I keep having to be reminded that @WeAreOpenCoop crew is going to on Friday.

I breached 70000 words today. Buy ”, and read as I write. You might want to do that before I raise the price again :) leanpub.com/maybe-zombies

Planning my visit with the @WeAreOpenCoop. “Laura, can you bring some smoke bombs for the too much capitalism?” Yes, ok, but I’m going to need to buy them in London, I’m flying in.

I need to get my characters through another day before ... I CAN'T TALK TO YOU ABOUT ANYTHING WITHOUT SPOILERS

The @openorgbook Ambassadors always cheer me up and have me grinning. Give me such strength. And today is extra special because we get to officially welcome @HeatherLeson to the crew!

Someone out there is trying to reset my @Webmaker password. Your user name isn’t “laura”, that’s mine ;) But hey, a bunch of my stuff is at laurahilliger.github.io/learni

for new year’s inbox cleaning == this search: "Subject:Abridged Summary” select all and delete. You’re welcome.

There are moments when the rest of life has a sheer white curtain of film clinging to it. The normalities of human existence, like the dishwasher and the necessity for grocery shopping on a regular basis, take on a haunting glow of real. When time collapses around you, you must use that collapse to absorb the beauty in the world. Time stops to allow you to experience life. leanpub.com/maybe-zombies/

Nice mic drop @audreywatters. I’ll share it to my own echo chamber knowing that people who follow me are likely of similar mind and sadly say “Prost” in solidarity. Maybe some rest will help (our spirits, not the industry). hackeducation.com/2018/12/18/t

That incredible @iamjessklein is consistent in her ability to blow me away with her brainy awesome. Great post on the stuff she’s working on @Wikimedia : medium.com/freely-sharing-the-

Are you on Goodreads? @npscience told me about this group and it looks kind of great: goodreads.com/group/show/79969

(You need to click to two pages for the sign up thingie to activate :D

We’re going to run usability studies on our product. Give us a few minutes and help us improve our product! Sign up at greenpeace.org (a little box pops up in the lower right hand corner. Fill in the intro things, then you can say “Yeah, I’ll help out!” @Greenpeace

I LOVE the fact that our project @Greenpeace inspired others in the org to write openly about their work. Learn about how Greenpeace uses Smartsheet: medium.com/smartsheet-for-gree

TODAY out in the world, a *new* installment of the Open Org Leaders Manual with some ramblings and ideas by yours truly and other badass movers and shakers who are honored to be @openorgbook Ambassadors opensource.com/open-organizati

"Thank you for the input” Listening to @seattledawson after a tip from my @openorgbook @allisonsm7 and feeling serious solidarity. youtube.com/watch?v=wOsgYaOk-z

Well, since I know these cats, I can confidently say that by “non-profit execs” they mean “anyone trying to fund attainable dreams that will make the world a better place”. My advice: Don’t get attached to your own semantics, contextualize for the person you’re pitching to. twitter.com/taliesan/status/10

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