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james and the hologrames @envgen@mastodon.social

when someone's my age i think, wow, they're so much older than me

me, learning to sew: ah what is it they say, "one stitch to rule them all... nine stitches to find them"

hey siri what's mastocoin trading at against the dollar

(too small for the mall)

they should call it the internet of dings cos it's turning us all into dinguses

if you insist on sending generic spam messages, please use a more flattering adjective than "surprised"


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somtimes i'll write a regex to filter a meme out of my timeline and then i'll forget and be like, pleasantly surprised at how quickly masto realized it wasn't funny, and then it will slowly dawn on me, with creeping horror, that everyone's definitely still doing the meme constantly and i just can't see it, which is kind of like knowing *for sure* that someone is doing a murder in the other room

found a couple of comedy sketches i wrote 3 years ago. they're not very funny. it's not my sense of humour at all. it's really weird

twist: it exists

double twist: static HTML page with "yes" in 120 point font

is there a website that straight up tells you whether you're bad or not

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@envgen I think he's written a pretty good chorus vocal there too