10 years ago today, I was a huge nerd (and a dilettante in the area of "Adobe illustrator tracings"...). buff.ly/2LkyLlc

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We've put together this living document with @dajbelshaw@twitter.com showing a growing collection of what we’ve learned working with all different kinds of people & organisations over the years.

It includes links to resources we’ve found invaluable.

Enjoy 😀


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"Like a jazz trio, the world, body, and brain have their own spontaneous fluctuations that are the basis of the creative improvisation we call existence." buff.ly/3brGY0i

But why did they have to move it!? Why couldn't they swap the building plans between lots instead of moving a historical masterpiece!? Why do I not care enough to look for other sources to this story? 🧐

I am so happy that the @Greenpeace@twitter.com team keeps publishing openly about the work they're doing. Looks like 2021 is another big year. Read about it in 2020 Planet 4 Community feedback buff.ly/3qEOdZ1

I appreciate @KaiBrach@twitter.com’s design-in-tech moral luminosity as well as many of the other philosophical positions in @DenseDiscovery@twitter.com. It's great fodder for our @wethecatalysts@twitter.com @TechForGoodCAST@twitter.com cohort, so I’ll be sharing that with them this week ;) densediscovery.com/issues/125

This week we’re focusing on Architecture of Participation, a helpful, practical framework we’ve used in organizations around the world. @wethecatalysts@twitter.com @TNLComFund@twitter.com @TechForGoodCAST@twitter.com blog.weareopen.coop/howto-crea

Last week we did all of this with a wonderful group of 10 charities. This week, we’re setting more foundations. Can’t build without plans and we’re busy defining: blog.weareopen.coop/this-week- @wethecatalysts@twitter.com @TNLComFund@twitter.com @TechForGoodCAST@twitter.com

Thanks @openorgproject@twitter.com !! I love it! Our new logo looks top!

Yo. Bitcoin is really f&#+ing stupid and damaging to the planet. The way the network functions is ridiculously inefficient, and it uses as much energy as the country of Norway. Invest in some other crypto ffs.

Just sent my end of week email to @wethecatalysts@twitter.com cohort. I wrote a super snappy email, and put all of my reflections in this weeknote: blog.weareopen.coop/this-week-

5 years ago when I started working with @Greenpeace@twitter.com I built a little demo site to help activists use story. Based on work from @Dancing__Fox@twitter.com, @amrekha@twitter.com @slightlfubar@twitter.com, I just rediscovered loads of Story resources and activities laurahilliger.github.io/gp-sto

10 years ago today I wrote "Privacy is for Chumps", and said some stuff about intending to be authentic. Obviously, I haven't changed much. buff.ly/3gvG8l2

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🕯️🙏 request: we're looking for experts to advise charities on the following:

• Google AdWords
• Google Ad Grants
• Social media
• CRM systems

If you can spare an hour to talk a charity through any of these, please contact andy@digitalcandle.org.uk

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Collage Arts have started our first week of workshops with @WeAreOpenCoop@twitter.com and @wethecatalysts@twitter.com, as they help us develop an exciting digital platform!
Click on the link below to view our blog, where we will be sharing our progress, weekly.

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Oh beyond cool! Heya @wethecatalysts@twitter.com charities – @pablostanley@twitter.com has some people illustrations to add pizazz to things we’ll be making over the next 10 weeks. CC0 licensed :) And @BryanMMathers@twitter.com check this remixer inspiration out: openpeeps.com/

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This, via @ivanminutillo@twitter.com, is pretty cool: openpeeps.com

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