Our system deploys k8s and openstack in one machine with 90GB of RAM, something reserves around 50GB but I can’t find who.

None of the RSS per process looks that big.

I didn't want to copy/paste a xml into a spreadsheet, so I created a little program.


The only skill I would like to master this year is to switch efficiently between work and personal projects.

I tend to be too obsessive with work :/

My first crate ! crates.io/crates/storyboard-cl

It’s just a REST API client that I needed, serde and reqwest are awesome.

There is still a lot to implement, but the basics are covered.

Ok, I'm starting to understand one of the nightmares of maintaining a distro.. that living entity called "upstream"

I can’t think (yet) in an use case for Cell<T>

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Over in there is a new list of people who do good work in the Rust ecosystem, and that could benefit from Patreon sponsorship. aturon.github.io/sponsor/

We have something similar in @gnome - wiki.gnome.org/ProjectsFundrai

I was offended by the invitation of the ICE's CTO to the Github conference..

The Microsoft acquisition, no really.

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I wonder what's going to end up happening to Atom, considering MS has #VSCode. I was especially interested in the next genration version being written in #rustlang


A pharmacy store in Mexico runs this very old Linux

Thanks to new Tokio timer I removed dependencies from the old Tokio implementation.


Updating some code to the most recent version of Tokio-rs

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