So good! Went to download an old favorite story "Chrysalis" -- about a human/AI hybrid fighting for vengeance after Earth was destroyed. Couldn't just download it; had to listen all over again.

Stick with Dust season one and three. Amazing. The "Flight 008" stories from season two are so-so.

We are changing to a new payroll system at work. During the onboarding Zoom meeting, we saw how the initial account creation resulted in a long random password. Nice! Give everyone a nudge in the right direction!

And one of the first things the presenter said was "... and I'll show you how to change your password so you don't have to remember a bunch of random letters and numbers".

People actively resist security.

I live in "soda" land. I had to go to "pop" land for work and got "the lecture" when I used the wrong words to order a drink. "We call it 'pop' here" with a tone of voice that implied if I wanted anything to drink, I needed to use the correct word.

Spanish-speaking guys I worked with in South America had similar complaints. "It's the same language, but it's different words everywhere we go."

Out for a walk. Roughly 16 miles today along rivers and ravines. Things are warming up, but it's still enjoyable to go out and see something different blooming every weekend.

I go to a lot of trouble never to use my "CERK" (Compact Emergency Rappel Kit), but decided to use it today on a slippery slope. Flipped my belt around so the buckle was in the back (yes, today was red belt day), strung out the 100 feet of line, and walked down the slope with no fear of slipping. A little fidgety using it for progress capture on the way up, but waaay nicer than free-climbing this one.

Okay, now I'll go back to hiding the CERK and staying on saner trails.

When I was six years old, I lived on an Air Force Base. Every so often, a big truck would drive through spraying a DDT mist to help control the mosquitoes. All the neighborhood kids liked to run behind the truck and be "in the cloud".

Different times.

Three things:
1 - We have our equipment installed at three of these spaceports. I think that's pretty cool!
2 - One of the spaceports NDA'd us to prevent us from disclosing their location. Even our internal database has poisoned lat/lon fields for them.This document has their exact location.
3 - The FAA is using Google "Plus" codes instead of latitude and longitude? When did that become an official government thing?

Boss: Hang on, I'm going to search Google to see if this new app has "military grade encryption".

Entire room: Immediate laughter.

Out for a walk. Largely my standard creeks and rivers loop. Two fun items:
1 - Anise is in season! I love to break off a branch and eat it as I walk. It grows like a weed along some of the trails.
2 - Explored another side trail and had my mind blown when it turned out to be an extension of a trail I already knew. Because I have no sense of direction, this is like a wormhole to me. When I saw a familiar landmark I had to stop and wonder how I got there.

Old man doesn't sleep so good, so I just went in to work early. And found stray "tuxedo cat" waiting in the parking lot. He ran over as soon as I opened my car door and wanted to be petted. His shy friend "mustard" didn't want any part of that.
We keep food outside our break room for them -- and it wasn't empty. Tuxedo just wanted attention.
In exchange for making me feel nice, they both got some chicken from my salad.

Personal shortcomings... I sometimes stop at the gas station and buy a snack bag of peanuts on my way to work. Today, I stopped at the store instead. For the same price, I bought a one-pound jar. Such a deal!

Except I ate the entire jar in one sitting.

This "can't stop" personality problem works okay in relationships, but not so much with diets. Maybe I should stick with the small snack bags.

My wife went on a geocaching hike with her girlfriends. Looked like they walked through some pretty country.

Personal/political feelings aside, does it right. They show things in the same category as what you've bought or searched for, but they mix in random things too. And the page doesn't load until you scroll. Which means if you click (rt-click/new tab) on a Raspberry Pi case, about half of the next hundred items will be different cases, cables, and accessories. And if you scroll past those, they go back to more randomness.

Find new things.

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Amazon drives me nuts. You can't browse the site. It's made for someone on a mission to buy a specific widget. Fully menu-driven, with everything sorted by category. And their "recommendations"? Things I looked at or already bought. They never say "hey, he's an old man, let's show him stuff other old men buy". Canes, cat toys, funny socks, or whatever it is old people buy.

What I *want* is to duplicate the "walking through the mall" experience.

DOS command for the day: "waitfor". This built-in allows you to send and receive a signal across the local network. This means a batch file on one computer can wait for a batch file on a different computer.

My use case is writing tests that will automatically kill the network on machine "B" as soon as machine "A" starts a critical process. There's always a different way, but this is lean and clean!

All great discoveries don't start with "Eureka!", they start with "That's funny".

... Which is what my wife said when she saw this.

My wife plants lots of flowers and vegetables, but my favorites are the little Violas that grow all by themselves in the cracks.

Out for a walk. Was able to find several paths up and down to the river. And several more paths I backed out of because they looked too rattlesnake friendly. Now that I know the area, I don't think I need to bring climbing gear on the next visit.
Saw a few other things on the 5 mile walk it took to get to the river. There's beauty and joy everywhere if you just look!

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