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Because is being stupidly unreliable, I'm temporarily moving over to as a primary account.

My current obsession: Steelmaning social constructionism using gametheoretic models of risk/reward systems. Trying to merge it w/ evo-psych and the emerging understanding of gene/culture feedback loops.

Exploring epigenetics as verticle transfer of microbiome + other forms of contagion when splayed against food norms.How cultural ritual + memetics adapt to resource density & environment.

Hunch: astrology "science" historically acted proxy for personality changes due to food scarcity & disease?

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@enkiv2 Software Wolf. Preys upon the others at night, but by day is disguised as an innocent developer.

I'm loving your Pretty Demon Lines, @enkiv2, but I really should save up for some good headphones before I explore any further.

1983: My computer has a solid steel chassis, two 360k floppy drives, a green monochrome monitor, and a 300 basis modem. Watch me did into this mainframe to run this program I wrote..

2017: My computer is a slab of black plastic the size of a deck of cards with a touch screen. Watch me listen to concert-fidelity music for twelve hours, communicate with hundreds of people around the world, and render 3d graphics in realtime. Can't code on it, though..

* Optimism caused the Challenger explosion
* Patriotism caused the Holocaust
* Loyalty caused the First World War
* Consistency killed Kurt Godel
* Brand loyalty caused the Crusades
* Confidence is the leading cause of car crashes

These words have positive connotations, but they shouldn't. At best, they are only sometimes desirable.

So, as some of you know, I make music.

I have released in excess of 40 albums since starting in 2007. They are here:

A couple people have said they didn't know I had a patreon (because I only list it at the bottom of that page). I've got two patrons right now. I charge upon album releases (not counting generative music releases), which happens only a couple times a year. So, if you have poor taste,

Because is being stupidly unreliable, I'm temporarily moving over to as a primary account.

Hacking my U8 clone is gonna be more of a project than I expected.

did you know

there are more Mastodon users right now

than there are words in the average English speaking vocabulary?

(this may actually be true IIRC, Masto has 150k and the average English speaker has 80k? or less, I think)


<after programming MIDI sequencers, in various forms, for 10 years> I think I'm getting close to figuring out how to write a decent MIDI sequencer

@body i think the main skill (like most 'tool-making') is being able to bridge the gap between "what thing do i want to make" and "when the thing's made, how will i want to use it to make other things"

Word of the Day


An inapropriately mixed metaphor which somehow seems to get the point across anyway.

#wotd #wordoftheday

"It isn't rocket surgery, you know!" said Bob. He was totally unaware that his mixed up metaphor was also a malapropism, a malaphor.

[The Oxford Dictionaries Online blog describes this word while the ODO dictionary itself fails to contain a definition. Oddity upon oddity.]

Everyone says your baby looks like you. Same eyes, same smile. But as it grows the similarity increases. Same laugh. Same freckles. Same teeth. Same scars.

"What’s usually forgotten in the story of #Magna #Carta is the companion document that was incorporated into it two years later, the Charter of the Forest. This document explicitly protected the customary rights of #commoners. The Charter of the Forest is a kind of human rights convention that guaranteed commoners (...). In essence, the Charter of the Forest was the first legal #limitation on #privatization."

Your daily reminder that property is state-enforced theft

If it's not running on foglets, it's clown computing, not cloud computing.

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