I thought "My wife must never find out about this". But she wanted to go on a short walk today, so I took her out to a nice part of my trail -- only a quarter mile from where I met the bobcat. Oops. And of course we ran into the bobcat.

And OMG I completely managed to make her feel like there was nothing to worry about. Can't believe I pulled that off.

Good thing too, because she asked to see my pictures from yesterday. "Oh, you got a nice picture of the bobcat". And that was that.

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NewPipe has its own F-Droid repository! Seriously, YouTube scrapers like this are in a constant battle with Google to shield us from tracking. We need updates faster than F-Droid can push them out.

And if you need some inducement to try NewPipe, it can also connect to all your favorite PeerTube instances.


So I finally got my broke Drobo NAS back online. All my wife's pictures are safe. I took the plunge and also paid $7 for a 1TB VM I can install NextCloud on. Wife asked why I didn't just buy another NAS.

Our for a walk. That's a big cat. That's not a cat. Uh-oh, that's a bobcat. Ummmm, they got after little things -- and deer. I'm deer-sized. Okay, I'm just going to walk right down that same trail where the bobcat is because I'm too effing tired to take a side trail. Oh, hell, let's just see what happens.

So we watched each other from opposite sides of the trail as I walked by. And I kept watching my back for the next 200 yards.

me: 35 years of experience in a wide variety of computer user interfaces

also me: completely unable, during a video call, to tell if this means my mic is currently unmuted or not

Just bought a small unmanaged Netgear switch. And it came with an installation guide! Got four laughs:
1 - Steps 1-6 walk you through registering so you can remotely manage the switch through Netgear's cloud.
2 - What kind of idiot would open up an internal switch to external management?
3 - No problem, the note after step 6 says that since this is an unmanaged switch, you can't actually manage it.
4 - Nowhere in the instructions does it say to plug the router in to the AC power adapter.

I have "strong protection against web tracking". My browser is unique at about one in a hundred thousand.

Dunno, but that seems pretty unique. Which means pretty trackable. I guess I can hide in a population of a few hundred million, but if they see me on a niche web site ( /. or HN?) or some combination of sites, I'm betting I'm identifiable.


Out for a walk. Found another side trail. Fun taking off and having no idea where the trail went.
Found a really poorly-constructed bird house. I love it because I know some four year old probably poured their heart and soul into it and is very proud that it got hung up for everyone to see.

Expect script for a device we're programming had an Easter Egg. We normally don't pay attention to the data scrolling by.

Those thin, stretchable, skin-tight, synthetic t-shirts? I rediscover them every winter. I'm miserably cold, then remember those shirts in the back of my closet. Slip one of them on, and two seconds later it feels like it has a built-in electric heater. One of the small joys of winter is a good inner layer!

If you need a JVM with JavaFX built in, I know from personal experience (as a tester) that BellSoft is better than Azul. If you never plan on using an embedded web component or having test scripts perform regular jcmd data collection, it doesn't matter. But those things mattered to me.

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Out for a walk. Came across a new birdhouse along the trail and 32 scarves being given away. I love this town!

First impressions of my PinePhone... Text? Well, the only chat app it has is for XMPP. No texting to my wife. Web? Firefox is nigh unusable. I had to install the generic mobile-config-firefox to even see the menus. And forget about NoScript. Menus are cut off and unusable.
But this isn't my daily driver, so I can afford to spend a month mucking with configs, adding apps, and changing operating systems until I get something I can use. In all honesty, this is what I expected when I ordered it ;)

Google tried a DMCA takedown of every GitHub repository that published their widevine decryption. Hacker News published the secret key in the comments.
Okay, time to print t-shirts again!

I'm not a pirate. I don't republish things I buy. But I do like to play media on different devices which require different formats. And I'd like to be able to do that after the company that sold it to me goes out of business. DRM no está bien.

Out for a 𝙂𝙚𝙤𝙘𝙖𝙘𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 walk. My wife and her geocaching girlfriends invited me on their 2.5 mile walk.

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