Will you cry when you watch Toy Story 4? Asking for a friend.

7 years ago today.
Full scale prototyping of the project that pivoted me down a new path. Nike Camp Victory couldn’t have been done without many talented teams & individuals who all knew way more than me and were patient enough to teach me.
Thanks to officialh

Leap Motion, Once a Virtual-Reality High Flier, Sells Itself to U.K. Rival.

I’ve done so many projects with Leap Motion. Hope I still can.

Testing, testing, a tweet to see if this makes it to github or not. Sorry tweeps, here's an otter pic for your troubles. 😍

May the FOMO Be With You, always. My bestest friend in the world @DeepEndDining@twitter.com previewed Disneyland's yesterday. He's not my best friend right now because he didn't bring me. You should still read his recap.


Transparent touch screens + robot = 🙌
Nice work from brdgstudios 🙏 hottmessjess for peek

📸 instagram.com/p/BwB4yBDB2rb/

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Toy Story 1 dog vs Toy Story 4 cat

(no major changes at all really...)

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Guys, am excited to launch a Patreon for befores & afters. I hope you might be able to support me bring more great VFX & animation stories to life. Plus there's some fun rewards like early access to stories, bonus VFX content & an annual print collection!


"As video games make billions, the workers behind them say it’s time to unionize" via @latimes@twitter.com


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There are OOO emails, then there are OOO emails by @Muscles__McGee@twitter.com

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"I don’t know what you’re doing, but it’s not graphic design." @MIT@twitter.com @medialab@twitter.com & how code became a design medium: a great oral history by @Liz@Lizstins@twitter.comjoh@johnmaeda@twitter.comtr@strausfeld@twitter.comol@golan@twitter.comen@ben_fry@twitter.comEA@REAS@twitter.comau@laurenleemack@twitter.comzachlie@zachlieberman@twitter.comGAeye@AIGAeyeondesign@twitter.com/t.co/xnBqjuWeOZ

Fun night w/ friends over weekend. @volvoxlabs@twitter.com + @_vincenthouze@twitter.com = Kuka robot fun. Good times w/ @evilvillain@twitter.com @etmthree@twitter.com @mary@twitter.com.franck , @DpRife@twitter.com @GabeLiberti@twitter.com @dave_and_gabe@twitter.com and @HardWorkParty@twitter.com

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Consult this handy chart to see if you are an ***hole designer f-st.co/TQ0N4ia

The app would’ve been handy for shots in “I Am Legend”, “Vanilla Sky” or any Post-Evac NYC shot. @tvaziri@twitter.com @vfxblog@twitter.com

cc @halidecamera@twitter.com
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This is as close as we’ll get to a car free New York. @halidecamera @tvaziri@twitter.com@vfxblog@twitter.com@halidecamera@twitter.com

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Bloomberg Businessweek is a morally bankrupt and criminally neglectful publication with zero credibility, but this cover art is fantastic. twitter.com/reneritchie/status

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