There are few things more heartbreaking than a kid upset by her runny nose but even more upset by taking medicine that will get rid of it.

I foolishly signed up to lead one of the teams for the chili cook-off that my kids’ school puts on every year. I’m going to use mole poblano as the base — but I’m undecided about the protein. Pork? Chicken? Turkey?

I suspect that conspiracy theorists have never been project managers.

> look
There is a tech startup here
> move fast
You are now moving: 100 FAST
> break things
You have broken: SOCIETY
> _

Here’s an idea: when someone’s having an emotion in front of you, start by believing them. You lose nothing and they might feel seen. Everybody wins.

Hi Fedinauts. I have a #software #question.

I release books on a regular schedule.

I'm behind, this year, because life has been chaotic.

But I release books.

Previously, I handled most of my layout work for this in (*shudder*) MS Word.

I did this because Word handled large documents with complicated layout better than LibreOffice, and I had access to word through various corporate machines.

I don't have word anymore. I don't want word.

I need tips on something else to use?

I’m almost done binge-listening to Silver on the Tree, by Susan Cooper. What should I listen to next?

Have you ever run into an issue where tabbing through a document breaks partway through & you get kicked to the browser chrome? I’m running into an issue where this is happening for some folks using Firefox, but not for me.

Peppers in nature: Imma make myself spicy to keep mammals from eating me.

Humans: Oh god this fruit gives me mouth burn.

Peppers: haha i win

Humans: Im gonna eat 10 more and put some on my meat.

Peppers: Goddamnit.

Humans: Now im going to breed them for extra mouth burns.

Peppers: I...what..

Dear Mastodon client app makers:

I’d love a Mastodon client that can show combined timelines (aka unified inbox). Even more if the client could also show timelines from Twitter (could even be read only?). Perhaps RSS support.

I miss the times of apps like Adium that would allow you to chat with people regardless of IM network.

It’s Hazel’s first day of threes preschool, & she’s so excited to go! When we arrived, she shoved me out of the classroom & said, “I can do it on my own, dad.”

This is, of course, courtesy our local library.

Tonight’s reading, picked by Hazel. It is as adorable as and grosser than one would expect.

"Art dismantles power; otherwise it's propaganda. There is no great artist who is also an abuser." #XOXOFest 🙌🙌🙌

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