"The IRA is a huge step towards creating a green capitalist industry that wrongly assumes the economic benefits will trickle down" Landmark US climate bill will do more harm than good, groups say:

Just went from #OpenEducation to #OpenRecognition to Atingi.org to AllAboardHE.ie to #VandR all the way @DonnaLanclos.

Sometimes, #rabbitholing is efficient and useful.

Wordle 401 4/6


I came across this and am sharing it to remind myself of all of the ways that people try to avoid the very pressing problem of the climate emergency. Source: Discourses of Climate Delay | Leolinne


@Downes we'd be very receptive to any and all feedback you have on the @weareopencoop Feminism is for Everybody, Especially Educators course! downes.ca/post/73948

Harvested the first few bloody butchers. Then fell down a rabbit hole trying to figure out cross posting from pixelfed to here. Brain mush. Too hot.

I'm super jazzed that WAO just published this is for everybody, especially educators FREE course. Sign up! Boost! Share it all around! blog.weareopen.coop/feminism-i

Wore my new "ESC :wq ENTER" shirt to a meeting with folks I was sure would get it. They did not, and I felt way more nerdy than I usually do.

"In the 19th century, the body was the producer of daily goods, [...], in the 20th[...], the body’s role became more that of the consumer. Twenty years into the 21st century the status of the body is now that of the product" - I'd go to this exhibition if I were in Milan this summer: pacegallery.com/journal/elmgre

Everyday i wake up worried that there isn't enough coffee in the solar system to deal with my morning disgust.

Pro tip - if you use the word "synergies" with me, there's a very good possibility I'll hit delete without a second thought :/

If the written word, or indeed, media consumption more broadly is us "living in the past", with all the negative connotation encapsulated, what about the influence of that past on both present and future? Our knowledge sorting has some serious impact, thus action is building the future. Also, not to be pedantic but a black hole eating itself isn't like Saturn eating his son.

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One could argue the same about letters and books. It isn't media that gets us stuck, it's the human condition in the age of intellect. h/t @Wiobyrne theconvivialsociety.substack.c

We work with complex, multinational clients as well as smaller groups. While every organisation is different, we’ve noticed things in common that we often have to help them untangle.

So we’re putting together a course! 🤯🦾🧠


Part of me wants to acquire ALL of @dajbelshaw domains here, but I too have more than a few I should, like, use. Good domains for good hands: dougbelshaw.com/blog/2022/07/0

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