This is a good contrarian take on the PS Classic. Maybe it was always meant to be mediocre.

So I decided, after playing around, that I wasn't happy with the results of the border-image CSS, and tried a new approach based on using multiple backgrounds layered over one another. Here's the effect. A little dark right now, but that can be fixed in Photoshop.

Or zero, based on the fact that both of those devices have decisions driving them that don't seem to please anyone.

Because this worked out so well for the newspaper industry

A faint dog whistle can be heard if you focus hard enough

JACK, staring at iPhone during meeting: "You know, I've been going around and around what Kanye said to me over DM a while back … these follower counts are really damaging."

Nameless minion: "So, what should we do about this fundamental problem?"

JACK: "I have a little idea."

"By decreasing the font sizes, users’ eyes aren’t drawn to the number nearly as much as when it’s larger."

Computers have mice, therefore the iPad is not a computer.

The EU is really messing up the internet right now and they need to take a step back.

Facebook thinks I work at Starbucks. I mean, technically I do, but it's on a laptop. And it's not exclusive.

If your hot take involves trying to make AOC look stupid, do us all a favor and delete your account and move out of DC.

Adding a silkscreen SVG background layer up top and some blending gives these GIFs a really newspapery tone.

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