This new ultra-light 13-inch HP convertible looks like it will be workable as a Hackintosh. It uses Wi-Fi 6, but that card is removable.

Love Digiday, but putting an article about how aggregation is ruining journalism behind a hard paywall that costs $160 to break is deeply ironic.

Record Refresh: Is it a good thing when new types of statistics allow sports fans to see old players in a whole new way? Because that’s what’s happening with sports stats.

So I just did something I haven’t done in six years. I got the ShortFormBlog archives—the WordPress ones—loaded on my local machine. It works far better than I would have guessed!

Preemptive review of Saved by the Bell reboot: It’s alright.

Been a little while since I’ve been on an Elliott Smith kick. Here’s “Plainclothes Man,” probably Heatmiser’s best song.

Producers of TV show that airs three times a night in syndication, every night, pull off ultimate heist

If someone tells you a ruffled neon green shirt is going to make people forget you lied for a wannabe fascist they’re wrong

No, I will not respond to your email but I will tweet about it

"Several forecasters said the employee who sent the tweet hadn’t even been aware of Mr. Trump’s post and had simply reacted to an influx of calls from the public." The president doesn't understand the damage he causes.

I like to think of phones less as ways to talk to people and more as vessels to receive robocalls in Chinese

Literally nobody: I wonder what brand Pantone will partner with next

1999: The most expensive hotels promote they have free Wi-Fi

2019: The cheapest hotels promote they have free Wi-Fi

Finally listening to the Elliott Smith XO reissue. While I’m bigger on the lo-fi earlier stuff, the additions here seem pretty awesome.

Heh, imagining what a Surface with 512 gigabytes of RAM would be like.

Trump just gave Obama’s Netflix productions some free publicity.

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