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A fellow producer just sent me this and I've been crying for at least 5 minutes:

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Ohhh if a bunch of us go and star their github repo, @passbolt@twitter.com will make the Dark Theme available to everyone!! github.com/passbolt/passbolt_a

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What @nandoodles@twitter.com went through happens over & over to women

I’m so glad in reading this horrible story of how a white male exploited her labor, stole credit, & actively worked to marginalize & exclude her from something she helped build — glad it’s over

Check out her new company twitter.com/dereklwalker/statu

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RT WeAreOpenCoop: RT wethecatalysts: Lots of 'how' in this week's newsletter...

• How to find out what your users really need
• How childrensociety coped with COVID-19
• How to become a data-driven charity
• How WeAreOpenCoop helped ActionWLondon re…

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Doffing our hats to SuperhighwaysUK for their work on the project, too 💪

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Lots of 'how' in this week's newsletter...

• How to find out what your users really need
• How @childrensociety@twitter.com coped with COVID-19
• How to become a data-driven charity
• How @WeAreOpenCoop@twitter.com helped @ActionWLondon@twitter.com respond to the pandemic

...& more: buff.ly/2O9RGx1

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Young women activists and organizers hear me:

I cannot tell you how many times I've seen white men talk big about how it's "bigger than individuals," then hog the spotlight, then accuse women who express misgivings of being selfish & "in it for the glory."

It is gaslighting.

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I asked @dajbelshaw@twitter.com to timebox me on a @WeAreOpenCoop@twitter.com thing and he said "if I tell you half a day, you'll deliver way too much. 37 pages or something crazy. So what's a half a day in Laura time?"

RT WeAreOpenCoop: Too many meetings? We're using loom + trello to give clients status updates (which they love!) bit.ly/2Za4j1F

Have watched this clip from @kimlatricejones@twitter.com several times, and you should too: youtube.com/watch?v=sb9_qGOa9G

Sharing passwords? Don't. Check out @passbolt@twitter.com instead - they're doing password management for teams and damnit they're an awesome bunch of folks.

Oh! I was offline for a week and the post I wrote with @semioticrobotic@twitter.com @FunnelFiasco@twitter.com went live. How an project's model evolves: opensource.com/open-organizati

I don't have to write this stuff because @dajbelshaw@twitter.com does it for me: Using WhatsApp is a (poor) choice that you make buff.ly/2D0xsUc

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New today: How an open project's governance model evolves (red.ht/30KggfB) by @epilepticrabbit@twitter.com @FunnelFiasco@twitter.com @semioticrobotic@twitter.com

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RT WeAreOpenCoop: The Learning Fractal - Issue #17 - mailchi.mp/f524a1b9b66d/learni Includes a report on in skills contexts; government/industry modeling ; new ; a new Australian marketplace for ; a…

"Organisations that have normalised toxicity have to reverse it." Why is Psychological Safety being ignored? buff.ly/2NifgIA

Want to know how we're Enabling people power @greenpeace@twitter.com ? Check out our new post on the Planet 4 Strategy: buff.ly/2NTgysM

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