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Lithops, the Living Stone succulent. When it blooms, it looks like a flower cleaving a rock.

Flagging for people in dresses? 

Pin a hanky to one side of your skirt?
Have it poke out of the top of a bra cup?
Wear it as a neck scarf and arrange the knot to the appropriate side? 🤔

TFW it's too early in the morning to do the calculations to figure out if the kitchen is isolated enough to run the coffee grinder without enraging the neighbours.

1. Emily Dickinson said it way earlier, in like 1864 or something. Horny recluse isn't a great association for weddings, but it's not creepy Hollywood pedophile bad.

2. If you are going to miss the point entirely, at least attribute it to Selena Gomez.


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I just saw an ad for a wedding photographer that prominently featured the quote "The heart wants what it wants" attributed to Woody Allen. Really? Really? Gross.

If you like someone's round ass and thicc thighs, you don't get to complain about their stomach being soft. To quote Rihanna, "You want to have a butt, then you have a gut."

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Or that one person who 3D printed a thing that let him mount a high powered camera lens to it

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sext: i look at my first three numbers to establish when the book was published while you look at my third string of numbers for title information

Pumpkin Spice shitpost 

💁‍♂️🦋: Is this climate change policy?

Parenting, autism, sleep, food 

The reason I'm ordering pizza at all is because the kid napped through dinner, woke up a few hours ago, and I'm too wiped to prepare anything. Her sleep has been completely scattered all month, because even if we keep physically active all day, the only thing that leaves her tired at bedtime is a full day of school work.

(She's been asking about school all week. So glad it's almost September.)

It's almost one AM, and when I called to order pizza I was not expecting them to be still open, let alone experiencing higher than normal call volume.

But really, if you are going to eat pizza, the early hours of Sunday is the best time to do it.

It rained today, tonight is cool and cloudy, it's finally the beginning of scarf making season. Curled up on the couch with a fleece blanket and the pattern for a lace scarf (Mythos shawl, from Ravelry: ravelry.com/patterns/library/m)

8 rows in, and the pattern is really easy to catch on to.

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mildly nsfw, Paleolithic nudes compared to modern nudes 

This is so, so amazing. Evidence that statues were basically carved by women as self-portraits. Source: gowns.tumblr.com/post/16712883

Selfie, body image 

I take a lot of pictures of myself, for myself. A few times a week, I'll prop my phone against something and hit the timer. What type of space do I take up? How am I feeling? I spent a lot of years listening to people tell me to hate myself; what if I just put my image out, leave it, make it mundane?

I love other people's self portraits too, for whatever reason you share them. Just appreciating how you appreciate and record yourselves. You're all great 💚

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Solarpunk and Art Nouveau – short thread 

It makes me sad when people dismiss Art Nouveau as being "for the rich" while acting as if things aren't really Solarpunk unless they're gritty or recycled looking. People act as if pretty things are only for the wealthy – which is just what the wealthy want you to believe.

Art Nouveau is perfect for the Solarpunk movement, and not just because of the plant-based themes. It's deeper than that.

Art Nouveau was an inherently anti-capitalist movement.

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