More than once I'd be on a trail and think "This is starting to look more like a dry creek bed and less like a trail". And sure enough, it would get narrower and rockier and eventually dump me into the river. And I'd have to backtrack a quarter mile to get back to the real trail.

Life is like that.

But I saw new things and had a great adventure. And that's the goal -- not following the most efficient path in the least amount of time.

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Out for a walk. Had my wife drop me off 15 miles downstream on the river so I could walk places I'd never been to before. Big mistake! I covered 5 miles in 5 hours because I kept investigating every side path. So I had to have her come pick me up :(
On the good side, I had a blast! Came across deer twice. The bike paths, when I saw them, were busy. The beach parks likewise. But in between on the isolated side trails was magnificent isolation where I only saw 3 people in my 5 hours.

Loren ipsum in the wild. Not visible if you enable scripts. Those of us who routinely browse with scripting off see all sorts of fun stuff, including the apparent use (like this) of client-side scripts to enforce page view limits.

The trouble with hiking in Northern California in the summer is rattlesnakes. About 10% of every time I step off the main trail I walk right up to a snake. Last week I had no idea I was standing one foot away from one. Stupidly, I was listening to an audiobook and didn't hear the rattles. Strangely, I heard it rustle in the grass as it gave up threatening me and started moving away. This. Can't. Happen. Again.

Out for a walk. Took a side trail and extended my walk north and was rewarded with lovely colors and great views.
Pro tip: Don't carry a spare cell phone battery in your front pocket. Front leg now has big raw spot where skin is rubbed off.

Problem at work today. Let's see, how do I say this? You don't push a toilet plunger, you pull it. Pushing is like pushing down on an arch; it compresses and gets stronger. Pulling the plunger is like lifting out the keystone of an arch. Everything falls apart.
If you aggressively push a plunger, then the "water" is going to squirt out in all directions. How do people get to be adults without learning this?

Got tired of listening to non-technical co-worker on the phone with our helldesk all day long. Firefox keeps giving him our main site when he wants an internal site. They had him running "ipconfig /flushdns" without bothering to compare nslookup and ping name resolution. Walked over and turned off Firefox Cloudflare encrypted DNS just to get some peace. And now I have to listen to him trying to explain to the helldesk people what I did. Hilarious.

TIL that the spring from a worn-out pen can be spun onto a USB cable. A little epoxy or super-glue and ta-da! A strain relief. Okay, nothing to be proud of, but a neat hack.

"Geneva drive" gears on our production floor ready for assembly. Mechanical Engineers over the centuries have come up with so many clever ideas!

"A" for effort. Went looking for LACP 802.3ad redundant link Ethernet switches for outside applications and found this. In the bottom right is a green high voltage symbol (lightning in a triangle) labeled "The lighting symbol". Amazing specs, amazing price, but it fails the giggle test.
I wish there was an easy way to help foreign companies out with translation and contextual problems like this.

Every day, I'd walk by this tree trying its darndest to grow its way out of a drain in our parking lot. And every day I'd smile, thinking how tenacious and persistent life is. And then one day it was gone. As I stood there confused, the gardener ran up with pride in his face and told me how much work it was to pull the tree out of the drain. So of course I thanked him for his extraordinary effort. But I miss the little tree.

Messy Excel sheet needed regex search & replace. No prob! Export to tab-delimeted text, then... Oops, cells have embedded linefeeds and tabs. And now quotes too. Since it's HTML text, safe to unwrap, unquote, and remove whitespace. Okay, export each column *separately* and fix them. Regex applied, now paste columns back into Excel. And nothing lines up. In all my unwrapping, I missed the fact that there were empty cells. Once again, I have out-clevered myself :(

My normal weekend walk. Roughly 23km. The southern part follows creeks, the west follows the river, and the north... follows power lines. You can't have everything. But from this base trail, I can extend North along the lake, East to the foothills, or West along the river. And never have to drive.

Out for a walk. Normal 15 miles @ 97°F. The birdhouse I found a couple weeks ago is gaining trinkets, and some chalk graffiti has me scratching my head. Is that a big fish, a bong, a guitar, or a sonic screwdriver?

Integer sequences in stories? I'm listening to "The Big Time" by Fritz Leiber and the code to set off the fission bomb is 1-3-5-6-2-4-7. Cool! I could use that as a PIN -- except now I can't :(
But I went searching for other integer sequences in stories because SOMEONE without a life must be keeping a list. I mean, if I can find every starship name in a list, why can't I find numbers?
But I can't find anything!

Trying to switch over to taking all my notes in markdown. Great for RFQ reviews, better than using Outlook and saying " my comments are in red". A little markdown, a little regex, a little pandoc, you can make anything look decent.

Latest bookmark: Plain text headline summaries/links from/to all the popular news sites. Yes, *all* the popular sites. I've never got all the way to the bottom of the list before I'm filled up with "Open in new tab" reading material.

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