On Thursday I’ll be speaking with @Phyllis_RedHat@twitter.com @EscalaMercedes@twitter.com & @mustafanaseem@twitter.com at Impact.Engineered. Join me to chat about Registration is FREE: bit.ly/3nvdaoK @engineer4change@twitter.com

Well, I learned about this cool event only this morning, so guess who is already booked and can’t go globalinnovation.coop/

But it would be nice if you joined those of us who donate to @Wikipedia@twitter.com because open source nonprofits need resources...

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BREAKING: all human knowledge is available to you right now this very second and you can read every word of it without having to pay a single penny

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ANNOUNCING: A new planetary movement to .

This Black Friday, the @ProgIntl@twitter.com is teaming up with warehouse workers, climate activists, and social movements around the world in a global day of action against Amazon.

Join us. makeamazonpay.com

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Just ran a wonderful session for journalists with @jwildeboer@twitter.com – we did participatory stuff (you know me) and also both got on our open soapboxes and said some stuff about openness @WeAreOpenCoop@twitter.com @openorgproject@twitter.com @RedHat@twitter.com and beyond :)

I'm speaking at IMPACT.ENGINEERED 2020. Wearing all my hats, but mostly @WeAreOpenCoop@twitter.com as I'll be bring the perspective to the panel: impact-engineered.org/agenda/s

The Guardian: Germany agrees ‘historic’ mandatory boardroom quota for women.

Just did a digital privilege walk with loads of @Greenpeace@twitter.com colleagues and it was fantastic. First time running this exercise digitally! opensource.com/open-organizati

would be cool if @Spotify@twitter.com noticed when I skip a particular song within 5 seconds every single time and stops playing it at me. Where’s the down vote button?

Whenever I’m asked for 2FA on a site I don’t use all that often (in this case my own webside LOL), I get weirdly proud of myself.

They are *still* finding ancient Greek statues in Athens. Idk why this surprises me but it does.

This whole skirting of confirmation hearings and acting like you have the job anyway makes me laugh. Should be like this in real life. I go to a job interview and then decide the job is mine and y'all just suck it up and do what my memos say. Ffs.

How much of our collective time is being wasted as we sort out lies from truth? I'm certainly wasting quite a bit of my own time...

"79%. That’s the share of Americans in a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Tuesday who said Biden won the election, compared to just 3% who said Trump won and 13% who said the election has not been decided." And yet the media continues to give oxygen?

Stress reduction therapy: Declining calendar events en masse

They really made the gods smile when they first invented a gaming console

I love seeing the wonderful people of @openorgproject@twitter.com <3 Looking forward to having more time soon and as always thanks to @redhat@twitter.com and @semioticrobotic@twitter.com

Enough is enough: Republicans' fealty to Trump imperils America itself.

Lovely to see @Greenpeace@twitter.com (pg 19) in @RedHat@twitter.com’s new Community and Social Responsibility 2020 report with a great pic of @alexandramvzla@twitter.com : redhat.com/en/resources/commun

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