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Ernie Smith @ernie

Listen to the clip of Scott Friggin' Walker making David Bowie cry.

In honor of Sean Spicer's resignation, I'd like to reflect on some more successful Spicers for a moment.

Melissa McCarthy should still return to SNL so we have a reminder of what we're missing.

Awesome! I have an old Casiotone myself.

When Tech Hit Retail: Point-of-sale systems dramatically modernized supply chains and allowed consumers to go cashless, but they were not without their learning curves.

Does the president not realize that this discredits the process of investigating the investigators?

Where's your Patreon link so we can donate to your independent blog? :)

As far as electronic technology goes: I have a couple of reel-to-reel tapes that date back to the '60s I think

To answer my own question: A vintage typewriter.

What's the oldest piece of technology you own?

Had someone ask me, "what are you into?" and I had a shockingly hard time trying to answer the question.

Not often that I run into a stock photo from this year that's already out of date.

Starbucks' yacht-rock station is now playing "Baby Come Back." You can blame it all on me.

My interest in this story is getting exhumed today