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you can get these designs and many more on tees, hoodies, badges, stickers and a bunch of other things right here: 🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆

Presented without further comment:

“Apple Card can be damaged by wallets and jeans”

I mean, I kind of have more questions: “The man, in his 70s, had been attending a crayfish party at the Skansen Aquarium in Stockholm on Tuesday.”

It's not quite "Man moons german biker gang, throws puppy at them, and escapes on a steamroller" but it's a quality ‘what.’ headline.

“Fidel Castro's crocodile bites man at Swedish aquarium.”

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If you've never had the chance to watch Moomin before, the original animated series is now available on YouTube! 👀 some countries are blocked, though. It feels so weird to hear this in English, who are they

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You've heard of the running of the bulls? May I present… the flolloping of the mattresses:

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my personality test / icon creator is done !!! find out what you look like

(RTs appreciated!)

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If you or your company rely on curl, consider a support contract. While I enjoy spending my spare time on this, actually getting food on the table is a cool concept!

Looks like bluetooth can be tricked by a 3rd party attacker into using at most 1 byte of entropy in its encryption mechanism.

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"There are people who seem to get really offended about gender fluidity or non-binary folks- but those are just people who feel like their gender is is insecure, you know? and in this day and age it *is* important to keep your gender secure. your gender should contain lowercase letters, uppercase letters, at least one number and one symbol"

We've got a cunning plan to fight knife crime. Investing in education programmes? Youth centres? More police funding? More police?


We're putting a hashtag on takeaway chicken boxes.

Presumably because

Knives don't kill people /
Wrappers do…

Is the Hoth equivalent of Bear-baiting Taun-Taun-taunting?

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Rape, slavery, pirates, Confederacy 

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Moore's law walks into a bar and buys a round for the bar. Programmers immediately buy another 10,000 rounds expecting to put it on their tab. None of them have noticed that Moore's law left the bar a while ago.

“An element in these conversations was supposedly the possibility of a Government of National Unity (GNU), …”


I think you'll find it's properly called GNU/Parliament.

Nerdiest Joke Venn Diagram.

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morally against cake


j*rdan p*terson’s daughter gave her two year old daughter a slab of steak instead of a birthday cake because she’s “morally against cake” why are they the most miserable family going lol


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Realized I should make a new intro post!

I’m Mona, a Mexican artist from Chiapas who reinterprets pop culture creatures in my style inspired by Maya glyphs! 👹

Commissions (open one or two at a time, lmk if you wanna be added to my queue):

T-shirt’s and merch:


Patreon (access to my Discord):

#fediart #mastoart #artistsofmastodon #monarobot

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