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Short answer: No.

Long answer: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Physical thinness is not an important factor about laptops to me. I'd rather have a centimeter of extra thickness, if I can have all the ports I care about, and not have to have a bunch of adapters.

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France's Front National (who support the EU's mandatory copyright filters) furious when Youtube's copyright filters kill their channel #frontnational #TVLibertés #article13 #Copyfight #france #petard #Post #eucd #eu

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If you're in the UK, you can opt out of sharing your confidential medical data with researchers at this address:

Opting out does NOT affect your own treatment, your doctors will still be able to access your data when they need it.

#NHS #UK #Medical #Healthcare #Privacy #BigData #Research

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"In theory, this is the ultimate product."
He showed a small animal with soft scales and wings. It purred.
"A dragon cat hybrid, which is also a book."
"A book? How do you read it?"
"You tell it. 'Boknir, open'."
The dragoncatbook hissed at him. "Shan't."
"In theory," he sighed.

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My friend is a good photographer and sells prints via her Etsy shop. I've bought one, the Toronto streetcar one. It hangs in my office.

Recommended. Please have a look. It would make her day if you bought something.

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tech bros on twitter arguing against libraries in favour of "spotify for books" because authors/publishers (or rather VC investors) can't use libraries as their primary source of profit is just a perfect example of silicon valley's willful ignorance or complete contempt for the ideas of public service and the commons.

rather than everybody creating a public space and sharing resources they'd have us all completely separated and paying countless times over for the same thing.

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Instead of racing to get your favourite self-hosted git project to federate with other instances of itself.

now seems like a great opportunity to step back and create a standard protocol for server-server sharing of git metadata such as issues, pull requests, and wiki pages.

then your data could be on ANY hosted git platform, and you're not locking other developers into your software.

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Amidst all this GitHub hubbub feels like a good time to mention Software Heritage, an archival thing for publicly available source code.


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How tf was LinkedIn worth 26 Billion and Github worth 7.5 Billion?

Bleh now my other achilles tendon seems to be acting up. Only just getting back near fitness after last year's flare up.

Curse this frail defective body.

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Five years after Snowden, and what do we have?

We have more encryption. There wasn't much on IM back then, and most sites were http only.

Whether it's better encryption than five years ago is debatable.

The tin foil hats came off. Five years ago if you were saying that the NSA was bugging laptops and listening to domestic phone calls you could still have plausibly been accused to wearing radio wave resistant headgear. The Snowden stuff blew all that away.

The letter agencies had substantial PR failures but successfully chordoned the narrative off around terrorism. Occasionally things strayed off-message but mostly there was no talk of economic espionage. It was pretty much confined to terrorism.

Public awareness of what letter agencies do increased a little.

Governments passed legislation rubber stamping the illegal practices which the Snowden documents had revealed were going on. It was notable the governments did nothing to reign in their surveillance of their populations, and instead expanded existing programs. In the UK the battle against the snooper's charter was some combination of tragedy and farce.

Snowden himself remains free, sort of, but his personal situation looks dicey long term.
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I trained a neural net to generate roller derby names & discovered it doesn't quite get the concept of puns. It's excruciating to watch it try.

Mother of Dog.

My code wasn't broken, there was an unexpected and non-obvious input. It was doing exactly what it should have done.

I want the last 3 days back.

Also the rubber ducky is *fired*.

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I haven't had much time to draw recently 😔 But I made myself some new phone wallpapers and thought I'd share them 😊 😊

#moomin #wallpaper #art #krita

Exercise is an… uh… exercise in bleak futility. I want one of those Culture style internal fitness dials. Or a Tachikoma shell.