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I sometimes don't follow social norms. I'll send a DM if I'm discussing something I don't think needs to go in everyone else's feed. I think that's a different attitude than what most people have. I think everyone else sort of figures you don't DM until at least the third date.

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The reason I got off FB is that all my friends turned into one-dimensional people. Nothing but posts on politics, sub-culture, manga, etc. And IRL, these were all amazing people! How could they only post about one thing?
So now I mostly look for multidimensional people. Some work posts, some hobby posts, and some observations on life.

And minimal politics and religion. OMG, do you really think you're going to change anybody's mind?

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There's a lot of people I disagree with, but I still admire their art, their writing, and/or their work.

I know, the prevailing attitude nowadays is to cut them off socially, financially, and physically, trying as hard as you can to deprive them of everything they need to live.

If I could only associate with people who I agree with on sex, money, politics, and religion, I wouldn't be able to follow anyone on the Fedi!

Out for a walk. Lots of pretty wildflowers and lots of people on the river.

A bit sad when I visited all my rappel/descent spots, I found they'd completely cleaned out all the homeless camps by the river. I was kind of looking forward to checking in on "homeless Eddie". Sheesh, a lot of those guys have been landmarks there for years.

Mixed feelings for sure. Now I can take my wife through those trails, but I hope all the guys are okay.

The "pick and place" desktop machine in our engineering lab. Awesome for building small-production test boards.

Listened to the long list of songs. 70% were fast deletions. Of the rest, only one got stuck in my head.


Kind of frustrating. So many tags for and , but nobody mentions where to find and vote for the music. I had to read through hundreds of comments to find where someone posted a link.

You're welcome.

I mentioned to the work colleague who originally sent me the rm -rf bash shell joke that it was popular.

He told me he posted the same thing on Facebook, but only got one "like" -- and that was from his sister. He wanted to know where I posted it. So did the engineer who sits across from him.

And so two more people got an introduction to Mastodon.

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Oops. I told my friend at work his cat picture was popular, so he sent me more.

"This is Little Cat. She likes to hang out on the desk occasionally. She really likes to watch the youtube videos called "videos for cats" (which is a thing)."

Okay, the cat watching videos is cute, but I'm still partial to cats just wanting to hang out with their people.

I never post cat pictures, but one of the guys I work with sent me this. He was working from home and the cat wanted to lay on him. This was the acceptable compromise.

I can't look at this without seeing the world from the cat's point of view. Just wants to hang out with friends.

Just went to the store to pick up a snack. The background music was Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train".

Background music is always "old people music". Oh, crap.

Renewing my federal access card. Directions start off okay, but go downhill fast:

...applicants should alert [agency] immediately if any of the follow [sic] occurs:

* The ... card begins to wear
* Completing Applicant training
* Providing completed paperwork
* Providing their photograph and fingerprints
* Presenting valid identity documents
* Maintain control of your ... card at all times

I'm going to be difficult and notify them as I hand over my ID.

The CVA-43 Coral Sea. The Hawkeye. The Crusader. The Phantom. The SRC-16 and SPS-48. I so enjoy the NTDS story. I keep reading and then suddenly something will appear and I want to jump up and shout "I was there, that was mine!"

All the parts of my life from 45 years ago suddenly have a history and a backstory.

Until now, I'd considered the world to be fully formed as it unfolded to me as a young man. I knew History, of course, but that was for big things. Not the things that surrounded me.

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@Mundon My mom used to say she wouldn't sell me for a million dollars, but she wouldn't buy another one just like me for a nickel.

Wow, tried to order a slingshot to launch my little grappling hooks. Apparently this is a deadly weapon. All slingshots carry the same restriction.

But I found one that called itself a "catapult". Not banned. On order.

Maybe I'll be a good citizen and stop by the police station to see if I have to register this dangerous weapon and get a permit. Or maybe I'll be a dangerous subversive, go buy some metal rod and rubber tube and make a "ghost slingshot". Decisions...

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Out for a walk. First hot day of the year at 31C, just under 90F. Not that hot, just enough to remind me I have to get serious about hydration and salt again. I definitely felt it at mile 7 -- only halfway through the walk.

Tried using a small grappling hook to ascend a short hill. Not as easy as it looks in the movies. I think I need a slingshot so I can hit a good anchor point.

Handy tip for hikers: You know those "gaiters" (neck warmers) some people wore as masks? Well, I've got a bunch.

If I put them over my feet and tuck them into the top of my socks, they just cover the tops of my shoes. I did that on a lark for the first time today.

Wow, no more dirt in my shoes. No more spending a half hour pulling stickers out of my shoes after every hike. Pulling stickers out of the gaiters is way easier. And I can throw them in the wash.

This is my new normal for hikes.

How many different vitamins, minerals, and herbs do you take every day?


Before and after.

I take what I consider to be a modest amount of "vitamins". Most are real vitamins, but a couple are things like glucosamine.

And then my wife gets out her pills and says "oh, you need some of these for that and those for this, and some of the other ones too". And before you know it, my little vitamin holder is full.

It's only on the weekends, so I go along with it.

Ordered one of those "no staple" staplers. I thought it would be great at my office... for the two times a year I staple something.

As soon as I showed it off to my wife, she said "Go put it in my office".

The story of NTDS, the "Naval Tactical Data System".

When I was in the Navy, I maintained the NTDS radio data link. That was before most of you were born...

But the full story of NTDS and why we needed it is something I never knew: We couldn't keep up with the information flow in modern battle spaces. And we were afraid our enemies would figure that out.

@danie10 @lps I thought the original author of Friendica was Mike Macgirvin. He also developed a bunch of other apps all from the same codebase. One of them was Zap, which is packaged in Yunohost.

They were all listed on the website, but the site has been taken down. It seems he merged everything into something called Streams.

The thing I find interesting is the nomadic identity. You can clone and sync your profile to more than one instance.

Everybody and their brother on my Facebook page is uploading pictures of themselves, their kids, their parents, etc. to this new app called "New Profile Picture". Upon checking the Whois registration, I noticed something a bit sus.

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