I think I found the problem, but now I have more questions..

I had to explicitly set the "can_focus" flag for the widgets I want to enable. The problem is that in gnome-documents (javascript) doesn't need to do this, as far as I can see in the code.

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Hi GTK people around here.

I've been playing adding a new collections dialog in gnome-photos. I'm using the same template from gnome-documents, however when I run it all controls are disabled/sensitive-false.

I tried setting the sensitive to true without luck.

Do you know how can I enable all the widgets?

The hierarchy of the widgets in the image is: GtkStack->GtkGrid->Gtk{Entry, Button}

¿Alternativa para GMail? 

¿Cuál será un buen proveedor de correo?

Tengo tantas cosas ligadas a mi cuenta de gmail que me ha dado flojera cerrarla, pero ahora tengo tiempo.

Tengo una de Yandex, pero siento que es más de lo mismo.

Estoy probando ProtonMail y me está gustando, aunque tendría que pagar.

For some reason I don't see any effect with gtk::WindowPosition::Center or other variant.

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Wrote a really simple nautilus extension to create a rust project in the selected folder.


Mañana tengo una entrevista para un puesto de DevOps, me preguntarán sobre AWS.

Nunca he usado AWS 😂

Hack para no salir por comida durante el distanciamiento social:

- $50 de chicharron prensado en salsa rinden casi tres dias.

Thinking in a quick way to refresh my C programming skills..

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