After a month of (almost) nothing, I finally did my normal 15-mile walk. Lots of trees and bushes blooming. And as I walked back into my neighborhood, I passed a flock of turkeys walking out.

Well, I got my second COVID shot. No side effects except for the slight soreness you'd expect if someone stuck a needle in you.

When I bragged to my doctor last year about having no side effects from a flu shot, he said "Ya, that's not good. It means you have crap for an immune system." Love that guy.

All those military shots, then more for all my civilian international work. And exposure to things in... bad places. But I rarely get sick.

It may be crap, but my immune system still works.

Well, it's not the walk I wanted, but it's the walk I got. A two-hour drive to do a one-hour walk. Insanity.

Yay, sump pumps mostly finished. Hired someone else to dig the holes because digging here involves a jackhammer. Backfill is compacted, plumbing is in (and I have blue hands), and things work. A day of electrical work and I'll be done.

Looking forward to using weekends for long walks.

"Writing is a glamorous path to riches," I told my 11 year old after showing her my $15 quarterly royalty statement.

"No, dad," she said. "It's a glamorous path to needing a second job."

TIL that the AFTN address for the Australian meteorological agency (at least for one specific office) is ynbbypyx. And -- no surprise -- Google has no idea what that is and nobody has registered it as a domain name.

AFTN addresses. Your secret local identifier.

I feel bad for those of you trapped in winter. Here in California, the trees at my office are blooming.

Well, that was interesting. Ate a different variety of almonds a few days ago and decided to finish off the bag today. My scalp started tingling like it was on fire. Then I turned red. Wife (who I would have expected to panic) said "Take a couple Benadryls, you'll be fine".

So I took a couple Benadryls and I was fine.

Still, next time I eat any nuts, it will be while sitting in the waiting room at the hospital. You know, just in case.

Sunday breakfast. Wife says I made a mistake. She made choffles with embedded chilis (so Mexican themed), but I decided to make an olive oil side dressing that was more-or-less Greek themed. So I'll have to eat my mistake.

Tastes okay to me.

Out for a walk. Roughly 12 miles on trails I haven't seen for a while. Found some of those summer trails function as creeks in the winter. Surprise! Just took off through the bushes hoping to find an alternate path. It all worked out.

Lack of privacy where you don't expect it. Donating to the TOR Browser project and they need an email address or they won't accept your donation.

Once again, a email address and a single-use credit card allowed me to donate as Slarty Bardfark living in Gnome Alaska at zip code 00000.

Seriously, how bizarre is it when you need privacy tools to help support privacy tools?

Just got a notice from my banking app that I have to change my password because it doesn't meet the new security requirements. The old password had 32 random mixed-case letters and numbers. The new "high security" requirement is 8 characters with one "special" character.

Because that's more secure.

"Noble Peach Price winner"

Ever-so-slightly modified from the original article. Subtle enough to slip by the editors. Nicely done!

Heard a couple of big "thumps". Couldn't tell if it was a delivery on the porch or a car crash down the street. Just sounded wrong.

Went outside to check and found a flock of turkeys on my roof.

Put on the climbing harness, threw a safety rope around the chimney (which probably isn't rated for 5000 pounds of force) and went up to clean out the gutters. Don't think I've climbed a tower in four years, so gutter cleaning and Christmas lights are my only fun now.

Oh no! Someone hacked my Amazon account and is... buying things in India to ship to the US? Hmmm. I better get right on this and click those links ;)

Things I've learned (that not everyone at my office agrees with):
* The customer is not the test lab.
* The production test should never be the only test.
* When the customer makes a mistake, it isn't stupidity, it's "feedback".

If I haven't sold you on InputStick yet, the feature that sold me was the integration with my phone's password manager KeePass. I can use my phone to enter any username and password into my work computer -- without installing anything on the computer.

Of course, if you're not a KeePass person, you won't get as excited as I am. In that case, it's just an emergency keyboard/mouse that fits on your keyring.

Amaryllis flower. My wife has had several bloom and they're all amazing. This one, with the delicate red outline, doesn't look real.

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