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e•mo•tion has 59 producers/production assistants listed. FIFTY NINE

if i didn't know better i'd say too many cooks but the album speaks for itself. how the heck it manages to sound so cohesive i have no idea

tell you what gets me goin. big long roads that change name halfway along, so you think you're on X Road but you're actually on Y Road cos the name changed halfway down the road, without telling you

you know that atlas robot, is that some ayn rand shit

hello i am the tall jazz musician John Talltrane, and these are my big feet, with which i take Large Strides

you know those fenders with the matching headstocks. it's like the guitar's wearing gloves mastodon.social/media/KkTekdGn

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i shaved this mornin, and that means it's time to toot about how much shaving fuckin sucks!!

(that was a prompt for you to consider the entire tl)


(30th december 2005)

um, what i *think* is going on, is there's a brief stop motion sequence of solid snake (plasticine) pushing liquid snake (plasticine) off of metal gear (cardboard), i don't remember the context of this

for whatever reason, that footage has been composited into some sort of dire straits homage