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- The vast majority of the time, whatever someone has done that made you feel utterly awful wasn't done out of malice but rather stupidity. Humans are mostly stupid, so the next time you feel like someone is out to get you, just smile & remember that person is a jackass.

I just did @WeAreOpenCoop community project expenses. See what it costs to run , and other stuff we run. Then support these projects!!

Via @dajbelshaw Thought Shrapnel (great microcasts, newsletter, links, smartness) some self care help:

Whoa @dajbelshaw - your post today is excellent. I feel totally weird pointing to it because you wrote something about me, but I have to because everyone should read this. Also, I’m full of nonsense, I just take the silliness too seriously :D

Today the @CortezaProject launched after @CrustTech donated its IP to the Commons Conservatory Foundation. I’m pleased to be a board member of this platform:

I do not like it when checkboxes function as radio buttons. THAT’S NOT HOW THIS IS SUPPOSED TO WORK!

I wish I could attend this call that @mozilla @sunnydeveloper is hosting. White / cis / dudes in - this is such an opportunity for you!

Love seeing @greenpeace Planet 4 in the @gpph video. Congrats to team and all the amazing work. H/t @kellitolen for sending me this!!

I almost cried @semioticrobotic’s incredible birthday salute to the @openorgbook community. <3!

My mom bought my book, read all (published) 217 pages ON HER PHONE yesterday and then called me to completely fangirl. She said “I’m not saying this b/c you're my daughter, I’m saying it b/c I LOL’d and it’s really good. Don’t tell me what happens though!”

My patrons got a special link as well as this week’s edition of Freshly Brewed Thoughts a day early. Just sayin.

Is it for realz that I just now joined @wordpress .org? Maybe I just forgot who I signed up as? Or is it just that I was always going straight to repos? Weird. Anyway, I needed to write a review that says @mail_poet is great.

Maybe an underlying bit is that being "open" isn't a default taught well in our societies. You almost have to unlearn more than you need to learn. Children are open until we teach them not to be.

: If you get an error and then tinker a bit and get a different error, that’s progress.

You realize, of course, that if you make your site 100% inaccessible if I refuse erroneously “necessary" cookies, I just don’t use your site, right?

I wrote about @Greenpeace and 7 other environmental projects for on @opensourceway And @GEMwrld pointed me to this project. is changing the world!!

Google docs doesn’t allow me to gender neutralize the word “Grandparent”…it wants the plural “grandparents" or a gendered (grandmother/grandfather) version of the word.

open education advocates - @openorgbook community is working on an Open Educators guide. Y’all have loads of pre-existing work on a huge variety of topics that would be relevant, maybe you want to contribute:

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