Paul Krugman makes the case that a supplement pill marketing is threatening our political discourse, in part because of who's selling it.

This doesn't appear to have gotten much notice, but the guy who created TempleOS, Terry Davis, died last month.

TFW Kanye tweets out a picture of a MiniDisc and Billboard fails to catch it

Someone must be collecting it as it's in mint condition

Question: How often do folks that rely on Patreon get negative feedback about it, and what's the response you usually give?

This is my M.O. when I'm writing 3,000 word articles about lasagna

Hopefully this will please the guy who claimed I had put up a "Cloudwall" because I decided to use CloudFlare.

Media companies should focus on what makes money, not what's trendy. Podcasting is great if you have a discipline for it. Many organizations don't.

Finally, someone wrote that story about kidney stone art you didn't know you wanted.

I was pretty happy with this piece on Bob Vila, This Old House, and the challenges of funding public television.

"Say It Ain't Sooooooooooo / Your Tweet is a Heartbreaker"

Those Foss demos are gonna be worth so much on eBay soon

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