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hi posting the powderpaint EP again so i can pin it on my profile

but if you havent listened to it yet,,,,,,,, go on!!!

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all right pals ive got a new album out

it's a 5 track EP called 'Songs I Hate'

you can download it (or pay what you want) on bandcamp

there's also a video for one of the songs on youtube

i think it's quite good and i hope you think so too

love you πŸ’œ

for me it's like. i wanna look at them a lot. i wanna observe them. i really want to be friends with them. im sort of aware of my brain being like "huh, ok, now what" but the 'i want to fuck them' module was never installed so it just shorts out. so i keep looking at them, and i want to be their friend and spend time with them, and all the while im mentally take notes on their outfit to steal later

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brushed my teeth and got into bed at 8. the day never started. oh well

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hey!!! genuine question: if you find someone hot, what does that mean/feel like to you

@envgen time is fictitious, start things when you want them to start. I'm sleeping 4pm to midnight right now and I'm more productive than I have been in months. Be a cat. Everytime is simultaneously bed time and High Octane Power Hour and only you can decide which face of the coin is up

im waiting for the day to start. ive been waiting all day for the day to get going so i can start being productive. its coming up to 4pm and the day hasn't started yet so i haven't done anything. anyway it'll be 5 soon and the day will be over

keep thinking my housemate is doing vocal warmups but it's just my tummy

paws. cons: cant type. pros: dont have to

selfie, ec 

hey its your favourite 1985 bubblegum pop mermaid

im in this quite normie facebook group and its making me realise what percentage of people are quite normie

religious opinion 

@envgen the thing is. the "it's pronounced jod" thing. when i was writing it. i was SURE i had already heard the joke before. so maybe we both stole it from the same person. or maybe it was divine inspiration. spreading the word of jod. or indeed, the word jod itself

hey!!! genuine question: if you find someone hot, what does that mean/feel like to you

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