So today's apparently my Patreon anniversary. I was skeptical of the service at first, but it's actually been pretty great over the years. To a few more. 🍻

I admit that I have considered non-ironically watching this show because it sounds like something I would enjoy, even though I hate singing competitions.

Awesome. The White House is going out of its way to endanger its political opponents.

Slack had one of the most recognizable visual styles in all of tech, and threw it out because it was concerned it wasn't consistent enough. This is the same Slack that tried banning Iranian expats from using its service recently. Makes me wonder: Is Slack out of touch?

Downloaded a Mastodon mobile app finally. Gonna see how it goes

Finally, a film that only works because Sam Elliott's in the lead role.

Oh man, this is the dude who did the Legend of the Mystical Ninja cover artwork (among numerous others). Must-watch just because of that.

I love it when newsletter folks crack the bones of platforms to their will.

Which is too bad. The reason why Slack was so awesome at first was because it didn't feel like a monolith. Its success likely led other companies to get more friendly with their logotypes.

Yesterday, I fixed Twitter's new interface. Today, I solved the problem Slack was having with it's old logo. Tomorrow, I'm taking over Facebook and solving its problems barehanded. Try and stop me, Mark.

Slack really messed this one up. Its logo is iconic. Let it ride for 30 years.

Bad business model. Some guy with 120 followers who tweets 300 times a day will do this for free

“Two Princes,” but the princes are Silicon Valley billionaires.

I like T-Mobile—this is certainly less evil than half the stuff Verizon has done—but not enough to think either this or the merger is a good idea.

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