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Ernie Smith

What The Hellmann: The hidden stories behind some of the sauces you eat every single day, from a confessed overuser of sauce. You are entitled to a little more, by the way.

So apparently Uber is disrupting healthcare, too. Specifically, ambulances.

I mean, considering the reported track record of untruths from the White House, Ryan's allowed to throw one out every once in a while

My internet got very wonky just as net neutrality was repealed

It’s easier to break stuff than rebuild

Counterpoint: The prior decision was not flawed, as it survived a court challenge. Title II, while a dull blade, was the best option that would survive a court challenge.

A big part of the problem is that regulating the internet like television, which is what a repeal effectively does, is that it ignores the internet's value of raising small voices in big ways. We're fortunate that big players on the net haven't lost sight of that.

I'm going to use entitled in my next article just to spite this person. Might even do it in the headline or deck.

I want someone to do this except with the catalog of Train.

This comes too late. The people who will be most bothered by their editorial simply won’t care. Meanwhile their reporters will face attacks. This, unfortunately, is the world we live in now.

The lead singer of The Smithereens died. A great reminder that it was still possible to have success in the MTV era without looking like George Michael.

This is how Twitter solves its onboarding problem.

This opinion piece, powerful as it is, will make it tough for journalists at the paper to do their job. And it’s because people don’t understand that there’s a firewall between the news and editorial department.

Sweating the Ugly Truth: The history of the sweater—along with the tale of how a Vancouver house party made the ugly Christmas sweater into the pinnacle of modern ironic taste.