Well, since I know these cats, I can confidently say that by “non-profit execs” they mean “anyone trying to fund attainable dreams that will make the world a better place”. My advice: Don’t get attached to your own semantics, contextualize for the person you’re pitching to. twitter.com/taliesan/status/10

There's a new @Passbolt v2.4 is out! It includes support for sharing multiple records at once, an additional authentication factor using TOTP, and more! Check out the release notes: help.passbolt.com/releases/

"But, more practically, we can ignore and withdraw from these companies.” @dajbelshaw earns another fistbump: thoughtshrapnel.com/2018/10/09

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I come back to this piece I wrote on @opensourceway about criticism in open projects quite often: opensource.com/open-organizati

On that note, I have decided to return to . I will hang with @maboa in and wear all my hats. Come learn about @Greenpeace and watch out friends, I can’t promise not to jump WAY UP and WAY down when I see you @mozillafestival

Read about our contributor process for @Greenpeace Planet 4 project: medium.com/planet4/improving-p Ideas for improvement? LMK!

Oh, I forgot to use my new mastodon instance to actually TOOT. First toot, third instance, and that one time on Twitter...Lordy, lordy, the attention economy is a rough mistress.


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