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hey!!! if you haven't listened yet, here's a gay song from @powderpaint's gay new EP. its on spotify and bandcamp too

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all right pals ive got a new album out

it's a 5 track EP called 'Songs I Hate'

you can download it (or pay what you want) on bandcamp

there's also a video for one of the songs on youtube

i think it's quite good and i hope you think so too

love you πŸ’œ

chronic case of 'eyes that look like two pissholes in the snow'

so many people have been so nice and supportive and said lovely things about our EP and im just. i am love. thank u 😭

self promo, bandcamp link, please boost 

hey yall its bandcamp friday which means they're waiving their share of revenue today

i make weird ambient n noisy experimental music so if youre into that please check my stuff out n if youre able to spare a few dollars i'd really appreciate it !!! πŸ–€πŸ–€

some mothers really do 'ave 'em
some mothers really do 'ave 'em
some mums' 'ave 'ems are bigger than other mums' 'ave 'ems

me, lying in the middle of a huge glass plate with my chin in my hands: ooh, i sure hope no one MICROWAVES me :3

this lady from texas with an email address one character different from mine has signed us up to a mailing list about clogs

the nuclear waste long term storage warning but its emo philips reading it

lets all of us pretend i didnt accidentally post this from the powderpaint account

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for GOOD graphic design? *leans back in my chair* you have to put everything at a jaunty angle

i would also like to note that they refer to this as a 'POWER-UP'. fuckin achievement unlocked, "Regressive Tax"

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bandcamp drops their revenue share (i.e. they take a smaller cut) once you hit $5000 in sales. this sort of shit drives me nuts, how bout you take less money from us when we're barely making any and i promise when we start making $5000 in sales you can take a bigger cut

@powderpaint if you cant see Cool Album Art on your instance, im sorry your instance doesnt have Cool Album Art yet

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