Six displays can be had on a Mac M1 laptop if you know your dongles.

I got an angry piece of mail last night because, more than four years ago, I dared suggest that a microfilm machine might be more complex to use than a smartphone.

Mel Brooks predicted A. Blinken’s rise almost 30 years ago.

“So this nutty little experiment connects a PC, or an IBM PC to be exact, directly onto a record player through an amplifier.”

By Our Powers Combined …: How the webring became the grassroots tool of choice for sharing content online in the ‘90s. The concept was social media before media was social.

If someone in your life asks about getting a Macbook Air in a store, inform them of the existence of the M1 model—it really is going to be a night and day difference.

My favorite M1 test so far: Open up 50 apps at once and see if the computer is still usable.

Interesting: Apparently if you download an iOS app from a backup and run the .ipa file on your M1 Mac, it just works—even if it’s not officially supported by the App Store.

I can only imagine the dramatic scene that preceded this tweet.

“Due to no ARM drivers, Radeon graphics cards do not work and therefore eGPU is a no-go.” As I said, this appears to be an Apple-being-Apple thing, which leads me to believe passthrough will be possible with virtualization.

Given the choice between the funny tech reporter who wrote the excellent book about Uber and the guy who ragequit his job so he could rageletter, I choose the former.

(I’m going to be that guy who uses Fleet to promote what he’s working on. Sorry.)

This Tedium piece references:
- Elliott Smith
- The Ramones
- The Hold Steady
- The Rolling Stones
- Pixies
- The Beatles
- The Doors
- Frank Zappa
- The Residents
- Beyoncé
- Hanson
- Barenaked Ladies

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