Probabilmente quasi tutto quello sapete su #Mastodon è sbagliato!
Ma tranquilli! siete in buona compagnia... 😁
Per questo abbiamo realizzato una "Guida galattica per twitter-stoppisti finiti su mastodon"

Quale SPID scegliere?

Quale SPID scegliere? Quali provider permettono di usare alternative alla loro applicazione e quale è l'applicazione meno invasiva?

LINK -->

#Curiosità #governo #spid

#screenPrint! All! The! Things!, weekend 2

The attempt at a two-colours print, using a stencil cut in plastic rather than paper (to make it reusable) will have to wait until tomorrow, when I'll do the second colour.

Today there was also another thing, however:

This is a screen made with old curtain fabric painted with white (PVA) glue and a round embroidery hook, and…

it worked!

It isn't the neatest print, it's grainy and there are a few spots outside of the image where the glue didn't fill all of the fabric holes, so I'm not going to stop using the real screen any time soon, but it is A Look, and it's a look that I like, for some specific things.

And this “home sewing is killing fashion” graphic with a sewing machine with teeth and crossed bones that I've found ages ago on the internet(TM) is exactly the kind of things for which this look is fitting. I had to cut the rest of the text, however (it was “and it's -il-legal”, with the il crossed) because it was too small for the resolution of the screen.

Ciao Fediverso!

Avete qualcosa in casa di cui vi volete liberare e vorreste donarlo a qualcuno?

Scattategli una foto ora e mettetela sul #fediverso con l'hashtag:


aggiungete una piccola descrizione dell'oggetto (ad esempio #divano, #CD, #DVD, #Libro) e la città dove è situato (#milano, #brescia, #verona) e chi é interessato se lo viene a prendere e siamo tutti contenti: non gettiamo nulla e attiviamo una economia del riutilizzo.

iniziamo a condividere!!

buon primo giorno di scuola!
conoscete qualche strumento free che possa fungere da registro di classe? che permett di annotarsi in modo ordinato argomenti compiti etc? grazie :)

c'è mica qualche insegnante qui?

#scuola #freesoftware

this is a test using tootle on the pinephone ed. Don't bother

Frankly, I don't care if "hackers" get copies of how a Covid-19 vaccine works. It shouldn't be proprietary information in the first place.

@diegor @mntmn @scops 40W is peak power when you push it strong :) Cortex-A72 are not made for continual operation as they will burn, this is why they always are combined with A53, You can bet this SOC may consume nothing if everything is shutdown and only Cortex-M4F checks from time to time :) the performance always come with a price.

I'm concerned about long term consumer data storage options.

Hard drives are dying a slow death - manufacturers have been shutting down HDD factories for years now and the trend is continuing. Once they are gone we will have to switch to SSD.

But SSD cannot be trusted to keep data long term - they slowly lose data unless the cells are refreshed every now and then. You can't put one in a drawer and forget about it for 5 to 10 years without risking data loss.

Cloud storage cannot be trusted long term - accounts close, terms change, things happen. It's someone else's computer.

Optical media and consumer tape drives are pretty much dead.

What's left? I guess I should start printing my photos instead.

Domani (giovedì) sarò a #Bologna per la presentazione della collaborazione tra @swheritage e @ENEAOfficial, che ospiterà il nostro primo mirror italiano
Conferenza stampa a Palazzo Re Enzo a mezzodì !

After a bit more than one year since I finished, I finally posted the pattern and instructions for my backpack.

This was my first big #MYOG project, and I've been using it almost daily as my “handbag”.… #sewing

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