/philosophy/not-ipr.htm if you want to take a look)

@skquinn @Elizafox @tek @pnathan
Copyrights are extra super weird. For instance, they can be renewed, yet they're implicit and registration is optional. You don't even need to put a copyright notice on something: everything that is copyrightable is implicitly copyrighted & the courts figure out whether or not it was copyrightable in the case of a suit.

(Which is more like how trade secrets are handled)

As much as the training to use sudo everywhere has its downsides, at least it prevents problems where hostile code gets run as admin because the fscking sysop reads his/her mail as admin user.


@skquinn @Elizafox @tek @pnathan
You're right!

(Weird. I don't know where I got 15 years from, since most of the patent data we work with is currently-live stuff from WTO countries.)

@skquinn @pnathan @tek @Elizafox
There are design patents, which are halfway between patent and trademark. I think that's it though.

I don't even like calling them "rights" -- marginally better than "property" but really they're too vague.

Maybe "Proprietary Content Licensability". Or "Temporary Content Control".

@skquinn @Elizafox @tek @pnathan
Patent terms vary by country & while many patents are filed in multiple countries at once you get a certain amount of international cooperation for violation. I believe it's still 15 years in the US with no renewal.

@skquinn @pnathan @tek @Elizafox
I'm having a hard time coming up with a better name that's of equivalent length, though.

Dropping trademarks from that class doesn't help much either.

"Limited monopoly hooks" maybe?