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Ernie Smith

Serious Cornhole: You might think of cornhole as a lighthearted lawn game, but it actually has a professional league, a family of stars, and some budding momentum. Really.

"The gathered crowd could be heard chanting 'four more years' during Obama’s speech."

This is the kind of thing that pushes people to Hackintosh or Linux.

My Slack vs. IRC piece is now up for Medium members:

Sometimes, it makes more sense to order Popeyes and bring it into your restaurant than it does to make your own.

Someone turned the iPad's front-facing camera into a "button."

The life of a site owner is filled with emails like these

My piece on Eudora has exposed a pretty sizable community of folks who are still using the client. See comments:

My first week of cross-posting stuff on Medium …

Business models need to be written up based on this tweet.

Lurking In Your Bed: The hipster mattress phenomenon gets the well-reported takedown it deserves. Here’s what it teaches about the digital economy.

The hipster mattress economy suffers a body blow. Today's

I admit I'm secretly hoping Pitchfork does a roundup of Tragically Hip reviews next week.

Best marketing for Dr Pepper since that Chinese Democracy gimmick they did.