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While the SEGA Genesis was officially discontinued in 1997, many of its most successful games found a home on later platforms, including 'Peter Gabriel The Hedgehog', 'Earthworm Phil Collins', and 'Mike & The Mechanics & Knuckles'.

pals im gonna be streaming titanic: adventure out of time (1996) in about 10 mins

(image contains spoilers)

pals im gonna be streaming titanic: adventure out of time (1996) in about 10 mins

(image contains spoilers)

being in space is so romantic. theres nothing quite like fluorescent lighting, the sound of loud air conditioning, and lenovo thinkpads everywhere

when it's 2005 and your "Stayin' Alive" ringtone goes off

One eyebrow: monobrow

Two eyebrows: stereobrows

Eyebrows, moustache, and beard: surroundsoundbrows

I had a dream about being in the titanic game last night :/

@envgen halloween is all about wearing a dog costume around your friends and family and pretending it's the only time of year you do it

maybe ill do halloween this year. but idk, its still kinda spooky. i dont even know what doing halloween means

Me: god I wish French people would spell words correctly, it's hard enough reading a foreign language without intentional misspellings!
Also me: m8 if u so v tired go a bed!!!

huh turns out i had flash cs6 knocking around in my downloads folder

i haven't used flash since it was made by macromedia so this'll be fun

hey pals whats some good 2D animation software these days

boss followed powderpaint on twitter in the early hours of this morning and then unfollowed us shortly afterwards

did she follow us but then deem it unprofessional to follow an employee's band

did she just not like it

is she now snooping on all my social media accounts oh god

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