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Here's another #DNS service as alternative to #Google and #Cloudflare:

It is community driven, see list of partners here:

A TcpStream::connect is created on every future (sample rate), now I need to find a way that all the futures reuse the same connection.

And this is the sensor initialization.

This is cleaner now :)

Now I realize that I don't know enough about graph databases..

I'm trying to create a graph of rpm dependencies with rust and neo4j just for fun.

It was nice to use rayon, around 27k rpms are parsed in ~1.5 seconds in this machine :)

I’ll have my first job doing some open source 😃

I wrote a little blog post about how to use docker as a building environment

"Changing priorities because the Tamaliza"

Conky is something that can be ported to Rust

I learned today that I can use Box<Future<Item = (), Error = ()>>

to return whatever type implements a certain trait. it feels like a hack, but works.

Let's try Rayon in a 288 cpu system !!

Surprisingly my rust code builds!

Wow 34 MB of Rss with jemalloc vs 5MB in system malloc, is that correct?

Having another fight with Rust's futures.. danm.. those things are hard. At least to me.

I wish that the dependency management in Go will be so good as Rust’s cargo.

The “Programming Rust” book is amazing !