I’ve been thinking a lot about the people I know (and the many more I don’t know) who have needed, need, or will need access to safe & legal abortions and what a travesty this draft ruling is. Having your rights, your bodily autonomy, stripped away sucks.

Righto, here’s my fedi-tips:

- it’s slower here, less addictive than corp social media. This is a good thing, try and enjoy it.
- you see what you follow. No ads, no obscure reshuffling, no manipulating your emotions. Enjoy that too.
- please consider using CWs. Could it hurt, shock, upset, harm?
- please describe your pictures if you can
- give benefit of the doubt: text easily misleads
- shared something negative? Maybe follow with positive action.
- fash, queerphobes, bigots: fuck off 💚

The long wait for the home feed to load makes me feel like I’m back in simpler times. I imagine this place is getting flooded right now.

Last night I had a dream where Green Day’s “Dookie” album was performed as show tunes, and I don’t know how I feel about that.

Erica found some at Psycho Donuts in Santa Clara. Saints be praised!

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Still in dire need of a place in the Bay Area that sells pączki.

‪Proud parenting moment: being screamed at by Hazel for trying to help her set the table.‬

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is absolutely fantastic. Amazing, even. It’s probably the best Spider-Man movie, at least in our universe.

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