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Ernie Smith

I just recently learned that Coldplay has a member that doesn’t actually play in the band, but is more of a creative director. The group insisted was a member to the point they asked he be added to the group’s Wikipedia page.

Come for the info on audio codecs, stay for the 0.007kbps wav file of Jamiroquai's "Virtual Insanity," which is the worst thing I've ever listened to, in a nice way.

I stumbled upon a thread on a forum for an open-source platform that was so rude and so dismissive of the work that the team did that I needed a shower after reading it.

The reason why this company is brilliant is because it can clone itself

Someone bought Now's a good time to highlight my piece about why Slack won out over IRC.

The Conners just got a special guest star

One Frame At A Time: A long time ago in an encoding standard not so far away, an early 'net user tried to remake “Star Wars” in ASCII art form. He got further than you’d guess.

I heard Samsung is making an 8 terabyte SSD. That's nothing.

Twitter bought a company and shut it down for all current customers, with no notice.

The Other Browser War: Why a new “feature” Opera added to its browser this week really makes me wish they’d ask me to pay them money for the right to use their browser.

Maybe writing a blog post about it will get Opera to notice.

This is one of the more lopsided trending topics lists I've seen on Twitter.

So which social networks messed up this golden opportunity? One rhymes with mumblr

I've been to this restaurant before, it's called Moe's.

This would actually be a genius business move.