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post-james @envgen

@Thew enzo grew up to look a lot like his sister

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@fireh9lly i have no idea how to write political pop lyrics without them coming out horrifically cringey or a frosty cold take

all i can offer is well wishes and lucknuggets™

i don't have any songs

it's easy to tell depeche mode and new order apart when you learn this one easy tip:

depeche mode are like new order but with musical talent

new order are like depeche mode but good

serious question about genitals

@Vulpes_Absurda i am beginning to think i might do that

recommend it to them, that is

serious question about genitals

@sanspoint no just a wee bit uncomfortable and concerning

serious question about genitals

@fireh9lly they have not reported any of this no

why, should a healthy bepis produce moderate amounts of blood

serious question about genitals

@sanspoint no other symptoms no, it's kind of like a shiver, but INSIDE the bepis

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Man... Woman
Boy... Woboy

serious question about genitals

hey so a 'friend' has a question about their bepis

this 'friend' experiences a mild tingling throbbing sensation down the length of their urethra, maybe once or twice a day, at random

my 'friend' says this has only begun to happen in the last month or so, roughly coinciding with a recent blunt injury to the bepis

should my 'friend' be worried about this, and should is it worth going to m̶y̶ ̶d̶o̶c̶ their doctor about it

reading about these million dollar gold coins that are the size of truck tyres thinking, at what point does it stop being a coin, like you can't get a tyre-sized 100kg million dollar gold coin in your change, you can't buy a coke with a tyre-sized 100kg million dollar gold coin

@Nine when the school's file server is running an OS older than most of the children in the school

@Nine i appreciate it, thanks pal

i've had a lot of help i just need to sift through it, not gonna look at it before next week now

by a weird coincidence an important lady at the company called me today specifically to ask "james what version of windows server is your server running"


"it's WHAT"

so hoping we might be due an upgrade to an operating system that isn't, yknow, 14 years old

@sickasfrick wait

this dialogue is actually trnaslatable

am i meant to do that

everybody knows that shit's fucked

@sickasfrick it happens if you mouse-navigate in such a way that you go through a door on the way to somewhere else