Fans of digitized content, read this thread and have your mind blown.

an escape room but instead of clues it's a half-empty bottle of ranch dressing

Meanwhile, we don't even allow the residents of American Samoa to be citizens despite their territory being controlled by the U.S. for more than a century. If giving DC and Puerto Rico the vote is socialism, that’s totalitarianism.

Tedium just set a monthly traffic record for sessions and will top the monthly record for users later on today. Yes, it's only the 17th.

GPS is so valuable that a single-day shortage would basically be a massive economic hit.

Quiznos is planning to sell a "Magic Mushroom Melt" for a single day. It looks like that sub Homer couldn't stop eating like a month in.

So apparently they made a Banana Splits movie … and turned it into a gruesome horror flick.

M. Night Shyamalan should make a movie with a conventional twist, just to throw everyone off.

Weirded out by the fact that my $10 Mac article is a high-ranking keyword for "PowerPC Mac." Noticed I was getting some search traffic for it and did a search and found it was the third-ranking entry on Google for that term.

I thought the iPad would trounce the Kindle, when it simply turned out that they would maintain their respective niches.

“Yo, Doug, what’s with that crazy look in your eyes?”

Solving a problem created by consolidation of one industry … with consolidation of another won't fix it. The newspaper industry has been dealing with this for YEARS. It simply creates worse product. The real solution is to make the original monopolies less powerful.

I have literally been in rooms with middle-aged men who have talked for hours about how awesome Nils Lofgren is.

No Beatles song is underrated, but "Sun King" probably doesn’t get talked as much as it could be.

TFW HP is literally giving you money to take a laptop off their hands.

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