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Ernie Smith @ernie

Out Of Our League: Is there room for another mainstream sports league? Despite lots of attempts over the years to introduce new pro sports, the answer appears to be no.

The thing I love about Corey Stewart's campaign is that he trumpets things that make him a bad candidate as if they…

The TI graphing calculator could have been like the Raspberry Pi, but now it's on the way to disruption.

Here's a machine-learning audio version of the Intel article I wrote last week.

This James Corden clip contextualizes Manchester for the people who have never been there.

Pure coincidence that the Singles soundtrack was reissued so soon after Chris Cornell's death. Great review.

This tweet feels like it weighs a million tons. A lot of heavy hearts tonight.

Plotting A Takeover: The Texas Instruments graphing calculator, the long-neglected computing platform required by many high school math students, finally gets some competition.

The TI graphing calculator line finally has some competition. Good.

How not to make friends as a freelancer.

This is a game-changer in the world of patent law. It breaks the East Texas model.

So much intrigue in such a small motion of the hand

Hope the Bloody Mary K's are made with some help from Johnny Walker Red.