I hope, given all the goodwill Odenkirk has gotten this week, they’ll let him direct another movie.

Here’s something awesomely vintage: A 4K remaster of the promotional video for War’s “Low Rider” t.co/PNQ9MLJO1w

The Things That Go Bump On The Web: Explaining the power of collaborative fiction on the web—particularly the extremely compelling work of the SCP Foundation.


This reply really says it all doesn't it. I got mine, who cares about yours. t.co/ROKq06OWHa

Consider, just for a moment, that this is not exactly the best thing to say about people who are stuck paying for expensive repairs because their screens unexpectedly cracked. t.co/HQlRdgNzji t.co/ZIYA9K2nK2

Saw someone refer to Parallels as “craparells” just because it cost money

Just trying to understand what might compel someone to put up an UpWork listing that is basically, “I want you to write a Tedium article, but, y’know, British.” t.co/BxRIIs0g1D

People who read Wikipedia pages about musicians: What’s the most random detail you’ve come across on one of those pages? Here’s one I just spotted involving Fred Durst to give you an idea of what I’m looking for. t.co/Cj3BjKVuT5

If the nasal cavity is the primary source of Delta among the vaccinated, do we plug our noses and just become a nation of mouth-breathers?

Here, let me show you why nerd culture completely sucks in one screenshot: t.co/xzg8n91bu7

Someone should create a device that converts wireless signal to localized 3G mobile so older devices aren’t left out. T-Mobile offered 4G boosters that could work. But to me it seems like there has to be a Plan B for these Kindles. t.co/ltsiIMSlGo

If you’re going to create a public, user-updatable list of personal bloggers and someone thinks they submitted a personal blog, you should not reject it.

“A first look at Jared Leto’s transformation” is the first sign of trouble

Going to use this post as inspiration for my Dairy Crates site. t.co/GI4mTjjam1

Rotisserie chickens everywhere breathe a little easier tonight. t.co/ZJ2anIel9k

TFW you realize that a lot of other people think the guy you think kicks ass agree with you. t.co/HQoZZnm8OZ

This Instagram post from Bryan Cranston has me nervous that it’s something really bad. t.co/Ov57zfDWAu

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