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Hey! This is the Mastodon version of my Twitter feed:

Most on my own stuff will be posted on both. Retweets will vary.

The WSJ should think about dropping the word "Journal", which feels fraudulent, even comic.

seriously who edits the opinion section anyways

Lesson learned: run a cronjob that tests data integrity of a resource loaded over HTTP.

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But it suspiciously causes a lot of TLS connection errors, and someone who knows someone who knows someone found out that it would literally flip bits in TLS certificates. (e.g. "California" -> "Cadifornia").

It was hard to diagnose initially because the symptoms are just websites timing out, which could be *anything*, right?

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This has been going on for weeks, and AT&T support variously says to check your modem or that it's a "known outage" (based on what people online have said).

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AT&T Fiber is literally flipping bits in our Internet connection, and that of everyone else in the Bay Area!

Windows for programming.
Mac for gaming.
Linux for creative software.

Am I doing this right?

I still think about that kid who was arguing with the DMV examiner that he was only going 10 mph over the limit, not 15.

It's 2035. Perl X is declared a new language separate from and independent of Perls 5 through 9.

Recurring household chores:
- laundry
- vacuuming
- doing the dishes
- `npm audit fix` all your repos

BTW, I can't think of a single other profession where members are so protective of criminals in their ranks. Like, could you imagine teachers closing ranks to protect another teacher who beat a kid?

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Pride month is coming up. Gay liberation was kickstarted by the Stonewall riots. I have a feeling this will affect what I was going to tweet for June.

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If you don't want riots, maybe stop propping up a system that beats people down until violence is the only thing left for them to try.

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An NFL player protested silently and peacefully and they blackballed him from the playing field.

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The status quo prefers silent, peaceful protest because it's easier for them to ignore. Shame on those who only speak up to condemn the destruction of property.

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98.css – design system for building faithful recreations of Windows 98 UIs

Found out that an essay I wrote freshman year in college was cited in a published research paper in 2018. The Internet is wonderful.

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