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While the SEGA Genesis was officially discontinued in 1997, many of its most successful games found a home on later platforms, including 'Peter Gabriel The Hedgehog', 'Earthworm Phil Collins', and 'Mike & The Mechanics & Knuckles'.

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@envgen if you made clothes for sausage dogs, would you be a hababerdasher

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i know haberdashery is a trade not a skill but gosh do i want to refer to myself at parties as a "haberdasher"

the standard i expect of my own music is far too high and i can only pray i finish this album before the songs i've done for it in the last year or 2 fall below standard. and get delete. and i give up music. and take up haberdashery

me: 'nerdfighters'? hell yeah, i love fighting nerds! sign me up!!!

*signs paperwork*

advisor: *whispers in my ear*

me: i've done WHAT

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Are french paleontologists also called dinoisseurs?

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havent seen a single flying ant this flying ant day :thaenkin:

of course jacob collier is good at music, his family are probably really rich

dont forget to vote in my ebay auction

i think i've pinpointed this as the album that allowed me to pivot away from pretending to like guitar music (cos it was 2003 and guitars were C😎😎L) and in the direction of early FM brass

like how boys pretend to like buffy cos "uhh i think buffy's hot" when really they want to be buffy. likewise except i pretended to be there for steve (lukather) when really i was there for steve (porcaro) (and his yamaha GS1) (this analogy is rapidly falling apart)

listening to toto iv for the first time in yonks and tbh most of the tracks are better than africa (africa of course being stellar)

but i dont really like the album that much. it's wall to wall bangers, but just like. dinner party music

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im selling a macbook for someone on ebay but i dont know much about macbooks and all the other ones on ebay have numbers like "A1278" and "MD102B/A" and i dont know what that means or how to find it on this macbook? pls help